The Top Fifteen Party Ideas for Boys

Buzz Lightyear Costume

Throwing a party for your little boy can be daunting, especially if you are still trying to come up with an appropriate theme. You want something that will be fun for the kids, but won’t break the bank when it comes to purchasing supplies and decorations. The first step is to find a party supply store that has plenty of different plates, cups, and cutlery to choose from. Second, look through our list of some of the best and easiest party ideas to get yourself started!

1. Superhero party

There is no better outlet for your kid’s super-ness than with a superhero themed birthday party. Like most kids, he’s probably a fan of Batman or Superman. All you need to make this party great is some capes, a few snacks, and a fun superhero-themed game to keep the kids busy. A couple of fun ideas for games: a simple obstacle course with a “stranded” stuffed animal at the end that they have to “rescue” or a scavenger hunt around the backyard or neighborhood where they find different parts of their superhero costumes.

2. Dino party

If your boy loves dinosaurs, use them as the theme for his birthday! You can hide gummy dinosaurs in pudding for a fun treat, decorate the cake with plastic dinos, and for an activity, bury some plastic dinos in the sandbox or gravel and set the guests and your boy free with plastic shovels and brushes so they can excavate their own “fossils.”

3. Cowboy party

Don a cowboy hat and get ready for the wild, wild west. Set your gunslingers up with some water pistols and let them go to town while you get the grilled hotdogs, hamburgers, beans, and cornbread ready to go.

4. Monster party

Everyone loves a friendly monster! Decorating is as easy as creating a multi-colored banner and coming up with some crazy-looking monsters. Activities can range from drawing your own monsters, to making them out of construction paper, to building towns out of paper towel tubes and old boxes and then letting your little monsters knock them down.

5. Harry Potter party

As a member of the second Harry Potter generation, your kid is probably a fan of the wizard. A Harry Potter-themed party is easy and fun. Not only do most party supplies stores carry plates, cups, and cutlery that are specifically wizard-themed, it’s easy to find inexpensive costume and games. A simple game of Quidditch (the kids probably already know the rules) will round out the party with a fun activity.

6. Pirate party

With eye patches for all, made out of construction paper and some string, there is no better way to celebrate your boy’s birthday. A scavenger hunt with a pirate’s map, either just in the backyard, or around the entire neighborhood, is the best activity for a pirate party!

7. Pool party

If you have a pool in your backyard, or a neighborhood pool that lets you reserve the space for the afternoon, throwing a pool party is as easy as sending out the invitations and gathering a few snacks! All you have to do is show up. Swimming is the activity and the entire party!

8. Safari party

Another chance to plan a scavenger hunt, a safari party lets you plan something fun and interactive for the boy that loves animals. Make a list of clues that will take the guests to a number of different locations, where they can find a stuffed animal with the next clue to the next location.

9. Camp out party

While this one might require a little bit more time and effort, it is perfect for the boy who wants to have a sleepover and loves the outdoors. Set up a tent in the backyard (or, if you’re feeling adventurous, the local woods), and have an old-fashioned campfire meal, complete with s’mores, once the sun goes down. Tell scary stories, chase fireflies, and have fun!

10. Sports-themed party

Whether your little guy loves football, soccer, baseball, or golf, his birthday is the perfect time to incorporate a sport. Cookies decorated like a soccer ball, baseball, or football are the ultimate snack, and gamest that center on the sport are a great way to get everyone up off their feet and involved.

11. Military party

Not only is it easy to find camo cups, plates, and napkins (making decorating your table a snap), occupying your rambunctious recruits is as easy as setting up a game of capture the flag or laser tag. Even squirt guns, with food coloring-dyed water and white shirts to see who has been hit can occupy your guests for hours.

12. Lego party

Not only is it easy to create your own Lego men out of construction paper to act as decorations, you can bring out your kid’s giant collection of Legos and set each child a challenge to build the sturdiest bridge, the tallest tower, or the fastest car, out of the Legos provided.

13. Peter Pan party

Though you may not want him to grow up, your little guy’s birthday is a reminder that he is getting older by the day. A Peter Pan themed party can help remind you that he is still a kid and that you can hold on to this age for a few more years. Top of the party with a viewing of the movie!

14. Bug party

If your boy is like most boys, he loves bugs. Make this the theme of your party! Send him and his guests out with nets and see who can bring back the most bugs!

15. Medieval times party

Dress them up as knights and send them on a quest for the Holy Grail! As long as the swords aren’t real, let them have duels and maybe even joust with pool noodles!