How to make your own balloon arrangement

Maybe you’re not sure what a balloon arrangement is, or maybe you’re not sure how to make one.. Either way,

I’m here to tell you what a balloon arrangement is, how to make one and how they can enhance the decor of any type of event! Balloon arrangements are basically a bouquet of balloons on a weight. You can essentially choose any amount of balloons you’d like but it mainly depends on the type of arrangement you are looking to have. We typically do two types of arrangements: a floor arrangement and a table arrangement. What this means is that a floor arrangement, is an arrangement you would place on the floor and can hold a large number of balloons. A table arrangement is an arrangement that you would place on a table and usually has a smaller amount of balloons. You can mix latex or mylars in these arrangements.

Lavender latex balloon

Latex balloons are your basic colored balloons that you usually see when dealing with balloons. These balloons usually come in a wide variety of colors and different looks. For example, we carry plain latex balloons as well as pearl latex balloons, which basically just feature a nice pearl sheen coating. It just depends what you’re looking for as far as the pearl goes, and for what type of event you are using the balloons for.


Happy Birthday polka dot mylar balloon


The other type of balloon I mentioned, is a mylar balloon. These are foil balloons usually with fun designs, characters, messages, etc. If you love Scoooby Doo, you can find a Scooby Doo mylar balloon. If you love Harry Potter, you can find a Harry Potter mylar balloon. And if you’re just looking for a Happy Birthday balloon, than you can find plenty of Happy Birthday mylar balloons like this one:

Now that you know the two types of balloon arrangements and the two types of balloons you can incorporate into those arrangements, I can explain to you the best way to make one! Now, if you’re doing a floor arrangement, you want to stick with about 7-8 balloons. We typically recommend one mylar balloon of your choice and 6 latex balloons in coordinating colors.  For a table arrangement we recommend about 4 balloons, typically one mylar of your choice and 3 latex in coordinating colors. Once you choose your balloons, you’ll want to blow them all up, but it gets tricky. The latex balloons need to be tied a certain way (this will help you when you get to the arranging part). You essentially want to tie the string inside of the knot of the balloon, click here for a video on how to do this.

For mylars, pick three colors of string you really like and tie them around the tab of the balloon, like this:



























Once all of your balloons are blown and have string, we can move to the arranging part!

To arrange balloons, you want to set your weight on the floor (for a floor arrangement) or a table (for a table arrangement) pull all balloons together in your handStart pulling up the balloons one by one until they touch the ceiling. You typically want the mylar on top, and then stagger the latex underneath. A good rule of thumb is to have the top of each balloon touch the bottom of the one above it.






























Once you’ve staggered all balloons like the pictures demonstrate you’ll tie a knot in the strings and tie it around the weight.



The next step is to foof. You’re probably wondering what this is. Foof is what you do with the excess string. So you will cut off the excess string, Tie it in a knot in the center and curl.

















To curl the string, simply hold the blade of a pair of scissors underneath the string with your thumb on top and pull, this will curl the string. Click here for a video on how to curl the string. Do that to all straight pieces of string so that it looks like this:























Then tie the string around the weight and make sure all the straight strings around the weight are curled.














Then curl the other string hanging from the balloons, in the same way the string around the weight was curled:














Once you curl all strings, you have finished your balloon arrangement! Take a step back and marvel at it! If you find that you do not like the way the balloons are arranged you can higher or lower them as much as you want because of the way we initially taught you to tie the balloons. This can only be done with latex balloons, however. Click here to see how to raise or lower latex balloons to better position them within a finished arrangement.
















We hope you had fun creating your balloon arrangement, and we hope it wasn’t too difficult! If you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished, feel free to send some photos to! We’d love to see your work and you may even be featured on our Facebook page! Thanks so much! And you can always contact us with any questions you may have!

A few ways to throw a rainbow party!

I for one, think a rainbow party is an excellent idea for a party theme! Now that summer is almost here, we are all thoroughly enjoying bright colors in flowers, clothing choices and even in aspects of decorating our homes! A rainbow party is a great way to bring a pop of color to your theme. You can use a rainbow theme for birthdays and outdoor celebrations! I’ll be showing you guys a few pictures that my co-worker Jackie took from her daughter Madison’s 4th birthday. Jackie asked her daughter Maddie what kind of birthday party she wanted and without hesitation Maddie said “I want a rainbow cake with icing!” This prompted Jackie to start looking for rainbow decorations and fun ideas on Pinterest to throw a rainbow themed birthday party! Well, we love what she came up with. These decorations are all easy, and cost effective, and of course can be purchased right here on our website. So there’s a wonderful convenience aspect there too :).

 Here’s a few pictures from Maddie’s birthday party!







































































All products that Jackie used were purchased on our website! Jackie chose an assortment of rainbow colored balloons to decorate the back yard. She arranged them in bouquets of three and tied them to her fence to bring a pop of color outside!

For the food table, Jackie purchased another assortment of rainbow colored balloons, tied each one around a mason jar and added a pop of color to the mason jars by decorating them with colorful tissue paper! She picked up some inexpensive melamine tableware to serve snacks and other treats and used our bright chevron patterned plates and napkins for the food and snacks! She also decorated the table with rainbow colored streamer decorations for a real pop of brightness against a standard plastic white table cover.

For the cake, Jackie used her culinary skills to create something Maddie was looking for, but I found this awesome recipe that you can use to create your own rainbow cake for your own Rainbow party! Rainbow layer cake recipe from Betty Crocker

There are an endless amount of fun decorations and ideas you can find on our website, and online to throw the perfect Rainbow party! Use pinterest for inspiration and find your supplies here to turn your inspiration and ideas into reality! I hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks and hope that you can throw your own rainbow party using some of our ideas and products, naturally we’d love to see what you come up! You can always email photos and videos to We love sharing our customer’s stories!

A Super St. Patrick’s Day

Theme Party Supplies for St. Patrick's DaySt. Patrick’s day is coming up and I know it’s one of those holidays that not everyone celebrates, which is fine.. but.. I will ask, how can you turn down any excuse to party and have a good time with friends and family? I sure can’t turn that down. It’ll be a day of amazing food, delicious drinks and rare quality time spent with your loved ones. Now that I have convinced you to celebrate a holiday that brings nothing but good times… let me give you a look at all of the awesome party supplies Parties2order has to offer to make your St. Patrick’s day exactly what you are looking for!

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Make it a Party, this Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Theme Party SuppliesIt’s hard to celebrate Mardi Gras during the week, so why not celebrate this upcoming weekend? We have all you need for a perfect Mardi Gras theme party, we may not have the booze or the food but we have the perfect plates for your Mardi Gras snacks, the perfect cups for your Mardi Gras cocktails, napkins for those messy faces and tons of accessories to give you the perfect Mardi Gras look!

What’s Mardi Gras without masks and tons of bead necklaces… well it’s not Mardi Gras of course, because you can’t have Mardi Gras without beads! Use our Mardi Gras section as your one stop to shop for all those perfect Mardi Gras accessories! From intricately designed masks, to paper mask sets you can share with your friends, we have what you’re looking for to make this Mardi Gras a spectacular one!

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Party Supplies for A Very Special 21st Birthday!

I have no problems remembering my 21st birthday because it was one of the most fun days of my life! If someone you know will soon be turning 21, make sure to give them the best birthday ever … a very special 21st birthday! We have all the party supplies you need to make this possible! From decorations, to accessories to tableware, you can choose between multiple designs and fun items to really make this birthday the most fun day of their life!

First it’s time to decorate! Party decorations will make the birthday boy or girl feel loved and will get the attendees excited for a night full of fun and laughs! This is the best way to make this the most special day! Check out these fabulous birthday decorations! Most are custom so you can personalize them any way you’d like.

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Fourth of July Celebration

Party Supplies: Fourth of July

Fourth of July is around the corner and boy am I excited for a day off spending time with friends and family, eating hot dogs, pasta salad and brownies! I know you all are probably feeling equally as excited which is why we want to make your Fourth of July as fun and relaxing as possible. It’s time to sit back, watch fireworks and pig out!

So we have some fun stuff here at Parties2order to really make your Fourth of July celebration a blast! We’ve stocked up on some of awesome patriotic patterns like our American classic pattern, Flying colors and our red, white and blue stars pattern. We carry a 10-inch plate, 7-inch plate, beverage napkin and a lunch napkin in all three patterns. We also carry plastic table covers in those patterns and in solid red, white and blue for all the messy eaters!

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The Perfect Party Decorations for a Luau!

Party Decorations- Luau Themed Lights

We have so many fun and exciting party decorations for luau theme parties that I almost wish I could throw one myself. Maybe when I’m not so busy!

I just want to share with everyone some cool party decorations we have that can really make your luau theme party colorful and spectacular! I think lights are so fun, if you have an outdoor bar or other area where you are going to have your guests. Fun lights are a perfect way to provide a luau feel.

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Parties2Order Launches New Website!

Welcome to our new website,! We now offer our customers the convenience of shopping online for our high-end, unique party supplies.

Parties2Order was created from Bucks Mont Party Rentals, a 25-year old party rental Parties2Order- Brittneycompany in Bucks County, Pa started by Dave and Sylvia Fermier. Their granddaughter, Brittney Horvath came on board to help launch Parties2Order to provide online shopping to their customers.

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