Make your Mother’s day count this year!

canstockphoto18902408I have spoken to many moms and for some odd reason they always seem to think Mother’s Day isn’t that great of a holiday. I find myself racking my brain and wondering how you can say that about a holiday completely and utterly dedicated to you and all the wonderful things you have accomplished as a mother! So what is it that makes mothers not enjoy Mother’s Day? Maybe we don’t know, and maybe we will never find out. But if we can’t find any reason moms don’t love Mother’s Day, perhaps our goal should be to find ways to try and help them enjoy it a little more! Today, I scoured the internet trying to find ways to increase the joy for moms this Mother’s Day.

The key is that a good day doesn’t have to come down to gifts. Mother’s Day should be an entire day that is dedicated to moms in every way possible! Thankfully I discovered this article: “7 Ways to make Sure Your Mother’s Day Doesn’t Suck,” written by Meredith Gordon. She doesn’t give you an insanely long list of ways to enhance the day, instead she gives you a few good ways to make sure your Mother’s Day is the best it can possibly be! Continue Reading Make your Mother’s day count this year!