Parties for the Post-Holiday Lull

white party

Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Years are over. After a flurry of holiday celebrations, there is a serious lull until Valentine’s Day in February. Just because all of the major holidays are over and there is nothing but bleak winter until the most romantic day of the year doesn’t mean that you can’t still throw some fun parties—and if you have left over decorations and food from your holiday bashes, you can even throw them inexpensively. Don’t let the post-holiday lull bring you down! We have some great party ideas to make sure the fun keeps going.

Host a Ski Chalet Party

Nothing says winter like jetting off on a ski vacation. Many times the resorts are so nice that you don’t spend very much time on the slopes—and that’s alright. If you can’t afford to drop everything and visit a ski resort for a few weeks this year, you can always host a ski chalet party. Your décor should be both natural and elegant, with a flair for the rustic. If you can find a venue that has a fireplace, it can be the centerpiece of your event.

Your menu should include warm, hearty comfort foods, ranging from stew to roast chicken. Warm, hearty soup is a great option, as long as it served with fresh bread. For desert, you can offer s’mores or even leftover fruitcake from your holiday party. This can be an extremely easy event to decorate, as you can make use of all of your left over wreathes and trees, dressing them up in simple white and silver décor to reflect the snowy season.

Throw a White Party

What color is most associated with winter? White! Throw an all-white party, reusing any white or snowy decorations from the holidays to make your space look like a winter wonderland. You can limit your menu to white foods like white fish, vegetables, pasta, and sauces, or your menu can be the pop of color in your otherwise white, white, white space. Deck out the place with white flowers, white table clothes, white chairs, and white lights. Serve up some white wine and get the music pumping!

A Party of Fire and Ice

The juxtaposition of fire and ice can be a great way to bring some heat to your winter festivities. The menu is simple enough to figure out—cold seafood and spicy or warm vegetables and meat. You could go with white foods and red foods, or just put spicy, flavorful dishes up against mellower pallet-cleansing dishes. The drinks are pretty easy to figure out too—you can do a flaming cocktail and then something cool and refreshing as a chaser.

Figuring out your decorations is as easy as sourcing the red and white elements from your Christmas decorations. Red and blue is another great combination, and most party supply stores will have plenty of both colors left over from the pre-New Year’s holidays. You can get ornaments, swags, wall hangings, and other decoration at discounted prices, making these party decorations extremely budget-friendly.

Renew the New Year

Did you know that most people abandon their New Year’s resolutions after only two weeks? Why not throw a mid-January party around the theme of renewing your resolutions to help stay motivated! This is a great opportunity to invite all of those people that were too busy for parties on New Year’s and give them another chance to celebrate with martinis and maybe even a ball-drop at midnight.

Best of all, you can reuse your New Year’s decorations or you can pick them up on discount from just about any party supply store. Sequins, gold, and black, are the standard, but just about any color will do. Outfit your walls with clocks (to go with the theme of time passing) and make sure everyone has a chance to write down or talk about their New Year’s resolutions.

Party in a Snow Globe

Could anything be better than throwing a party in a snow globe? This is a great opportunity to rent a tent or to just festoon the interior of your favorite venue with snowflakes, fake snow, and fun. You can reuse any snowflakes from your tree and even scatter fake snow across the dance floor, so your guests can have the experience of playing in the snow, without having to get cold or go outside.

When it comes to decorations, you can make paper snowflakes (or enlist your party guests or children to do it), and hang them on the walls. You might even be able to find a projector that fills the entire room with projected snowflakes of different shapes and colors. For the menu, stick to traditional cold-weather food, ranging from soup to pie.

Throw a Special Party for that Friend Whose Birthday Is Too Close to the Holidays

If you have a friend whose birthday is in December, consider moving their celebration back a month so they have their own party and fun. People with birthdays in December usually feel that their parties are swallowed by holiday cheer—make sure that she or he feels special and appreciated with a party all their own, without Christmas or Hanukah or New Year’s encroaching on their festivities. It doesn’t have to be winter-themed, it just has to be separate from any other event.

Frozen Party

If your children are in love with the movie Frozen, after Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, and New Year’s is a great time to throw a party around the theme of the movie. Frozen decorations are in just about every single party store, and they will love playing in the snow, eating chocolate and cupcakes shaped like Olaf, and just having a break from the monotony of returning to school after the winter break.