How to Plan a Christmas Party for Kids

If you’re in charge of the christmas party for your kids’ school, your church is throwing a holiday party, or if you just want to throw a fun party for your kids and their friends, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to know to make sure your party goes off without a hitch. Christmas is the center of every kid’s year, and there’s nothing better than a fun filled party to really get them in the spirit. No matter what kind of party you want to have, we’ve got the tips to make it easier and more fun for all involved—that means you, too.

1. Christmas Games –

The first task of your party planning endeavor is to make sure that you have all of your activity bases covered. Having enough for the kids to do means you won’t have to worry about the party devolving into chaos—and if you’ve ever planned a party for children, you know how often that can happen. Games and crafts are a great way to keep the kids occupied and still having fun. Here are some of our favorite.

a. Wrap presents with lots of layers of wrapping paper and newspaper and plenty of tape. Then, give the kids ten seconds to unwrap as much of it as possible before they have to pass it on to the next kid, who gets ten seconds to try to unwrap it. Instead of a timer, use holiday music. Turn on the music, let it play for a short time, and then turn it off when it’s time to pass.

b. Challenge the kids to wrap a present as quickly as possible. Give each kid the same size box, the same amount of wrapping papers and tape, and see who can do it the best.

c. See if you can get the kids to draw and guess Rudolph, Frosty, and Santa Clause.  Or any other holiday image you can think of.

d. Queue up the holiday music for Christmas-themed musical chairs.  This is great for when the kids just need to run around, and can’t keep themselves still!

2. Christmas Treats –

The kids are likely going to be eating plenty of cookies and candy this holiday season…but why not just a little bit more?  Decorating holiday cookies, for example, is a great way to pass the time. Get some green, red, and silver sprinkles for sugar cookies, or make some gingerbread men and let them give him frosting clothes and candy accessories. For a little bit older set of children, building gingerbread houses is great fun! You can buy kits, or just make some pieces yourself. They might not want to eat the pieces after they’ve built and decorated it, so it might be worth it to make some other cookies, just in case… especially if you have a handyman around the house that had to glue the pieces together :)

3. Christmas Crafts –

Simple, easy crafts that double as decorations are a great way to not only get the kids to do something creative, but ensure they have something to take home at the end of the party. Don’t underestimate the skill of your kids and you’re sure to have some amazing works of art by the end of the party. Use these to augment your Christmas decorations. Here are some suggestions of crafts.

a. Make felt ornaments. It’s easy to cut ornament shapes out of different colors of felt, ranging from green to red to white. Do the standard circle or get a little fancier. Then, using fabric glue, let the kids decorate the ornaments with ribbon and sequins. Once they’re done, just glue on a piece of ribbon as the holder.

b. Make felt Christmas trees. It’s the same basic concept, except they get to decorate an entire tree themselves. Put magnets on the back to hang on the fridge or some sticky tack to make these a great wall decoration.

c. Make an easy garland of pom-poms. Pom-poms are easy to make—just wrap some lengths of yarn around the tines of the fork and put a tie around the middle. Then, cut the loops and fluff the yarn so that it forms a neat little ball. Just tie a longer piece of yarn around each pom and you’ll have a unique, beautiful garland that was super easy to make, even for small fingers.

4. Time and Date –

Knowing when to plan your Christmas party can be the most difficult part of planning. If your party is for a class at school, the best time to hold it would likely be the last day of school before the holiday break. Kids already know they are about to go on vacation and are likely not going to be engaged with any learning that is trying to happen. Having the party keeps them engaged and gets them revved up for the coming holidays.

If your party is not for school, choosing a date and time might be a little more logistically difficult. Many families have lots of parties to attend and many families also like to spend as much time together during the holidays as possible. This is why it is beneficial to talk to the parents of your kids’ friends and see when might be a good date and time for them. You could even suggest taking the kids off their hands for a few hours so they can shop for presents without having to hide them from the kids.

Most churches already have holiday parties on their schedule. You might want to have your party in addition to pre-planned parties, even as way to let the grown-ups have fun in one room, while the kids have their own party in another.

How to Throw the Ultimate Christmas Party

Christmas Reindeer Decorations

It rolls around every year—it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the most stressful, especially if you are trying to throw a great Christmas party. You want it to be something unique, not just the same party as last year or the same party that everyone else is throwing. Luckily, we have ten great party themes that no one else will be using, that will enable you to throw a fun and unique Christmas party. Our ideas even come complete with Christmas decorations and ways to ensure that you have the best possible party!

1. Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

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The ugly holiday sweater is a winter staple of the older generation. You’ve seen them—with their dorky prints and silly characters. They don’t fit well and they look terrible on everyone. That’s what makes this party fun! Not only does it eliminate the anxiety about what to wear to the party, it creates a communal, comfortable atmosphere perfect for mingling and holiday fun!

Either encourage your guests to hit the local thrift stores (or department stores), to pick up an ugly holiday sweater, or do it yourself and have a selection for guests to choose from when they walk through the door. If your friends are a crafty bunch, the focus of your party could even been making ugly sweaters! Grab a few sweatshirts and go crazy with tinsel, ribbon, and fabric paint.

2. The “Summer” Christmas Party

If you live somewhere that is hit hard by winter weather, December is just about the time when everyone starts craving some warmer weather. Make your party a beach party. Crank up the heat a little and encourage bathing suits and talk of the beach. Plan a fun luau and try to forget that the weather outside is frightful!

3. A Tree Decorating Party

This idea is perfect for newlyweds and young people who are living on their own for the first time. While the holidays can sometimes be lonely when you are away from your immediate family, you can still evoke the sense of family and holiday fun by planning a decorating party with your friends. Set up your tree and then have everyone bring decorations. Play holiday music, lay out the cookies and milk, and have a great time hanging your ornaments. Plug in the lights and talk about your favorite holiday traditions.

4. Cookie Swap

Nothing is more iconic for Christmas than a plate of Christmas cookies. You always leave them out for Santa, but what if he’s bored of the same old cookies you leave him every year? A cookie swap can help you freshen up your offerings. Even if you’re beyond believing in the jolly old elf, a cookie swap can help you switch up your own holiday indulgences and is a great way to pay tribute to the Christmas traditions of your youth.

5. Wrapping Party

Even if you’re a pro wrapper, wrapping presents by yourself can be lonely. And if you’re among those of us who aren’t so skilled with the paper and tape, wrapping usually results in a mini meltdown. Instead of going it alone, call together your friends and wrap your presents together (preferably, not the ones you’ve purchase for each other). With a little help from the craftier among your group, you’ll come out with a pile of perfectly wrapped presents and a few new memories.

6. The Holiday Movie Festival

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You’re probably going to binge-watch holiday movies and holiday-themed episodes of your favorite television shows anyway—so why not do it as a group? Set up a couple different viewing venues or crowd in front of one scene and vote on what to watch. For added fun, make everyone take a shot of peppermint schnapps (or eggnog) whenever someone dressed as Santa appears.

7. Twelve Days of Christmas Food

Assign each one of your guests a different day from the twelve days of Christmas and invite them to bring their best dish that has to do with that theme. It could be a desert, a main dish, or an appetizer but it has to apply! Then, gather together and sample the offerings. If you want to make sure you have a balanced meal, make sure to assign a course along with the day.

8. Christmas Karaoke

Everyone loves singing and hearing Christmas music! You can host a great karaoke party right in your home, with just a few simple decorations and Christmas party supplies. Pick up a karaoke machine and laugh and dance and sing as you and your friends belt out holiday classics. Take some time creating your playlist, with a mix of new and old Christmas favorites, or pick a theme.

9. Re-Gifting Party

Everyone inevitably gets at least one gift that just isn’t right for them. Do you return it? Do you throw it out when no one is looking? No! You encourage your friends to bring it to your re-gifting party. Someone else is bound to want it—either for real, or as a gag. You can even employ the White Elephant or Yankee Swap method to keep the party moving.

10. Christmas Dress-Up

Remember when you were young and your parents would stuff you into that holiday-themed dress to attend the annual Christmas party? This is like that—but the adult version. Have everyone dress up in their fanciest dress or as a beloved Christmas character and start the mingling. If you’re feeling adventurous and it’s not too cold or snowy to be out on the town, you could even turn it into a pub crawl.