The Perfect Drink for a Cold Day!

We’ve had some pretty cold days lately and I know most of your are at work wishing you were home, warm in your beds! Well I’m going to give you something to look forward too… maybe you look forward to that after work drink, but how about an after work drink that tastes delicious and will keep you warm from your head to your toes! There are numerous hot, alcoholic beverages which of course are perfect for a day like today, but I scoured the internet to find the best one to share with you! This delectable drink features everyone’s favorite ingredients… chocolate, coffee and liquor! This is called a “Chocolate Kiss” It’s spiked hot chocolate for a bitter cold day. You can review the recipe here!


(image source: Spiked Three-O Mocha) Photo Courtesy: © Three Olives Vodka

(image source: Spiked Three-O Mocha) Photo Courtesy: © Three Olives Vodka

Chocolate Kiss
Drink takes 5 minutes to prepare, so you’ll have all the time in the world to cuddle up with a good book or put on your favorite show.


  • 1.5oz peppermint schnapps
  • .5oz coffee liqueur
  • Packet of your favorite hot chocolate
  • Whipped cream and a hershey kiss for garnish

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