6 Cheap Party Supplies that Can Transform Your Party


Cheap Party Supplies

Throwing a party doesn’t have to break the bank. The right party supplies can make your party great, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend hundreds of dollars just on things for your party. Whether you are having a lot of people over or just a few, finding the right cheap party supplies can make throwing a party a lot more affordable. In addition to making your party more affordable, they can also totally transform your party. Don’t be afraid to put out a little bit of money on your party, but with these cheap party supplies, you can get everything you need for a great party, at an affordable price.


Balloons are a great way to add some fun to your party for a very low cost. Unlike other decorations that are very expensive and do not take up very much room, balloons cost only a few cents each, come in a wide variety of colors, and can be used in a variety of different ways in order to transform wherever you are having your party. They can be used to fill up a large party space that does not have very many decorations, can be used as wall decorations, can be weighted down in bunches in order to act as table centerpieces, and much more. At only a few cents a pop, they are a great way to add life to your party, without having to spend very much money on the decorations themselves. Because they also come in a wide variety of colors, it’s easy to find balloons that match the theme of your party, if you have one, or to simply find balloons that you like the color of.

2. Tableware

Available both in the solid and patterned varieties, tableware can go a long way to transforming your party. When you use simple white plates and white plastic forks, spoons, knives, cups, and napkins, the party itself can start to look extremely drab. While you might not consider how your table looks as a very significant part of your party, your tableware can actually set the tone of the entire event. Luckily, it is possible to buy very inexpensive tableware that can make a big impact. Whether you stack all of your plates, cups, and utensils at one end of a buffet table or you set all of the eating tables before the party begins, they can act as both decoration and tool.

3. Games

One of the great challenges of planning a party is deciding what you actually want to do at that party. Games can be a great way to spend your time and are not necessarily just for kids. While kids will enjoy bean toss games with bean bags, a set of dice that tell you want to do (take a shot, dance, etc.) and who with or where (on at table, for example), can be great for adults. If you are hosting a large party for children, having lots of different games is a great way to keep those children engaged for a long period of time. On the other hand, if you just want to make sure that you have enough games to occupy the children while the adults also play a game, our online party supply store has plenty to choose from. Buying a few cheap games are great ways to make sure the party goes smoothly.

4. Streamers

Want an easy way to decorate your space? Want a fun party supply that is as versatile as it is inexpensive? Streamers are the ultimate option for you. Why? Because not only can they be hung from the ceiling, draped on walls, draped across tables, and even used to decorate chairs, they can also be used to wrap presents, play party games, and more. There is just about no end to what you can do with streamers, especially because they come in such a wide variety of colors and are dirt cheap. They are the king of cheap party supplies and they are also super compact, so even if you do not end up using all of the streamers, they can be easily packed away and used again at a future shindig.

5. Serving dishes

Do the color and style of your serving dishes and utensils really matter? If you want to plan a fancy or classy party but also want to do it on a budget, picking up some cheap, but still beautiful serving dishes can certainly do the trick. Whether you just need serving plates for your buffet table or you want plastic chargers to go under every single place setting, cheap party supplies are certain to provide you with the exact look that you desire. Having a well-decorated food table and eating tables are key to making a party space look fully decorated.

6. Costumes

Costumes and accessories aren’t a necessary party of every party, but they are a great way to round out your theme, if you have one. If you are throwing a totally awesome 80s party or a swingin’ 40s party, having some costumes and/or accessories on hand for those that want to fit into the theme is a great way to transform your party in to a real event. Finding cheap party supplies like these doesn’t have to be difficult. Just look at the accessories section of our online party supply store to find the products you need.

10 Fun Themes for Kids Birthday Parties

When it comes to planning the perfect birthday party for your kid, the party theme is one of the most important aspects. While it is important to have great food and games, the theme sets the tone for everything else in the party and lays the foundation for food, games, party favors, costumes, and fun! What are some of this year’s best themes? We have ten of the most awesome themes for kids birthday parties for you to choose from listed below. For party supplies to outfit any of these themes, be sure to check out our online store!

1. Number themed.

1st Birthday Party Theme

How old is your child going to be on his/her special day? For example, if your little boy is turning four, you can make the number four the theme of his party. Four different kinds of food, four games, four kinds of cake, and four different colors. Whether he’s turning one or ten, there are plenty of great ways to incorporate the number into the day. An obstacle course with ten stages or ten different tasks to complete for a ten-year-old is a great way to show how exciting it will be to be ten (or whatever his new age is)!

2. Color themed.

If your child has a favorite color, now is the perfect time to throw a bash completely dedicated to that color. It’s easy to find hundreds of different birthday party supplies in just about every color, so that the only added touches will be frosting a cake in his or her preferred color. Any games that you want to play can be colored to match the theme, and even party favors can be on-color. Choosing a color-related theme is a great way to exercise your creativity.

3. Football party.

Flag Football Party Supplies

For a little guy or girl who’s enthusiastic about football, a football themed party will be the ultimate in fun! Whether there is a specific team that they follow or if they just have a love for the sport in general, football-shaped cookies, Gatorade, and football drills will keep the kids happy and on their feet.

4. Cookie decorating party.

Kids love being creative and a cookie decorating party is a great way to let them express their creativity and have a delicious snack once the festivities are over! If you are wary of letting a group of rambunctious kids help with the baking phase, whip up a couple of batches beforehand or pick up a few packages of plain sugar cookies along with your decorating supplies. Make a few different colors of frosting and go all out with sprinkles, candies, and even fruit.

5. Prince or princess party.

Princess Birthday Party Balloon

Every little kid likes to pretend they are royalty. Their birthday is the perfect time to make them feel like royalty! Pink and blue crowns and accessories are readily accessible. Have everyone (including His or Her Royal Highness), compete in a safe royal tournament, complete with foam sword battles and jousts. Everyone gets to be a prince or princess today!

6. Candy Land themed party.

If your kid has a serious sweet tooth or a love of this famous board game, a Candy Land party might be just the thing. All you need is plentiful candy and a few game boards to really get the fun going. To really rev things up, transform your backyard into a huge Candy Land board!

7. Space themed party.

Lots of little kids dream of going into space. If your tyke is a future astronaut in the making, fuel his love of space with an out-of-this-world party. Spaceships, stars, and planets should abound. Activities can range from building rocket ships out of paper towel tubes and paint, to hopping from planet to planet, and conversing with the local aliens. Space party decorations can range from rockets and planets, to glittering stars and astronaut costumes. If you have a sandbox in your yard or in the park, you can even hide moon rocks and treasures in the sand and let the kids loose to explore the “lunar surface.”

8. Painting party.

For those kids with an artistic flair, a party where they get to go crazy with paint is the perfect way to pay tribute to their skills. Lay out long rolls of paper (like the kind used to line tables) and set up different art supplies. Have the kids come in clothes that they can get dirty in, or provide smocks and old t-shirts that will welcome the paint. Let everyone create their own masterpiece or work together to create one long mural you can display in your child’s bedroom to commemorate their birthday.

9. The treasure hunt or scavenger hunt party.

If you want to turn your party into a true adventure, this is a great way to do it. Exploring the neighborhood, following clues, and retrieving gifts and buried treasure is an exciting and unique way to spend the afternoon. For a treasure hunt party, dress everyone up as pirates, or for a scavenger hunt, in pith helmets and khakis. Clues and suggestions abound online!

10. Superhero party.

Every little kid wants to be Superman or Wonder Woman. Now is their chance! Either have everyone attend already in costume, have a number of different superhero costumes to choose from, or spend the first part of the party having the kids make their own costumes, whether they want to be one the comic book favorites or make up their own character for the day! Have them save stuffed animals from fake burning buildings and the clutches of evil doers.