Make it a Party, this Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Theme Party SuppliesIt’s hard to celebrate Mardi Gras during the week, so why not celebrate this upcoming weekend? We have all you need for a perfect Mardi Gras theme party, we may not have the booze or the food but we have the perfect plates for your Mardi Gras snacks, the perfect cups for your Mardi Gras cocktails, napkins for those messy faces and tons of accessories to give you the perfect Mardi Gras look!

What’s Mardi Gras without masks and tons of bead necklaces… well it’s not Mardi Gras of course, because you can’t have Mardi Gras without beads! Use our Mardi Gras section as your one stop to shop for all those perfect Mardi Gras accessories! From intricately designed masks, to paper mask sets you can share with your friends, we have what you’re looking for to make this Mardi Gras a spectacular one!

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Fourth of July Celebration

Party Supplies: Fourth of July

Fourth of July is around the corner and boy am I excited for a day off spending time with friends and family, eating hot dogs, pasta salad and brownies! I know you all are probably feeling equally as excited which is why we want to make your Fourth of July as fun and relaxing as possible. It’s time to sit back, watch fireworks and pig out!

So we have some fun stuff here at Parties2order to really make your Fourth of July celebration a blast! We’ve stocked up on some of awesome patriotic patterns like our American classic pattern, Flying colors and our red, white and blue stars pattern. We carry a 10-inch plate, 7-inch plate, beverage napkin and a lunch napkin in all three patterns. We also carry plastic table covers in those patterns and in solid red, white and blue for all the messy eaters!

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