Using Birthday Decorations to Transform Your Next Summer Birthday

birthday decorations

Birthday decorations are a great way to set the theme and the tone of your birthday party. While a birthday party doesn’t necessarily require you to have birthday decorations, it can definitely improve the entire mood of the room if you do have birthday party decorations. Here are just a few of the ways you can use decorations to really enhance your next summer birthday.

Pick Decorative Napkins

Do napkins count a decorations? Of course they do! The right napkins are a great way to decorate a buffet table or to help spice up a set table for a meal. Whether you want generic “happy birthday ”napkins or napkins that shout the guest of honor’s age,  there are plenty of different options you can choose from, in a variety of different styles that match your theme or décor. Decorative napkins are a great way to add a lot of punch to a table that might otherwise go undecorated. Fast, inexpensive, and easy—the ultimate way to transform your summer birthday.

Pick Up a Table Decorating Kit

Maybe decorating for a party isn’t your strong suit. Maybe you don’t have time to actually go out and find decorations for the party. If you’re planning a summer birthday party and you need birthday decoration, a table decorating kit is a great way to get everything you need to decorate your tables. You can use these kits to mix up just about any room of your home or venue, quickly and easily. If you’ve never decorated for a birthday party before or decorating isn’t in your skill set, these kits make it extremely easy.

Grab Some More Table Decorations

Especially if you are throwing your party in a rented venue or a restaurant, where you might not have permission to hang anything on the wall, picking up a plethora of table decorations is a great way to transform the space into a real party zone. Items like festive cupcake stands and colorful paper products are both a great way to turn your space into a full-decorated, beautiful space that will be ideal for celebrating your guest of honor.

Wall Decorations by the Bushel

If you are holding your birthday party in a space where you can hang wall decorations, you have a lot more freedom to really create that “birthday” ambiance. Banners that proclaim “Happy Birthday” are just the start. Sign in sheets that match your color scheme, wall hangings that declare “Happy Birthday” and hanging paper lanterns are all great ways to liven up your space. Even if you are going to be decorating the tables, getting plenty of decorations for the walls is always a good idea. This will help to make sure your space feels fully decorated, and not like you ran in a few minutes before and threw some birthday decorations out on the tables.

Decorations for the Guest of Honor

Not all of the decorations should just be the for the walls and tables (though most of them should be). A birthday hat or a tiara is a great way to decorate not just the space, but the person who is actually having a birthday. You don’t have to stop there, either. A birthday sash is sure to draw attention to the birthday girl or boy. If a tiara isn’t really your guest of honor’s speed, you can always pick up a happy birthday crown that allows you to add whatever the most appropriate number is to the front of that crown.

There are also a number of racier options, like a “dial-a-shot” pendant that will make ordering drinks a little more fun, or a diamond shot glass necklace, so the wearer is never without a shot glass on his or her birthday.

Decorate the Food

No matter what kind of food you’re going to be serving, it should be on-theme and on-color-scheme. If you are going to be making cupcakes, make sure the cupcake liners match the other decorations you’ve chosen. We make this really easy by providing cupcake liners in a variety of colors, patterns, and shades, that mesh well with the other decorations that we offer. We have liners that will work well for both male and female birthdays, as well as those that are neutral and can be used for either.

Don’t Forget the Balloons

While, ideally, you can get helium-filled balloons to help fill a space and make it look completely decorated, even balloons that are simply blown up and scattered around the floor still make great birthday decorations. Balloons are a simple way to add more color and fun to a space, for a very low cost.

Personalized Touches

The key to really transforming a space for a summer birthday is picking a theme and color scheme that the birthday boy or girl is really going to love. If they like silly, fun decorations that make them laugh, that should be the theme of your party. If they prefer classic, more modern birthday decorations, opt for those. As with anything, it is really the details that transform a bland party into a great one. Cupcake liners, birthday hats, and table decorations can all help you turn a space into the perfect birthday party venue.

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10 Fun Themes for Kids Birthday Parties

When it comes to planning the perfect birthday party for your kid, the party theme is one of the most important aspects. While it is important to have great food and games, the theme sets the tone for everything else in the party and lays the foundation for food, games, party favors, costumes, and fun! What are some of this year’s best themes? We have ten of the most awesome themes for kids birthday parties for you to choose from listed below. For party supplies to outfit any of these themes, be sure to check out our online store!

1. Number themed.

1st Birthday Party Theme

How old is your child going to be on his/her special day? For example, if your little boy is turning four, you can make the number four the theme of his party. Four different kinds of food, four games, four kinds of cake, and four different colors. Whether he’s turning one or ten, there are plenty of great ways to incorporate the number into the day. An obstacle course with ten stages or ten different tasks to complete for a ten-year-old is a great way to show how exciting it will be to be ten (or whatever his new age is)!

2. Color themed.

If your child has a favorite color, now is the perfect time to throw a bash completely dedicated to that color. It’s easy to find hundreds of different birthday party supplies in just about every color, so that the only added touches will be frosting a cake in his or her preferred color. Any games that you want to play can be colored to match the theme, and even party favors can be on-color. Choosing a color-related theme is a great way to exercise your creativity.

3. Football party.

Flag Football Party Supplies

For a little guy or girl who’s enthusiastic about football, a football themed party will be the ultimate in fun! Whether there is a specific team that they follow or if they just have a love for the sport in general, football-shaped cookies, Gatorade, and football drills will keep the kids happy and on their feet.

4. Cookie decorating party.

Kids love being creative and a cookie decorating party is a great way to let them express their creativity and have a delicious snack once the festivities are over! If you are wary of letting a group of rambunctious kids help with the baking phase, whip up a couple of batches beforehand or pick up a few packages of plain sugar cookies along with your decorating supplies. Make a few different colors of frosting and go all out with sprinkles, candies, and even fruit.

5. Prince or princess party.

Princess Birthday Party Balloon

Every little kid likes to pretend they are royalty. Their birthday is the perfect time to make them feel like royalty! Pink and blue crowns and accessories are readily accessible. Have everyone (including His or Her Royal Highness), compete in a safe royal tournament, complete with foam sword battles and jousts. Everyone gets to be a prince or princess today!

6. Candy Land themed party.

If your kid has a serious sweet tooth or a love of this famous board game, a Candy Land party might be just the thing. All you need is plentiful candy and a few game boards to really get the fun going. To really rev things up, transform your backyard into a huge Candy Land board!

7. Space themed party.

Lots of little kids dream of going into space. If your tyke is a future astronaut in the making, fuel his love of space with an out-of-this-world party. Spaceships, stars, and planets should abound. Activities can range from building rocket ships out of paper towel tubes and paint, to hopping from planet to planet, and conversing with the local aliens. Space party decorations can range from rockets and planets, to glittering stars and astronaut costumes. If you have a sandbox in your yard or in the park, you can even hide moon rocks and treasures in the sand and let the kids loose to explore the “lunar surface.”

8. Painting party.

For those kids with an artistic flair, a party where they get to go crazy with paint is the perfect way to pay tribute to their skills. Lay out long rolls of paper (like the kind used to line tables) and set up different art supplies. Have the kids come in clothes that they can get dirty in, or provide smocks and old t-shirts that will welcome the paint. Let everyone create their own masterpiece or work together to create one long mural you can display in your child’s bedroom to commemorate their birthday.

9. The treasure hunt or scavenger hunt party.

If you want to turn your party into a true adventure, this is a great way to do it. Exploring the neighborhood, following clues, and retrieving gifts and buried treasure is an exciting and unique way to spend the afternoon. For a treasure hunt party, dress everyone up as pirates, or for a scavenger hunt, in pith helmets and khakis. Clues and suggestions abound online!

10. Superhero party.

Every little kid wants to be Superman or Wonder Woman. Now is their chance! Either have everyone attend already in costume, have a number of different superhero costumes to choose from, or spend the first part of the party having the kids make their own costumes, whether they want to be one the comic book favorites or make up their own character for the day! Have them save stuffed animals from fake burning buildings and the clutches of evil doers.