How to make your own balloon arrangement

Maybe you’re not sure what a balloon arrangement is, or maybe you’re not sure how to make one.. Either way,

I’m here to tell you what a balloon arrangement is, how to make one and how they can enhance the decor of any type of event! Balloon arrangements are basically a bouquet of balloons on a weight. You can essentially choose any amount of balloons you’d like but it mainly depends on the type of arrangement you are looking to have. We typically do two types of arrangements: a floor arrangement and a table arrangement. What this means is that a floor arrangement, is an arrangement you would place on the floor and can hold a large number of balloons. A table arrangement is an arrangement that you would place on a table and usually has a smaller amount of balloons. You can mix latex or mylars in these arrangements.

Lavender latex balloon

Latex balloons are your basic colored balloons that you usually see when dealing with balloons. These balloons usually come in a wide variety of colors and different looks. For example, we carry plain latex balloons as well as pearl latex balloons, which basically just feature a nice pearl sheen coating. It just depends what you’re looking for as far as the pearl goes, and for what type of event you are using the balloons for.


Happy Birthday polka dot mylar balloon


The other type of balloon I mentioned, is a mylar balloon. These are foil balloons usually with fun designs, characters, messages, etc. If you love Scoooby Doo, you can find a Scooby Doo mylar balloon. If you love Harry Potter, you can find a Harry Potter mylar balloon. And if you’re just looking for a Happy Birthday balloon, than you can find plenty of Happy Birthday mylar balloons like this one:

Now that you know the two types of balloon arrangements and the two types of balloons you can incorporate into those arrangements, I can explain to you the best way to make one! Now, if you’re doing a floor arrangement, you want to stick with about 7-8 balloons. We typically recommend one mylar balloon of your choice and 6 latex balloons in coordinating colors.  For a table arrangement we recommend about 4 balloons, typically one mylar of your choice and 3 latex in coordinating colors. Once you choose your balloons, you’ll want to blow them all up, but it gets tricky. The latex balloons need to be tied a certain way (this will help you when you get to the arranging part). You essentially want to tie the string inside of the knot of the balloon, click here for a video on how to do this.

For mylars, pick three colors of string you really like and tie them around the tab of the balloon, like this:



























Once all of your balloons are blown and have string, we can move to the arranging part!

To arrange balloons, you want to set your weight on the floor (for a floor arrangement) or a table (for a table arrangement) pull all balloons together in your handStart pulling up the balloons one by one until they touch the ceiling. You typically want the mylar on top, and then stagger the latex underneath. A good rule of thumb is to have the top of each balloon touch the bottom of the one above it.






























Once you’ve staggered all balloons like the pictures demonstrate you’ll tie a knot in the strings and tie it around the weight.



The next step is to foof. You’re probably wondering what this is. Foof is what you do with the excess string. So you will cut off the excess string, Tie it in a knot in the center and curl.

















To curl the string, simply hold the blade of a pair of scissors underneath the string with your thumb on top and pull, this will curl the string. Click here for a video on how to curl the string. Do that to all straight pieces of string so that it looks like this:























Then tie the string around the weight and make sure all the straight strings around the weight are curled.














Then curl the other string hanging from the balloons, in the same way the string around the weight was curled:














Once you curl all strings, you have finished your balloon arrangement! Take a step back and marvel at it! If you find that you do not like the way the balloons are arranged you can higher or lower them as much as you want because of the way we initially taught you to tie the balloons. This can only be done with latex balloons, however. Click here to see how to raise or lower latex balloons to better position them within a finished arrangement.
















We hope you had fun creating your balloon arrangement, and we hope it wasn’t too difficult! If you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished, feel free to send some photos to! We’d love to see your work and you may even be featured on our Facebook page! Thanks so much! And you can always contact us with any questions you may have!

10 Fun Themes for Kids Birthday Parties

When it comes to planning the perfect birthday party for your kid, the party theme is one of the most important aspects. While it is important to have great food and games, the theme sets the tone for everything else in the party and lays the foundation for food, games, party favors, costumes, and fun! What are some of this year’s best themes? We have ten of the most awesome themes for kids birthday parties for you to choose from listed below. For party supplies to outfit any of these themes, be sure to check out our online store!

1. Number themed.

1st Birthday Party Theme

How old is your child going to be on his/her special day? For example, if your little boy is turning four, you can make the number four the theme of his party. Four different kinds of food, four games, four kinds of cake, and four different colors. Whether he’s turning one or ten, there are plenty of great ways to incorporate the number into the day. An obstacle course with ten stages or ten different tasks to complete for a ten-year-old is a great way to show how exciting it will be to be ten (or whatever his new age is)!

2. Color themed.

If your child has a favorite color, now is the perfect time to throw a bash completely dedicated to that color. It’s easy to find hundreds of different birthday party supplies in just about every color, so that the only added touches will be frosting a cake in his or her preferred color. Any games that you want to play can be colored to match the theme, and even party favors can be on-color. Choosing a color-related theme is a great way to exercise your creativity.

3. Football party.

Flag Football Party Supplies

For a little guy or girl who’s enthusiastic about football, a football themed party will be the ultimate in fun! Whether there is a specific team that they follow or if they just have a love for the sport in general, football-shaped cookies, Gatorade, and football drills will keep the kids happy and on their feet.

4. Cookie decorating party.

Kids love being creative and a cookie decorating party is a great way to let them express their creativity and have a delicious snack once the festivities are over! If you are wary of letting a group of rambunctious kids help with the baking phase, whip up a couple of batches beforehand or pick up a few packages of plain sugar cookies along with your decorating supplies. Make a few different colors of frosting and go all out with sprinkles, candies, and even fruit.

5. Prince or princess party.

Princess Birthday Party Balloon

Every little kid likes to pretend they are royalty. Their birthday is the perfect time to make them feel like royalty! Pink and blue crowns and accessories are readily accessible. Have everyone (including His or Her Royal Highness), compete in a safe royal tournament, complete with foam sword battles and jousts. Everyone gets to be a prince or princess today!

6. Candy Land themed party.

If your kid has a serious sweet tooth or a love of this famous board game, a Candy Land party might be just the thing. All you need is plentiful candy and a few game boards to really get the fun going. To really rev things up, transform your backyard into a huge Candy Land board!

7. Space themed party.

Lots of little kids dream of going into space. If your tyke is a future astronaut in the making, fuel his love of space with an out-of-this-world party. Spaceships, stars, and planets should abound. Activities can range from building rocket ships out of paper towel tubes and paint, to hopping from planet to planet, and conversing with the local aliens. Space party decorations can range from rockets and planets, to glittering stars and astronaut costumes. If you have a sandbox in your yard or in the park, you can even hide moon rocks and treasures in the sand and let the kids loose to explore the “lunar surface.”

8. Painting party.

For those kids with an artistic flair, a party where they get to go crazy with paint is the perfect way to pay tribute to their skills. Lay out long rolls of paper (like the kind used to line tables) and set up different art supplies. Have the kids come in clothes that they can get dirty in, or provide smocks and old t-shirts that will welcome the paint. Let everyone create their own masterpiece or work together to create one long mural you can display in your child’s bedroom to commemorate their birthday.

9. The treasure hunt or scavenger hunt party.

If you want to turn your party into a true adventure, this is a great way to do it. Exploring the neighborhood, following clues, and retrieving gifts and buried treasure is an exciting and unique way to spend the afternoon. For a treasure hunt party, dress everyone up as pirates, or for a scavenger hunt, in pith helmets and khakis. Clues and suggestions abound online!

10. Superhero party.

Every little kid wants to be Superman or Wonder Woman. Now is their chance! Either have everyone attend already in costume, have a number of different superhero costumes to choose from, or spend the first part of the party having the kids make their own costumes, whether they want to be one the comic book favorites or make up their own character for the day! Have them save stuffed animals from fake burning buildings and the clutches of evil doers.

A few ways to throw a rainbow party!

I for one, think a rainbow party is an excellent idea for a party theme! Now that summer is almost here, we are all thoroughly enjoying bright colors in flowers, clothing choices and even in aspects of decorating our homes! A rainbow party is a great way to bring a pop of color to your theme. You can use a rainbow theme for birthdays and outdoor celebrations! I’ll be showing you guys a few pictures that my co-worker Jackie took from her daughter Madison’s 4th birthday. Jackie asked her daughter Maddie what kind of birthday party she wanted and without hesitation Maddie said “I want a rainbow cake with icing!” This prompted Jackie to start looking for rainbow decorations and fun ideas on Pinterest to throw a rainbow themed birthday party! Well, we love what she came up with. These decorations are all easy, and cost effective, and of course can be purchased right here on our website. So there’s a wonderful convenience aspect there too :).

 Here’s a few pictures from Maddie’s birthday party!







































































All products that Jackie used were purchased on our website! Jackie chose an assortment of rainbow colored balloons to decorate the back yard. She arranged them in bouquets of three and tied them to her fence to bring a pop of color outside!

For the food table, Jackie purchased another assortment of rainbow colored balloons, tied each one around a mason jar and added a pop of color to the mason jars by decorating them with colorful tissue paper! She picked up some inexpensive melamine tableware to serve snacks and other treats and used our bright chevron patterned plates and napkins for the food and snacks! She also decorated the table with rainbow colored streamer decorations for a real pop of brightness against a standard plastic white table cover.

For the cake, Jackie used her culinary skills to create something Maddie was looking for, but I found this awesome recipe that you can use to create your own rainbow cake for your own Rainbow party! Rainbow layer cake recipe from Betty Crocker

There are an endless amount of fun decorations and ideas you can find on our website, and online to throw the perfect Rainbow party! Use pinterest for inspiration and find your supplies here to turn your inspiration and ideas into reality! I hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks and hope that you can throw your own rainbow party using some of our ideas and products, naturally we’d love to see what you come up! You can always email photos and videos to We love sharing our customer’s stories!

32 Fun and awesome uses for Balloons!

There needs to be more uses for balloons! I was sitting at my desk this morning and we were all so busy with customer’s balloon orders and I was helping get them ready and as I was helping, I realized that not only could you achieve so many different looks and color combinations with balloons, but there’s also got to be so many different fun and decorative uses for balloons. So, I started looking all over the internet to find someone creative enough to discover fun and unique uses for balloons and that’s when I stumbled upon this really awesome article on The article was written by Peggy Wang of the Buzzfeed staff. It’s an excellent article with cheerful, and bright pictures but also demonstrates 32 unique and fun uses for balloons! Working around balloons all the time, I’m definitely going to have to try some of these things because you really get sick of seeing the same old arrangements and colors day after day. Some of these tips and tricks are such a unique spin on your basic balloon. I know that I never would have thought of many of these ways to enhance them and honestly this article is going to save you money too! You can purchase balloons off of our website for 25 cents a piece! And I guarantee you can find the supplies to decorate them for a pretty reasonable price, you just have to be a little creative and thrifty. I hope this article gives you all some insight into different uses for balloons and ways to save money because I know that decorations for parties can be expensive so balloons are sometimes a helpful way to decorate without spending too much, but now you have more than just decorations, you can create vases using balloons, drum sets and even hang pictures! Way to go Peggy, thanks for the excellent article and I’m sure our readers will thank you as well!

1. Glue pom-poms on them.

Glue pom-poms on them.

2. Attach streamers, feathers, tinsel, and any other long stringy sparkly things to them.

Attach streamers, feathers, tinsel, and any other long stringy sparkly things to them.

3. Revamp your vases.

Revamp your vases.

4. Surprise someone you <3.

Surprise someone you <3.

Go for the single balloon for a subtler effect.

5. Freeze water ballons and use them to keep drinks cold at a party.

Freeze water ballons and use them to keep drinks cold at a party.

Victoria Hudgins /

Your new party trick. When the water melts, just throw them back into the freezer.

6. Make your guests do a little work if they want to find out where the party is.

Make your guests do a little work if they want to find out where the party is.

7. Make a drumset.

Make a drumset.

Thankfully, this one doesn’t make any noise.

8. Create a balloon drop.

Create a balloon drop.

Basically a small-scale version of…

9. Display photos.

Display photos.

10. Hang tiny people off the ends.

Hang tiny people off the ends.

11. Splatter them with gold paint.

Splatter them with gold paint.

12. Give someone the gift of bubblegum.

Give someone the gift of bubblegum.

Your valentine will think you are impossibly clever. Directions here.

13. Put confetti in your balloon.

Put confetti in your balloon.

Hint: Use a funnel.

14. Put confetti AND money in your balloon.

Put confetti AND money in your balloon.

15. Put LED light bulbs in them.

Put LED light bulbs in them.

Just make sure the bulbs aren’t breakable in case one of them comes crashing down due to a popped balloon.

16. Create a table centerpiece with plants and flowers.

Create a table centerpiece with plants and flowers.

17. String them into a fruity garland.

String them into a fruity garland.

18. Give the kids a super durable bouncy ball to play with.

Give the kids a super durable bouncy ball to play with.

Get the directions on how to make this using balloons here.

19. Make a giant strawberry party decoration.

Make a giant strawberry party decoration.

All you need is green construction paper and a sharpie.

20. Instead of piñatas, hang water balloons.

Instead of piñatas, hang water balloons.

21. Fill them with non-toxic paint and have a fight.

Fill them with non-toxic paint and have a fight.

22. Make water balloon yo-yos.

Make water balloon yo-yos.

23. Brighten up those mason jars.

Brighten up those mason jars.

They look deceptively paint-dipped!

24. Use them as molds for twine ball lights.

Use them as molds for twine ball lights.

Get the DIY here.

Use different colored string for a decorative fixture.

25. Turn your favorite little one into a walking apple tree.

Turn your favorite little one into a walking apple tree.

26. Use a balloon as a mold for a votive holder made from a doily.

Use a balloon as a mold for a votive holder made from a doily.

All you need is a balloon, a doily, and sugar starch.

27. Hang them from the rafters with macramè.

Hang them from the rafters with macramè.

Get the directions here.

28. Run a threaded needle through the tied end of the balloon to string them together.

Run a threaded needle through the tied end of the balloon to string them together.

29. Wrap them in cellophane and put them on sticks to make giant lollipops for a candy-themed party.

Wrap them in cellophane and put them on sticks to make giant lollipops for a candy-themed party.

30. Hang them upside down from the ceiling.

Hang them upside down from the ceiling.

31. Freeze an LED tea light into a water balloon to create a winter “fire and ice” lantern.

Freeze an LED tea light into a water balloon to create a winter "fire and ice" lantern.

Add food coloring if you want them to be colored.

32. Make a water balloon to end all water balloons.

Make a water balloon to end all water balloons.

Game over.

Finish Your Last Minute Easter Shopping Here!

Fuzzy Easter ChicksEaster is just around the corner and we make it easy for you to get your supplies quickly! Not only do we offer free in-store pickup for our local customers, but Parties2order always ships priority mail so you can get your items in just 2-3 days! So don’t worry about not getting your items before Easter because you still have time. Here are some ideas for Easter gifts and treats, whether they are for an adult or a child, we have a little something for everyone!

We have basket bags, Easter grass and egg dying kits to make your Easter a special one! Our Easter grass is available in light yellow, pink, purple, and light blue so you can mix it up or choose a different color depending on your project. If you are filling those baskets to the brim, our Easter bags can help keep everything together and safely nestled away while still looking festive for the occasion.

Our egg dying kit is fun for everyone, especially the kids. It’s a great way to spend time together while getting your home Easter ready. Our egg dying kit has all you need to make a variety of colorful Easter eggs. The kit also includes a matching game so you can continue the fun together!

Need some ideas on how to fill those Easter baskets? Try our fuzzy chicks! They are absolutely adorable and are available in three different sizes, so you can pick the ones that work best for your needs. We also have fuzzy Easter chicks in multiple colors if you’re looking for a little pop of color!

Don’t forget about those Easter eggs! You can’t have an Easter basket without plastic Easter eggs, so how about these colorful polka dot Easter eggs? They come in a package of 12 in a variety of fun colors. Fill them with candy, money or whatever you’d like!

You can also fill those baskets with these cute little Easter bunny shaped chalk pieces or this large golden Easter egg filled with the ultimate gift!

If you’re looking for decorations or even wearables, we’ve got you covered there too! These super cute Easter egg paper lanterns will add color and a festive Easter feel to your home! Plus they are easy to set up. You can also use these Easter window decorations for doors and windows around your home. They adhere easily and are just as easy to remove. Your kids will have a blast putting them up! And to really get into the Easter spirit, try this absolutely adorable bunny ear headband. It’s one size fits all, so it can fit children or adults. It’s the perfect accessory to add to an Easter outfit!

For more Easter gifts, treats, and even fun and elegant Easter tableware, visit our Easter section here. If you need any help or party planning tips you can contact us through our contact page! Have a fabulous Easter and jump on this chance to receive everything in time!

A Super St. Patrick’s Day

Theme Party Supplies for St. Patrick's DaySt. Patrick’s day is coming up and I know it’s one of those holidays that not everyone celebrates, which is fine.. but.. I will ask, how can you turn down any excuse to party and have a good time with friends and family? I sure can’t turn that down. It’ll be a day of amazing food, delicious drinks and rare quality time spent with your loved ones. Now that I have convinced you to celebrate a holiday that brings nothing but good times… let me give you a look at all of the awesome party supplies Parties2order has to offer to make your St. Patrick’s day exactly what you are looking for!

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Valentine’s Day is Almost Here!

Valentine’s Day is 10 days away and I, for one am very excited about it! My fiancé and I will be going out to dinner and seeing a movie. I love a quiet night! I would love to know what all of you will be doing on Valentine ’s Day! Do you have any plans yet? Please comment below and let us know!

Parties2Order just got in a few new Valentine’s Day items that I think you all will love. I just wanted to quickly share with you what’s new, and my next blog article will focus on all the new Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter products we’ve been getting in. I definitely have my work cut out for me, but I’m really excited about all the new merchandise!

Party Supplies for Valentine's DayToday we got in these super fun Valentine’s Day coloring sheets.. I’m trying to hold myself back from opening them because they look so fun and I love to color, but then again, who doesn’t?! Anyway, this package contains 15 coloring sheets and 15 activity pages. This is the perfect thing to bring into the classroom or something great for the kids to do while you attempt to enjoy a romantic dinner at home!


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Party Supplies for A Very Special 21st Birthday!

I have no problems remembering my 21st birthday because it was one of the most fun days of my life! If someone you know will soon be turning 21, make sure to give them the best birthday ever … a very special 21st birthday! We have all the party supplies you need to make this possible! From decorations, to accessories to tableware, you can choose between multiple designs and fun items to really make this birthday the most fun day of their life!

First it’s time to decorate! Party decorations will make the birthday boy or girl feel loved and will get the attendees excited for a night full of fun and laughs! This is the best way to make this the most special day! Check out these fabulous birthday decorations! Most are custom so you can personalize them any way you’d like.

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Unforgettable Halloween Party Decorations!

Halloween is approaching fast and I can hardly contain my excitement! I’m still working on figuring out my Halloween costume. My fiance and I are thinking about doing a couples costume, so fun ideas are always appreciated! What are your costume ideas for this year? Although figuring out a costume can be stressful, decorating your home for Halloween is a blast, especially when you find super spooky and unique Halloween party decorations like some of the ones we have here at Parties2order. Whether your simply looking for some fun Halloween decor or throwing a Halloween party, we have decor to fit all of your needs!

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Delicious Halloween Cocktails!

brain-hemorageHalloween is wonderful for so many reasons! You can dress up to be whatever you want to be, attend fabulous parties with delicious food, enjoy Halloween cocktails and games, eat all the candy you want and entertain yourself at haunted houses and hayrides! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for all of the above reasons.. Although I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to be this year. My favorite part of Halloween is definitely the food and cocktail aspect. You can find so many exciting recipes for cocktails and treats. The possibilities are endless! I did a search to find some of the coolest Halloween cocktails. I’m going to provide you with three recipes: two alcoholic and one non-alcoholic. Hopefully you’ll check them out this Halloween and let me know how they are! Combine these fun drink recipes with some of our Halloween party decorations for a perfect party!

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