Best Winter Birthday Party Themes

Sledding Snowmen

If you, your child, or friend has a birthday party during the winter, you know how easy it is for that birthday to be overshadowed by other holiday celebrations. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving to New Years is basically a non-stop holiday celebration, and any birthday during this time can be lost in the shuffle.

If you want to make the birthday party truly special, make it stand out from the round of Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, and Kwanzaa parties that you might attend throughout the month of December and into January, we have a list of the best winter birthday party themes and ideas to get you started, whether you are throwing a party for an adult or for a kid.

Parties for Adults

Planning the perfect winter party for a grown-up friend may seem difficult. How do you make it separate from all of the holiday parties you and they are probably going to be attending this year? These ideas are a great place to start.

1. Winter Wonderland – Bring the outdoors in with this great holiday party idea. While we usually get plenty of snow up here in Philadelphia, there are parts of the country that hardly ever get any snow at all. Whether there’s plenty of snow on the ground or just gray skies and rain where you live this winter, deck out your party space with fake Styrofoam snow, classy penguins, and winter comfort food like stew and pie.

2. Penguin Party – Tell your friends to don their black and white tuxedos, because it’s time for a penguin party! Grab some plastic penguin toys from your local toy store or craft shop and spray paint them with metallic silver or gold paint for fancy decorations. Make a couple of fish dishes to reflect a penguin’s favorite food and then dance the night away.

3. Glitter Party – If you have a friend who loves all things glitzy and glamorous, a glitter party is the way to go. If you hit our party store before New Year’s, you’re sure to find plenty of glitter and sparkle that can be re-purposed not for a New Year’s party, but for a birthday party. You may even be able to find edible glitter to decorate a cake or cupcakes and truly make the night special.

4. Cooking Party – If you or your friend loves to cook (but could maybe use a few pointers to keep her soufflés from falling, this is the theme for you. Whether you hire a local chef to come out and teach you how to cook something (and then spend the rest of the party eating it), or just plan to spend your entire night together in the kitchen, whipping up appetizers, main courses, and desserts as you go, you’ll be toasty and warm in the kitchen.

5. Cookie Decorating Party – You probably all have cookies that you need to decorate and arrange into plates for friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Take this opportunity to make a couple different kinds of cookies and set up decorating stations. If you want to stay as far away from the holidays as possible, have each person bring a favorite recipe and try out a couple, without the impetus of making holiday plates for your acquaintances.

Parties for Kids

Having a winter birthday can be taxing on a child—they may feel like their birthday is forgotten every year, just because they it comes near the holidays. Giving them a special day and party all of their own is a great way to make sure they feel loved and appreciated during the holiday season. Here are a few winter-themed birthday ideas for kid parties.

1. Nutcracker Birthday – If you have a little ballerina in the making, centering their birthday party on the Nutcracker is a great way to both incorporate a little holiday spirit and give them a fun and unique birthday party. Look for ballerinas and Nutcrackers, as well as Mice Kings for decorations. You can even find ballerina cupcake toppers!

2. All Things Ice – Whether or not it’s cold outside, if you make it toasty and warm inside, your kids will be begging for some ice cream! Serving all things ice is a great way to incorporate the season without your child’s special day turning into just another holiday party. Ice cream, popsicles, iced tea, etc., can be used as snacks and drinks, with maybe a few warm dishes to make sure they don’t chill to the bone.

3. Ice Skating Party – Taking a group of kids ice skating can seem daunting, but once you have them all laced up and out on the ice, they pretty much take care of themselves. There are even ice rinks you can rent out just for the occasion. Bring along popcorn, your cake, and some hot chocolate mix to warm them up after a full day of skating around the ice.

4. Sledding Party – When you’re young, there’s nothing better than finding fresh snow on a hill and sledding down it. While used sled tracks make for a faster descent, new tracks are more adventurous! Turning your kid’s birthday into a sledding party is a great way to get him and his friends out and doing something active on a cold winter day.

5. Crazy Winter Clothing Party – Have you ever seen The Christmas Story? One of the best scenes occurs when the mother wraps the youngest son up in far too many warm and ridiculous-looking clothes—his brother describes him as a “tick that’s about to pop.” Why not host a crazy winter clothing party and encourage all of your guests to wear their wackiest winter gear? You’ll be toasty and warm and refreshments are as easy as hat-shaped cookies and hot chocolate.

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