Luau Party Ideas

Luau Party

A luau party is a great way to celebrate the summer or to send the summer off once fall arrives. In truth, any time of year is perfect for a luau party, even if you can’t actually hold it outside. If you are planning a luau party and need some help rounding out the theme, finding the right luau party supplies, picking a venue, or picking a menu, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some great ideas to kick off or help you finish up your party planning.

Luau Food Ideas

A large part of planning the right party is to have the right food. It’s what people will remember, more than the decorations and the activities. If you are looking to build your luau party menu, here are some suggestions that are sure to impress your guests:

  • Grilled vegetable kabobs – Everyone is going to be expecting meat—that’s a traditional part of a luau—but what about some vegetables? Red peppers, mushrooms, onion, and zucchini all threaded onto a skewer are a delicious and colorful addition to your table that will be perfect for someone looking for lighter fare or who simply doesn’t eat meat.
  • Meat kabobs – While pork would be an obvious choice, if you prefer chicken or beef, those will be just as tasty on a skewer and broiled on your grill. A sweet barbecue sauce, brushed onto the meat during cooking will add a little bit of island flavor to this part of your luau party. Just make sure to soak the skewers in water before you use them, or they will burn.
  • Pineapple upside down cupcakes – A pineapple upside down cake might be a bit ambitious for your guests to eat with their hands (as is the luau way), but a cupcake is a great way to get the same flavor, in a bite-sized package. Instead of using cupcake liners, just make sure the cupcake pan is well greased, and add some pieces of pineapple to the bottom of each before pouring in your cupcake mix.
  • Fruit salad – Is there anything better than fresh fruit salad? While it might be more traditionally American to add some cool whip to the diced fruit, simply tossing the fruit together, without any added sweetener is a great way to add a lot of color to your table and provide a healthier option for those that maybe want to avoid the cupcakes but still want something sweet.
  • Pork sliders – Pork sliders are just as much fun as big pork sandwiches, and if you just provide the buns and let each person build their own set of sliders, everyone is sure to get a meal that they love.

These are just a few options that can make a fast and easy spread for any luau party! Change up the ingredients and the mix so that the food fits your needs and the needs of your guests.

Luau Party Supplies

Decorating for a luau party is perhaps easier than decorating for just about any other party. With a myriad of luau party supplies available, it’s simple to find the exact items you want or need, at a great price. Here are some of the best luau party supplies:

  • Bamboo string lights–A little bit of kitschy lighting can completely transform your space. These bamboo string lights over a door or hung from a tree, are a great way to help set the ambiance and theme of your party.
  • Hula skirts for your tables – While you will probably want hula skirts for your guests, too, you can also find grass skirts that will wrap around tables. This is a great way to make even a plastic rental table look like it is on-theme. Wrap one around your buffet table, around your cocktail tables, and more!
  • Hibiscus plates and napkins–If you are looking for great paper products that will help round out your tables, these beautiful, multi-colored plates are the ultimate choice. Not only do they fit perfectly into the luau party theme, they are just as functional as other paper products.
  • Leis for days – Parties 2 Order has lots of different lei styles to choose from, whether you want rainbow lies, realistic looking leis, or leis in a specific color. Presenting each of your guests with a lei when they arrive will immediately set the tone and theme of the party.

These are just some of the great luau party supplies that you will need to make your party as perfect as it can be.

Luau Party Activities and Venues

Some luau party activities are obvious. You will probably want to limbo at some point. You will probably also want to dance the hula—otherwise, what’s the point of wearing the skirts, right? These two activities can be great fun for your guests, but they are probably not going to occupy everyone for the entire party. Other outdoor games can be encouraged, including volleyball or soccer, or you could set up and watch a great Hawaiian-themed movie.

Picking the right venue will simply be a matter of time and tastes. If you are planning your luau party during the summer, a backyard or even the beach are great venues and come with their own set of activities to keep your guests busy. On the other hand, if you are planning a party for the fall or winter, it might be better to pick a large indoor space that gives you plenty of room to spread out and still have fun.

6 Summer Decorations for a Great Beach Party

summer decorations

Summer decorations, summer party supplies

A beach party is one of our favorite summer party ideas. If you are headed to the beach with your friends, here are some of the summer party supplies you’re going to need in order to make your party great:

1. Nautical Decorations

If you’re planning a party on the beach, nothing makes more sense than nautical-themed decorations. A garland with nautical flags would be the perfect decoration for a table or beach “home base.” All you need are some yellow and blue stripped ribbon and a piece of string and you can easily make your very own summer decorations. Keeping with the yellow, white, and blue theme, if you find yellow and blue napkins and white plates, you can easily tie your entire party together with one simple concept. Because nautical decorations lend themselves so well to the rustic atmosphere of the beach, your summer party supplies will blend perfectly into the natural background for your party.

2. Shells Everywhere

Seashells are synonymous with the beach and they make a great centerpiece or even hanging decoration for your beach party. Depending on what beach you are using as the venue for your party, you might be able to just go down a little bit early and find handfuls of great shells to place on your tables or gather into a centerpiece. Just rinse them off in the ocean and they will be ready to go! Most beaches will even was shells up with the surf, so they’ll be lined up along the surf-line, ripe for the picking. Even just putting a few shells on your table can be a great way to add some fun beach flair to your party.

3. Sand and Candles

Especially if the beach has soft, warm sand, you can use this sand in glass bowls or jars to help hold up some candles. The jar or bowl will protect the candle from the sea breeze, and will help tie your party into its venue. You might want to buy sand, rather than just use the sand from the beach, unless you have an expansive beach where you can find dry sand. Wet sand will not hold the candles as well and as it dries, will retract from the candles. Use a few shells on top of the sand to help stabilize it and given it an even more beachy appearance.

4. Make the food be your decoration

If you’re having a clambake, the vibrant colors of the lobsters, corn, potatoes, and clams will be an excellent complement to whatever other summer party supplies you have added to the event. They can also be the inspiration from which you draw your other summer decorations. Pick red and yellow plates to match the lobster and corn, or choose something stark white like the clams to act as a visual counterpoint. Dump the bake onto a tray and put it in the middle of the table so all guests can eat family-style, and you’re guaranteed to have a beautiful table.

5. Sand Bucket Centerpieces

Buy a few plastic sand pails and fill them with shells or simply fill them with flowers. Set them around the table and you’ll have excellent, on-theme centerpieces for your tables. If you don’t like the look of the plastic, opt for metal or enameled metal instead. Both of these will give you the same effect. If you don’t want to put fragrant flowers on the table, you might want to opt instead for using these buckets to hold utensils and napkins, so they are right at your guests’ fingertips as they need them. Once the food has all been eaten, you can then use the pails to build fantastic sand castles!

6. Fishnet

This is the ideal beach party decoration, and it’s also cheap and easy to find. Throw it across a table to make it instantly on-theme or toss it on the ground to designate the party area. While you probably don’t want to use fishnet made for party decorations to actually fish, it will play into the beach theme and will help round out the rest of your party’s décor. Don’t forget to look for fishnet in a variety of colors to match the rest of your decorations.

While having an impromptu party on the beach can be serious fun, it can be far more fun to take a little time to get some decorations together. Any of these ideas are easy, simple ways to add even more life to your party. Along with these decorations, you will want the right plates and cups. When planning a party of the beach, you have to account for the wind and for the spray. While paper might not be the best option, plastic plates and cups could be a great alternative, as long as you have a way to weigh them down when they are not piled with food or full of drink.

Your beach party decorations do not have to end just with these six suggestions. Any Hawaiian-themed party supplies will work perfectly for your beach bash, including leis, silk flowers and grass skirts, yacht caps, and sailor hats. Use sand, stones, and shells from the beach to help weigh things down and you’ll have fun, disaster-free beach party, complete with awesome decorations. For more summer decorations and party supplies, check out our store!

How To Plan the Ultimate 4th of July Party

If the 4th of July is a big deal is your family or neighborhood, you’re going to want to throw a great party. This is the first big holiday of the summer, and that means that most party planners roll all of the best parts of summer into one big bash for Independence Day. That means barbecues, pool parties, outdoor games, fireworks, and more! If you want to throw the ultimate 4th of July party, here’s how:

1. Send the invitations out early.

What does this have to do with planning the ultimate 4th of July party? 4th of July is usually a busy day for most people (in family, it as house-painting day). You want to get your invitations sent out as early as possible, to make sure that the people you want to invite haven’t already made other plans. Even if they have—if your party starts at noon and doesn’t stop until the neighborhood fireworks show, you can always have people stop in and leave as their time commitment allows. Including that on your invite will up the likelihood of more of your guests being able to show up!

2. Plan your menu.

Don’t be afraid to go big and bold with your menu. A barbecue is the “traditional” for a 4th of July party, but if you don’t have a barbecue or you don’t like barbecue, you certainly don’t have to grill anything in order to make your party awesome. A variety of options, however, is the best way to ensure that all of your guests will have something to eat. Fruit, veggies, cookies, cake, hamburgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, and even grilled chicken are all easy options that can be prepped ahead or cooked as needed as people arrive. If you really want to do something different and fun, you could serve traditional British food to thumb your nose at the UK.

3. Red, white, and blue it up.

You’re going to want to start stocking up on 4th of July party supplies right now, before the stores are completely wiped out. Making your backyard or house (if rain decides to come down on us this Independence Day) a 4th of July wonderland is as easy as picking up some red, white, and blue decorations from a party supply store. A red checkered table cloth, set with blue and white plates is a great start. Top it off with some patriotic banners and hanging paper lanterns and you’ve got the ultimate 4th of July space to celebrate our Independence Day.

4. Get your music in order.

If you’re planning a day-long bash, you’re going to want a lot of music. Your guests will only be able to listen to the Boston Pops play The Star Spangled Banner so many times before they’ll opt for no music over hearing that brass band go at it again. While there is a huge selection of “patriotic” music to choose from, you can also widen your scope a little bit and select not just from traditional Independence Day tunes, but from classic Americana music as well. Bands like Boston and Chicago, as well as any number of “country” acts will add variety and interest to your playlist and won’t tire out your guests.

5. Start a water fight.

This summer is already too hot. Can you imagine having to hang outside all day in this summer heat? The best way to cool down your guests without sending them running for the air conditioning inside is a water fight! You can pick up cheap squirt guns from just about any dollar store or party supply store, and put out a few buckets of water to make them easy to fill up. If you really want to go extreme, buy some of the big super soakers and give everyone a real water weapon. Fill up water balloons and leave them in strategic points around the yard and then just let everyone run free! Kids and adults alike will love being able to cool down in this summer heat.

6. Plan some games.

A water balloon and squirt gun fight might keep most people occupied for the entire afternoon, but you might want to come up with a few other games and activities in case the water runs dry or some people don’t want to play. Three-legged or gunnysack races are popular choices, but you could also set up some corn holes, horse shoes, or other games to keep the rest of your party occupied. Bocce ball is another popular choice, as are lawn bowling and croquet. If you can set up a quick mini golf course, this is also great for adults and kids.

7. Hand out some starry party favors.

If you’re looking for a way to deck out your guests in addition to your backyard or home, why not pick up some plastic star-spangled necklaces inred, silver, and blue. These party favor necklaces are extremely cheap and will make everyone look just as patriotic as they feel. You’ll give your party a little bling and your guests will have a memento from what is going to be a 4th of July party for the ages. You can find necklaces like these in any store that sells 4th of July party supplies.

When the barbecue has cooled down and the fireworks are over, don’t forget to end out the night with some sparklers!