8 Home Decor Accents That Will Transform Your Home

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Home décor

Accents and accessories are what make a home a home. If you’ve ever walked into a display home or a home that is staged for sale, you’ve probably noticed how soulless the rooms feel. This is because in order to make the house into a “blank slate,” the designers remove all accents and decorations from the house. If you want to inject some style into your home, home décor is the best way to round out the look of your furniture and pictures. Here are some of our favorite home décor accents from our line that are sure to give your rooms personality.

1. Antique mercury glass bottles

Mercury glass is very popular right now and they are the perfect accent even for a modern home design. These give off a definitely vintage vibe, but with the right surroundings, they can add kitsch to any and all mantelpieces, half-walls, or bookshelves. You can even use these bottles as vases for real or fake flowers, which can help to offset their monochromatic appearance and will allow you to add color to your room without sacrificing the vintage-y vibe.

2. Early riser lighted canvas picture

Why just have a pretty picture when you can have a lighted pretty picture. This scene of the sun rising over a beautifully disheveled barn, barnyard, and farmhouse is neutral enough to go in any room, but colorful enough to add light and spirit to that room. The light in the center of the picture adds further fun and helps to add to the beauty of the entire scene. This is a great option to put in a bathroom where you want an interesting nightlight, or in a child’s bedroom to help kids who are afraid of the dark to get their sleep.

3. Electric light cream star garland

This lighted star garland is the ideal addition to just about any home and home décor. Perfect for draping along the edge of a metal bedframe, hanging above a doorway, or along a bookshelf, these lights will add a little festive fun to any room. While you can use them just for Christmas or 4th of July decorations, they will look beautiful in your home at any time of year. You can even hang them from the ceiling to give your room a cosmic effect.

4. Faucet soap dish

If you’re going for a vintage or industrial vibe in any of your rooms, this faucet soap dish is sure to fit the bill. While the faucet doesn’t actually work, it certainly looks real. With ample room for your favorite soap, this is sure to be a talking piece of any bathroom or kitchen. You don’t even have to use it a soap dish! Leave it by your entry way to collect keys or coins, or on your vanity to hold necklaces and rings. There is also a larger version with two buckets that is perfect for holding shower supplies!

5. Ivory electric light star

Lighted hanging stars aren’t just for Christmas. They are the perfect addition to any room that needs a little fun or a little whimsy. It comes with its own lights and cord, so all you have to do is hang it up and turn it on. Again, this might be a good option for kids who have a hard time sleeping in the dark or for those who just like a little hint of the cosmos in their bedrooms. This definitely gives off a vintage vibe, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work great alongside more modern home décor.

6. Key plaques

Looking for something vintage to hang on your walls? Maybe something you can hang your bag or keys on? These little plaques look like vintage door locks with a skeleton key in the lock. Hang them by your door and they’ll hold anything and everything, or simply just add them to a room in order to give the wall some visual interest. They work best as a set, but you can buy just one plaque and use just the one to add a vintage feel to your room.

7. Metal basket set

Storage doesn’t have to be just utilitarian. In fact, if you need baskets to collect and store toys, magazines, books, etc., you should have a set that you absolutely love, like these metal baskets. They come in three different sizes, making it possible to turn any shelf or cubby into a storage space. The burlap liners keep the mess hidden and still show off the neat metal work on these baskets. These are an easy way to encourage kids to clean up after themselves or even to encourage yourself to clean up after yourself! Just throw everything in the basket and slide it away and it’s hidden!

8. Oval leaf platter

A beautiful platter can be the ideal decoration for the center of a dining table or coffee table, and this is definitely a beautiful platter. Verdant green with light green accents, it looks like a bed of beautiful leaves that you can lay your serving dishes on during meals or simply leave out as decoration in between meal times. If you have a big blank table right now, you can easily decorate it with a platter like this.

Choose one or all of these home décor accents to make your home look beautiful and unique and give it some personality!

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8 Party Supplies You Can Use as Home Décor


When you’re looking to decorate your home—not for a party, but just for everyday use—you first stop is probably a home décor store, not a party store. However, if you are looking for inexpensive home décor, maybe a party store is the best place start. You can often find great accents that can really make a room look and feel special and unique, without breaking your budget.

Here are just some of the party supplies that can be used as home décor or to make home décor.

1. Paper lanterns.

Paper lanterns aren’t just for your Chinese New Year party. Because you can now find these lanterns in a huge variety of colors, they are a great way to add visual interest to any room, no matter what colors you need to match or complement. They’re very easy to hang, as they come flat-packed, with their own string. All you have to do is expand the lantern and hang them from a hook in the ceiling. Because they are so inexpensive, you can buy lanterns for every room of your house or even turn them into lights, using a low-heat LED bulb!

2. Fluffy hanging decorations.

Like paper lanterns, these decorations come in a wide variety of colors. On our website, they come in just about every color the paper lanterns do, so they can even be hung in the same room. Made of tissue paper, these round fluffy decorations are great for a party, but they are also idea for decorating a child’s room. Reminiscent of the Truffula Tree from The Lorax, these great will inspire a child’s imagination or even just add texture to a dining or sitting room. It’s probably best to avoid mixing very “holiday” colors, like red and green, as that can make them look they are simply left over party decorations.

3. Candles.

Candles make great presents and because they come in a huge variety of colors, they can be used to accent just about any party for any occasion. They are, however, also perfect for everyday use. Whether in the kitchen to help cover up lingering food smells after cooking or on your table or in your sitting room, a beautiful Yankee Candle in your favorite scent is a great way to add relaxing aromas and warmth to any room of your home.

4. Vases.

While you might first buy a vase in order to create a great centerpiece for a dinner party or a wedding reception, you can continue to use those vases for years to come around your home. For example, we have a variety of beautiful, neutral vases in our party supply store that can be used both to make centerpieces for a specific event, and then just to keep fresh (or fake) flowers around the house throughout the year. Nothing can breathe life into a room like a bouquet of flowers and a unique vase can really add to your home’s décor.

5. Fake flowers.

When most people think of fake flowers, they think of the very cheap, plastic flowers that almost every craft store sells. However, it is possible to find very high-quality fake plants and accents that will last for years. The perk of buying fake flowers instead of real flowers is that real flowers fade and die and it can become a real expense to keep fresh flowers in your home.

Fake flowers, however, can look just as beautiful as real ones and can liven up a room for years to come. It is possible to find both very real-looking fake flowers and stylized, burlap or glitter fake flowers. Whether you want fresh-looking spring blooms or a frosted winter arrangement, fake flowers can make it easy, and buying from a party supply store is the best place to get inexpensive fake blooms for any occasion.

6. Paper fans.

Paper fans are another inexpensive tissue paper decoration that can be used both for a party and to liven up a room. Especially great to add character to a child’s room, there hanging decorations will twirl and catch the light. Available in a variety of colors (including special themes that are probably best just for holidays), it will be easy to find a hanging paper fan for a boy or girl’s room, no matter what the theme of the rest of the décor is.

7. Banners.

Craft paper banners aren’t just for birthdays or weddings. A string of pennants, sporting someone’s name or a short saying can be a great permanent decoration for any room. Multicolored bunting is a very popular choice for a nursery or young child’s room, but even just brown craft paper pennants on a rustic piece of twine can add charm to any room of your home, especially if the pennants themselves sport an inspirational phrase. A triangle chalkboard banner, additionally, can be used to make a special banner for a party, and then also a more neutral decoration as a part of your everyday home décor.

8. Special charger plates.

Keeping your dining table always set for a meal is a great way to make it a welcoming and beautiful part of your home. While you might not think using plastic place settings can improve the look of your table, there are many different kinds of plastic chargers and plates that can help you create an easy-to clean, unbreakable setting for your table. For example, the black motif charger plate from our party supply store is a great option both for Halloween parties and gothic weddings, but also for everyday use. Easy to clean, and inexpensive, you won’t feel bad about tossing them out when they are scratched or broken.

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Time for Some New Home Decor!

Unique Home Decor - Parties2OrderIt’s time for some new decor because now that the holidays are over, most of you are clearing out your Christmas tree, putting away your ornaments and other decorations. Sometimes when all that wonderful holiday stuff is missing, you realize you may need a few new decor items to spruce up your home! Well, we have all of what you need and more! Not only have we just gotten in a unique selection of lovely picture frames, but we are expanding our home decor section each and every day! Here are some of our favorite, and most popular products!

We have a beautiful line of white ceramic pottery pitchers, bottle sets, bowls and dishes! All products feature a vintage, distressed look and look marvelous when paired with floral decor and other decorations.

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