How to Throw a Last Minute Baby Shower

baby shower decorations

Baby shower decorations

It’s happened to the best of us—we realize just a little too late that no one took on the task of planning that baby shower for our sister, friend, neighbor, etc. Sure, you might think you have six or seven months to plan the event, but if you thought someone else was taking control or time simply slipped away from you, your only choice might be to try to throw the gathering together at the last minute. You might think there’s no time to gather baby shower decorations and plan the activities that make a great shower, but there is! There are plenty of ways you can create an awesome baby shower, even if it is last minute.

1. Make the guest list.

Standard invitations are available just about anywhere you can find baby shower decorations, but if you want something more personalized, you might consider getting only and finding a template that you can plug your information into and print off of your computer. For very short notice baby showers, it might be more prudent to simply send out an email or a Facebook invite to everyone, just to make sure you can lock down their schedules, before sending out a more formal paper invitation.

2. Send out the invitations.

While a large portion of the shower will be spent opening gifts for the expectant mother, there will also be other time to fill. Coming up with a few games or activities can help round out your last-minute baby shower. A baby shower word game is a great option, but there are a myriad of other games you can play. If the mother-to-be hasn’t yet revealed the sex of the baby, casting lots for the sex of the baby or when he or she will be born are all fun.

3. Plan the activities.

While a large portion of the shower will be spent opening gifts for the expectant mother, there will also be other time to fill. Coming up with a few games or activities can help round out your last-minute baby shower. A baby shower word game is a great option, but there are a myriad of other games you can play. If the mother-to-be hasn’t yet revealed the sex of the baby, casting lots for the sex of the baby or when he or she will be born are all fun.

4. Nail down the menu.

As with any party, food is going to be a major part of the baby shower. While some food might be dictated by whether or not the mother wants to do a sex reveal (lately, Pinterest has been buzzing with ideas like “sex-reveal cakes,” where they have a baker make a cake in a certain color and then frost it, so they reveal the sex of the baby when the cake is cut for the first time), cake, cupcakes, and finger foods are all good options. While not common at baby showers, serving a full meal, depending on the time of day, might also be great.

5. Choose a venue.

Most baby showers are simply held in someone’s home, but an alternate venue might be a good way to shake up what could otherwise be a very standard baby shower. A restaurant is a good option, especially if they have a private room that you can rent on short notice and you want to have a full meal during the shower. This is also a good way to bring the shower to a definite end. Instead of having to shoo people out of your house, when the food is finished and the presents are opened, everyone will simply go their separate ways. On the other hand, someone’s home might make for a more intimate baby shower. It’s really up to you and what kind of shower you want to throw.

6. Buy baby shower decorations.

Buy baby shower decorations. It’s not hard to find baby shower decorations. While many of the decorations will be blue or pink-themed, it is also possible to find yellow or green decorations, if you do not want to stick to the standard colors or the mother and father have not revealed the sex of the baby yet. Parties 2 Order also has a line of BaBEE Shower products that feature cute little bumblebees, for a sex-neutral party. Other decorations might include rattle cutouts, hanging paper lanterns, confetti, and banners for both boys and girls. Check out all of the baby shower decorations Parties 2 Order has to offer.

7. Decorate the space.

If you have chosen to have your baby shower at a restaurant or other venue, it would be worth your time to show up early and decorate the space before the rest of the guests or the mother-to-be arrive. If you are throwing the shower in your home, you will have a little more time and flexibility when it comes to decorating.

8. Have fun!

The primary goal of having a baby shower, even if it is last notice, is to have fun and to celebrate with the woman who is about to become a mother. This is the time to shower her with gifts and attention and show her support and love. Don’t be so preoccupied with planning and actually throwing a short-notice shower that you don’t have time to actually enjoy the party you’ve planned and the woman who’s about to have a baby.

Planning a baby shower on short notice doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to put together a great shower that the mother and your guests will love!

Tips for Throwing the Perfect Baby Shower

Baby Shower Rattle

If you or one of your friend is having a baby, it’s time to start planning a baby shower! The right baby shower will embody not only the excitement of the baby, but also the personality of the mother and father. Having a baby is one of the biggest things that can happen to a person, so you want the celebration to be absolutely perfect. To help, we have compiled a list of ten tips to make it easy to throw a great baby shower, even on a budget.

1. Pick a theme.

Not every party has to have a theme and if you do choose a theme, it does not necessarily have to be very defined, but picking a theme can definitely make planning activities and purchase baby shower decorations much easier. An example of a simple theme is “country” or “classic.” Picking a single word like these that will help you keep your planning efforts focused in the best way to start.

2. Make or purchase invitations.

baby shower invitation

You can find amazing invitations in store that will match your theme, no matter what it is. Muted pastels with classic styling is very on trend for baby showers this year, but bright colors with cute characters and designs is always appropriate. If you cannot find a set of invitations that pleases you, you can always make your own, keeping your theme in mind.

3. Get the right baby shower decorations.

Again, this where having a theme can help. Pennants and bunting are popular this year as decorations, and they can even be used as a banner, to congratulate the expectant mother. Paper lanterns, and poofs are also very popular, though just about anything pink or blue or with a baby on it can make the room feel festive and beautiful. If your theme is more defined, you can always find great baby shower decorations at the store.

4. Get your baby shower paper products.

Don’t forget to get plates and napkins! If the rest of your room is decorated but you have just plain paper plates and napkins, the room will only look half finished. If you or your friend already know the sex of the baby, pick plates and other paper goods in pink or blue. If not, green or yellow are great neutral colors that will work for either sex.

5. Provide plenty of seating.

There are likely going to be plenty of people who want to come and celebrate the baby. Because baby showers are usually held in someone’s home, the best way to make sure you have enough seating for everyone that wants to attend is to get a little creative. Short of renting chairs from a party supplier, you can use pillows and blankets to create alternative seating solutions and make sure there is room for everyone to celebrate.

6. Consider personalization and monogramming.

Nothing makes a party more personal and beautiful that monogramming. Most party suppliers will add a little monogram onto special orders, for a small fee. This is a great way to celebrate either the name of the baby (if the parents have chosen), or that baby itself, as a symbol of union between the parents. If you want to monogram but don’t want to shell out the extra money, a stamp on some plain napkins will do the trick.

7. Leave an empty table for gifts.

Because it is customary for guests to bring gifts for the expectant mother (and father), have a table decorated just to receive those gifts. With the extra effort that loved ones always put into wrapping, the table will make a beautiful focal point in the room and will be a great place to return to when it is time to open presents. Having a table empty and waiting is a great way to make sure that all presents stay together and none are left somewhere else or forgotten.

8. Create a schedule of fun games.

Every baby shower should have games! From a drinking game that requires everyone not pregnant to take a shot each time someone says the word “baby,” to different smells wrapped up in diapers that must be identified, to diapering competitions, there are plenty of great ways to get everyone involved. If you want to see who can diaper a doll or stuffed animal in the shortest amount of time, set up a station and run it like a tournament. Put different kinds of perfumes or fragrant foods inside of diapers and see who can identify them just by sniffing.

9. Leave time for opening presents.

It’s always a great idea to leave plenty of time in the shower for the mother to open the presents the guests have brought for her. If you are the shower-planner and not the mother, make sure to make note of who brought what present so it will be easy for the mother to send out thank-you notes after the shower is over. Baby showers are a great time for the parents to stock up on the things they’re going to need once the baby arrives—from clothes, to cribs, to diapers.

10. What to eat?

Last, but certainly not least, what kinds of food are appropriate for a baby shower? While a blind baby-food tasting might be fun for a game, everyone is probably going to want something more grown up. Sandwiches, chips, soup, tea, and bubbly drinks are always great choices. Just make sure there’s plenty of non-alcoholic drink choices for those who are expecting.