Unique Ideas for Kids’ Parties

Even if your kid is only a few years old, you might be getting tired of the same party themes over and over. By now, you’ve probably been to at least two Spiderman parties. Your little tyke loves Spiderman, but it might be time to branch out and try a different party theme. Having a unique party will make you and your kid the talk of the play group, and having new activities to do and a new experience will be something that your kid and his guests remember even years down the road.

If you’re ready to try out some new party ideas, you’re in luck! We have nine unique ideas for kids’ parties, thing no one else on your block has thought of!

1. Paleontologist Party

If your little guy or gal loves dinosaurs, his or her birthday is the perfect time to highlight that. But instead of just decorating with dinos and having a cake, why not have an interactive party? If you already have a sandbox, all you have to do is bury a couple of plastic dinosaurs in the sand and then set your guests loose with shovels and brushes. If you don’t have a sandbox, you can purchase a cheap kiddie pool from just about any store and fill it with sand. Just try to remember how many dinos you buried so you can be sure you’ve dug them all up by the end of the party!

2. Petting Zoo Party

If there’s not a petting zoo in your area, there might be a traveling one that can bring the animals right to your house. This is a great idea for any kids that loves animals, and will provide hours of fun, even for a large group of kids. If you are planning on getting your child a pet as a present, this is the perfect party. Once she’s petted all of the animals, you can present her with her very own puppy or kitten to care for.

3. Dog Affair

Again, if your child has asked for a puppy for her birthday and you are going to get her one, this is a great way to celebrate both her birthday and the new addition to your family. This type of party usually works best if you are only inviting a small number of people over to your house, as it can get a little rowdy with a large group. Have all of your guests bring their dogs over to your backyard, or to a local dog park. The kids will have so much fun playing with the dogs, and you and the other parents can sit back and let the dogs do a little babysitting.

4. Make It a Movie

Don’t want to host the party at your house but still want to have a fun adventure? Why not take your child and his friends to see a movie? Even if you see movies regularly, it can still feel like a special occasion to sit in a movie theater with all of your friends. Many theaters even allow you to rent out an entire screen just for your party, so your kids can make as much noise as they want and you don’t have to worry about any other people intruding on your fun.

5. Decorate-it

Unless you love baking, making and decorating enough cupcakes or cookies for an entire party may seem more than a little daunting. You can pass off this task to your guests and they will actually love decorating their own cookies or cupcakes before devouring them! Either make or purchase plain cupcakes or sugar cookies, as well as icing, sprinkles, and other decorating accessories and let your child and her guests go to town!

6. Go on an Excursion

What about visiting an aquarium? At the aquarium, staring up at the fish as they swim around in their tanks, will occupy your kid and his guests for hours. Most aquariums even have special rooms or activities just for planned parties. If you call ahead and make arrangements, you’ll like be able to see a feed or even set up an activity where you child and his friends get to pet a manta ray or other sea creature.

7. Visit the Museum

Visiting the aquarium might enthrall some kids for hours, but others will likely want to visit the museum. Many cities even have museums that are specially designed for kids and what they like and want to do. This is great for parents who want to have a hands-off party. Even a normal museum, if you call ahead, is likely to plan special activities for your party, from showing the kids how dinosaur bones are found and preserved, to making a fake volcanic eruption.

8. Go Go-Karting

For a small group, there’s nothing better than hitting the track. For a few extra bucks, you might even be able to rent the entire venue for a few hours. Go karts are surprisingly safe and fun, even if your kid is well below the driving age. And unlike bumper cars, you’re not likely to get whiplash. Zipping around the track at top-speed will be fun for all—making it great even if your kid has shy friends that might not engage in other group activities.

9. Video Game Bash

If your guy or gal loves video games, setting up a video game party is easy. You already have the game and the game box. Just make sure you have the right controllers and enough snacks to go around, and the party will direct itself.