5 Awesome Group Halloween Costume Ideas


Group Halloween Costume Ideas

If you and your family or you and a group of friends are going out trick or treating or just to have a little bit of fun this year, you might want to consider dressing up as a group. Nothing makes a huge impact like dressing up as a group—and it’s a good way to prevent your friends from abandoning you at a party. Here are five seriously awesome group Halloween costume ideas you are sure to love:

Men in Black

This is probably one of the groups Halloween costume ideas to execute. All you really need at least one other person and a black suit and tie. While this is group for a pair, it can be just as effective as large group of people. Here are some tips to make sure you get the look right.

  • Make sure you get some dark, matching sunglasses. The suits don’t necessarily have to all have the same fit, though they should all be black. The sunglasses, on the other hand, are what are really going to pull your group look together. Go to the grocery store and pick up a bunch of cheap pairs of the same sunglasses so you really look cohesive.
  • Decide which men in black you want to be. A pair of black-suited, sunglass-wearing people will look like alien-fighting Men in Black. A large group of people all wearing the same black suit and sunglasses might look like Agent Anderson from The Matrix. There’s nothing wrong with that, just know that you’re probably going to be identified as everything form FBI agents to secret service, to sentient computer viruses for most of the night.

Disney Princess

This idea is great for a group of girls that all want to go together, but don’t want to match exactly, or for a group of guys that want to do something a little wacky. There are lots of different Disney princesses to choose from, so each person can pick the princess they like best. Putting these costumes together usually isn’t very difficult, depending on how accurate you want to be.

An interesting twist on the typical Disney princess costume is to go as “hipster” Disney princesses. All this really requires is some ultra-cool clothing in the princess’s colors and a snarky, “I was into _____ before it was cool” saying to match that princess’s vibe.

Most costume stores will have Disney princess-type costumes or some type of costume that will work with a little bit of tweaking, but don’t be afraid to just scrounge your own costume out of party supplies.


While Tetris might not be the most exciting game that’s ever been made, it is a classic, and dressing up as these different colored blocks for Halloween as a group is actually pretty simple. All you’ll need is cardboard, paint in the primary colors, and some black duct tape. The construction process is actually fairly simple.

Start by mapping out which pieces you and your group want to be. All Tetris blocks are made up configuration of the same four squares. You’ll want all the cubes in your final costume to be the same size so you can latch the Tetris pieces together when they are finished. Once you’ve constructed the pieces, make sure there are holes for your head and arms, paint the boxes, and hit the town!


For fans of the wildly popular Sims franchise, this one of the best group Halloween costume ideas and it requires very little work or preplanning. Unless you want to go as one of the Sim’s more iconic townies (like Bella or Mortimer Goth), you can wear whatever you like and simply make the plumbob (that thing that Sims have over their heads that helps players gauge the Sims’s mood) out of cardboard. Use a coat hanger to make a little stand for it and attach it to your head, neck, or back with a little bit of tape. A group of Sims together is always much more effective than just one running around by himself!

If you are really dedicated to making these the best Halloween costumes ever, you might want to learn some of the Sims’s iconic gibberish language so you can speak it amongst your group and really sell the image. Older people might not know what you are, but any modern day gamer will know instantly and be impressed.

The Seven Deadly Sins

A classic—especially if you a group of seven people you’re going out with on Halloween. Just for reference, the seven deadly sins are pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth. Some of those will be easier than others to evoke, but when you’re all together in a group, it will be fairly obvious what all of you are.

One person can be “green” with envy, another person in a red outfit for anger. Gluttony should be food-themed, and sloth can actually just be a sloth, or a person who is sleepy. Pride can also be interpreted as vanity, so someone who is carrying and looking in a mirror is a good way to evoke that sin. Just have fun with it!

A Rainbow with a Pot of Gold

This is one of the best group Halloween costume ideas because it can be easily adjusted to however many people are part of your group and the costumes are simple to put together. Each person will be a color and the final person will be your pot of gold, with plastic gold coins attached to his or her shirt.

This works whether you have five people in your group, or whether you have fifteen and you really want to play on different color variations!

The Ultimate Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. For fear enthusiasts, the first of October might as well be the first day of a month-long Halloween celebration. But where did Halloween come from? And how can you have the best Halloween ever? We are here to make your Halloween decorating, party planning, and celebrating the best ever, with tips and tricks for the ultimate Halloween.

The History of Halloween

Halloween finds its origins in Samhain, a Celtic holiday that once spelled the end of harvest and meant that winter was coming. In the Celtic tradition, the changing of the seasons was a time when the dead could walk the earth. This became the foundation for many of the Halloween traditions that are still popular today, including dressing up in costumes and carving pumpkins.

Over the centuries, Halloween has become less about warding off literal ghosts (though scary movies about ghosts, demons, witches, and the like are still a popular part of holiday celebrations), and more about warding off stress and having a little fun. Trick-or-treating dates as far back as colonial days, when children would dress up and go from house to house, asking for money or sweets.

Trick-or-treating itself may have sprung out of the tradition of leaving food and wine out as offering to the roaming ghosts that were believed to cross into the physical world on Halloween night. Dressing up was also a way to placate the ghosts—by wearing masks, they could not be recognized as humans, and the spirits would think that they humans roaming the land were just other spirits.

Halloween really became what it is today in the mid-1900s, with community parties, parades, and games being the norm, as well as the cultural expectation that children will go trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Especially during times of economic downturn, Halloween became an inexpensive way to give back and show community support.

The Costumes

Today’s costumes are less about not being recognized by ghosts and more about making a statement or having fun with friends. Most people will opt for something exciting or funny, rather than just a plain costume. Some people opt for the very scary, from authentic recreations of their favorite slasher movie villains, to the gruesome and morbid. If there was ever a time to get a little gruesome, though, it would be on Halloween.

A favorite in the recent years has been the “pun” costume, ranging from a One Night Stand (wearing a nightstand over your shoulders and a lampshade as a hat), to more complicated costumes like Raining Cats and Dogs (a queen or king with stuffed cats and dogs tacked to his or her cloak). These can be fun to come up with, but you may spend the entire night explaining your costume to other partygoers or trick-or-treaters.

Some of the most classic costumes include witches, wizards, and ghosts. You can never go wrong with one of these! Check out our range of Halloween costumes and accessories to help you find the perfect, easy costume that will impress your friends.

The Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins was once a practice employed to scare away evil, wandering spirits. They would carry carved turnips, beets, or potatoes, with a light inside or hang them in their windows, so as to scare away any unsavory ghosts. Called jack o’lanterns because of the story of Stingy Jack (who tricked the devil and became a roaming evil spirit), this practice dates back well before the foundation of the United States.

Today, carving a pumpkin is all about creating a great design for your porch or (if you live in a neighborhood where hooligan teenagers will try to steal your pumpkin) window. There are many different ways to achieve this, either with a template, or by using your own imagination. The classic carved pumpkin is a grinning face, with triangle eyes. You can add some vampire teeth for extra Halloween flair, or choose a much more elaborate and impressive design.

Part of pumpkin carving is having the right tools. A power pumpkin carver or a pumpkin carving kit will make the carving process much easier. For kids, you can even just provide them with paints and let them paint a pumpkin, instead of giving them dangerous knives.

The Decorations

Decorating for Halloween can be as much fun as decorating for Christmas. Setting up a spooky scene to frighten trick-or-treaters or just a fun, whimsical display may take some time, but for those who are Halloween-enthusiasts, the perfect time to show off your creativity is with a great yard.

Start by stringing lights around your home. Orange, dark purple, and black are the most popular colors for Halloween and they can give your home a creepy glow. Almost every party supply store has grim reapers and ghosts you can hang around your yard, in trees, or on posts, to add some extra flair. Making a graveyard is as simple as picking up some Styrofoam gravestones or making your own with some foam and some gray spray paint. Come up with a concept and go all out!

Halloween Traditions

One of the most obvious Halloween traditions is trick-or-treating. Young kids love dressing up and going door to door with their siblings or with a group of friends. Parental supervision may be required, depending on your neighborhood.

Another Halloween tradition is bobbing for apples. This game is usually reserved for community Halloween parties, where a large bucket is full of water. Apples float on top and game players try to grab an apple using only their mouth.

A scary movie marathon is a favorite among many families, whether the movies are only mildly scary (safe for the kids to watch), or really scary (no kids allowed). This can even be a great basis for a Halloween party—have everyone dress up and bring their favorite scary movie.

How to Make Halloween Great for Children

Halloween can be one of the best nights of the year for kids, but one of the most stressful for parents. In today’s day and age, it is often not an option to let children go trick-or-treating by themselves, and before October 31st, there are plenty of preparations that must be made, both to the yard and house, as well as the costume for your kid or kids.

While it might seem like something of a production to make all of these preparations for one night, Halloween can still be majorly fun for kids of all ages, with just a few preparations on the part of the parents. When it comes to costumes, decorations, and trick-or-treating, we have a few tips to make Halloween smooth and fun for all parties involved, even if you’re not a fan of the scary or spooky.


When it comes to costumes, the best place to start is a costume store. Even an online costume store can have a great selection and make it easy for you to buy or rent the costumes you want for yourself and your child. However, in some instances, it might be easier or cheaper to make the costume, instead of buying or renting it.

If your child wants to be something very specific, you may not be able to find a cheap pre-made version of that costume in stores. This is where hitting the craft store and picking up a pattern and a few fabrics is a great plan. If you’re handy with a thread and needle, you can fashion exactly the costume he wants, in his size, and maybe be able to get two or three years of wear out of it before he moves on to another costume.

If hand making a costume from scratch is not an option, there are several costumes that you could make just out of things you have lying around your house. A great costume doesn’t have to be complicated. For example, a yellow sweatshirt and tights can be dressed up with strips of electrical tape, in order to make a bumblebee. A black cat can be as easy as cutting some ears and a tail out of felt or sturdy black paper and dressing the child up in all black.

If you are going trick-or-treating with your child, a costume is not a necessity, but it can make the night more fun. Check out our list of last minute costume ideas for a better idea of how to whip up a quick costume, without breaking the bank or spending the entire afternoon making something.

Yard Decorations

While yard decorations might not be an essential part of every neighborhood’s Halloween festivities, it is a great way to have a little more fun with this holiday and make sure kids know that your house is giving out candy this year.

Yard decorations can be as simple as a few gravestones, bought from your local party supply store or as complex as a tableau of classic movie monsters. Whatever decorations you decide to implement, make sure they are well-lit, so that all of your hard work can be seen from the sidewalk and driveway.

If you want to create a few easy decorations, we do have some ideas to get you started. If you save Styrofoam from deliveries, you can use a knife and some dark gray spray paint to create custom tombstones. Just cut out their shapes, and given them a coat of the paint. Keep in mind that if you want a marbled look, you shouldn’t completely cover the entire piece with paint.

Other easy decorations come in the form of pre-made ghouls and monsters. All you have to do is buy them from the party store and stick them in your yard. For an extra scare, stick them in your side yard or in a tree, with just a little bit of light on them, so that when they’re spotted, they’ll be extra frightening.


Now that your costumes are made and your yard is decorated, it’s time to hit the streets and start trick-or-treating. This part of the night can be some parents’ worst nightmare, but with just a little pre-planning, it can actually be an enjoyable time.

Instead of taking your kid out alone, try coordinating with the parents of your child’s friends. Trick-or-treating is more fun in a group of friends, and if you all live in the neighborhood, it will be easy to switch off watch duty. In some cases, there might even be a parent who volunteers to stick with the group for the entire night, so the rest of the group’s parents are off duty all together and can just stick to giving out candy.

Candy to Give Out

Choosing what kinds of candy to give out doesn’t have to be difficult. Most companies make mixes of fun-size candy bars, so all you have to do is open the package and let the kids choose their favorite out of the bowl. If you want to give out something more unique, try mini packages of pretzels or even a little toys, instead of candy.

If your neighborhood doesn’t see a lot of trick-or-treaters, you might consider buying full-size candy bars, to reward those intrepid kids that do make their way out to your street on Halloween.

What if my neighborhood isn’t great for trick-or-treating?

If your neighborhood isn’t great for trick-or treating—and some neighborhoods just aren’t—but you still want to give your kids the trick-or-treating experience, don’t be afraid to take them to another neighborhood or to connect with a parent of one of their friends who does live in a kid-friendly part of town. Just because your neighbors are all in bed before eight doesn’t mean the kids shouldn’t have a great time on Halloween.

DIY Halloween Decorations

While most people will want to buy most of their Halloween decorations, there’s nothing wrong with trying your hand a few craft projects to personalize or supplement store-bought decorations. If you get trick-or-treaters were you live, decorating your house is a great way to encourage kids to come up and get their treats (and stop the tricking). Don’t be afraid! These projects are simple and cheap. You can even get the kids to help you, if you want to get them into the Halloween spirit! Whether you want your house to be creepy and spooky, or just a little more charming, here are some great DIY Halloween decorations that anyone can make.

Deck Out the Door

It’s the first thing that many people see as they’re coming up to your house, and you can seriously deck it out with just a few simple craft supplies and a little bit of time. This is especially great for college students that live in apartment complexes, where putting up a lot of other decorations isn’t feasible.

Want to turn your door into a mummy? All you need is a roll of white streamers and some tape. Just start layering pieces of streamer across the width of your door, angling them, so that it looks like it has been wrapped up. As a finishing touch, add some eyes.

Using construction paper, you can easily turn your door into a graveyard. All you have to do is make some grass, by cutting out strips of green and fringing the edge. Then, cut out some gravestones and put them in the grass. You can add some names and dates for even greater detail. Add a full moon and maybe a dead tree and your door is a spooky graveyard!

Turning your door into a zombie, vampire, or werewolf is as easy as using construction paper to cut out the shapes and then taping them to your door using masking tape. As long as there isn’t a heavy thunderstorm, your creation will last for days and is an excellent addition to your decoration. A decorated door can even be your own decoration. Because it’s so big and is where trick-or-treaters will wait to receive their candy, it is plenty of decoration for most homes.

Add a Spooky Presence to a Tree

If you have a tree in your yard, it can be a great place to stash some creepy specters. The easies tree decoration is to make a pair of scary eyes. All you need is a pair of white beach balls and a permanent marker. Blow up the beach balls so that they are the same size, and then color on pupils with the marker. For an added touch, insert some LED lights into the beach balls, so that the eyes glow in the dark. Frightening!

For an extra scary tree, get lots of beach balls and repeat the process, adding many pairs of glowing eyes to your tree, observing every costumed kid that walks in front of your house.

Another great way to utilize your tree is to hang a gaggle of ghosts from it. Using some white fabric (like an old sheet), and some fishing line, string up some ghosts. Again, you can use lights to make them look like they are glowing as night descends. These ghosts will move in the breeze and look they are lilting back and forth in your tree, just waiting to spook the next trick-or-treater who comes to close. To really give these ghosts life and dimension, use a foam ball (available from any craft store), as the head, and drape the fabric over it.

You can also create a colony of bats in your tree, simply by cutting them out of construction paper and affixing them to some fishing line. Then, tie the line to the branches and let the fall breeze blow them back and forth.

Give Character to a Yard

Making a graveyard is as easy as gathering up a bunch of leftover boxes and pieces of packing foam, cutting them into the right shape, and spray painting them. If you have a dark yard, without any light shining out into it, you can even forgo putting names and dates on the tombstones, as no one will be able to read them. This is a quick fix for any yard!

If you want to put a little more time and effort into your decorations, one of the easies things to build is a grim reaper. He looks super scary, set back from your house, in the shadows, and will be a memorable yard decoration kids will talk about for years to come. All you need is a plastic skull, some black fabric, a long piece of wood, and a piece of wire. Prop the skull on the end of the piece of wood, and stake it into your yard, wherever you want your specter to be.

Then, bend the wire into a U-shape. Staple fabric around this U to make a hood, and then attach the hood to the skull. Then, cover the wood in the remaining fabric, ensuring there is enough to blow in the wind and create the appearance of a cloak.

To really up the creepiness factor, find some alien noises or monster sounds online and download them onto a CD. Put the CD player outside and out of sight and press play before the trick-or-treaters come to visit. They may not be able to see the monsters creeping behind your house, but they will definitely be able to hear them. And hearing them, without seeing them, is certainly frightening!

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