Home Décor Trends for 2015

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Ngoc Minh Ngo

Whether it’s time to give your home décor an update now that last year’s styles have started to fade away, or whether you haven’t changed your furniture, wall colors, or decorations for decades, 2015 is the perfect time to start updating your décor. With a focus on more traditional styles mixed with clean lines and neutral colors, this year’s most popular home décor trends are easy and inexpensive to incorporate into any home. Here are just a few of the most popular home décor trends for 2015.

Color in Small Doses

This year’s room trends have been skirting away from bright, bold accent walls and towards more neutral colors. If you want to take advantage of this trend without losing the colors that you love, you’re in luck. While the trend dictates white, beige, gray, or other neutral colors for the majority of your wall space (light colors can lift and open up a room, especially a small one), adding punches of your favorite bold colors is always on-trend. A room that is mostly neutral with an few small doses of color can prevent a room from either becoming overwhelmed by the bright color or washed out by the neutral ones.

Blues and Grays

Blue and gray are both popular this year, with deep, rich royal and navy blues being the most popular. While painting an entire room dark blue might close off the room and make it seem dark, adding a navy blue chair or painting just a single wall or even just a set of shelves dark blue can add gravity and visual interest to any room. Gray is a great color to pair with blue, not only because they’re both technically neutrals, but also because a light gray will look less stark than white, but not as dark as black against the rich blue.

Bright Ceilings

One of the biggest home décor trends for 2015 is painted ceilings. If you want to incorporate a bright color into your room but want to put some distance between that color and your furniture and accents, the ceiling is the perfect way to do this. Dark colors are best in rooms that have high ceilings, as darker colors can bring the ceiling down and make the room feel smaller and more intimate. Bright or pastel yellows, oranges, pinks, etc. are better suited for rooms with low ceilings.


If the last time you saw a sectional was in your grandparent’s home, that’s because the last time these large couches were in style was in the mid-1980s. They’re back in a big way, however, with an emphasis on modern lines and styling, not just on padding. You can find sectionals in a range of colors and styles, including tufted backs and quilted seats that are simultaneously reminiscent of Versailles and very appropriate for modern homes and home décor. Sectionals ensure that a large family or group of friends has a great place to gather around the television or fireplace to watch the game or just talk about life.

Mixing Old with New

If you haven’t guessed yet, one of 2015’s biggest home décor trends is melding old world with modern accents. One of the best ways to do this is with your table. A large, beautiful, antique table paired with modern chairs is a great way to infuse your kitchen or dining area with this style. Adding modern table settings or other accents can further enforce the juxtaposition of these two styles. Of course, you can carry this style into any room of your house. Pairing a rustic metal bed with crisp, modern bed linens or a claw-footed tub with dark stone floors and stark white walls can bring this trend into your bedroom or bathroom, too.

Books as Décor

Readers of the world will rejoice hearing that one of this year’s popular home décor trends is using books as décor. Whether lining them up in built-in shelves or buying books shelves to line your walls, books are now just as much a decoration as anything else in your home. Those who love to be surrounded by books will love that they no longer have to relegate them just to the home library. Nothing makes a living room or bedroom homier or warmer than being lined with well-read books and their very special smell.

Pale Wood

While dark wood will always be in style (it really doesn’t get much more timeless than dark wood), 2015’s wood of choice is definitely natural, pale, unsullied wood. A beautiful pine table, for example, is a great way to add this color into your home, though chairs, coffee tables, nightstands, etc. are all great ways to make use of this trend. Pairing these pale woods with darker wall colors, carpets, rugs, etc. is a good way to add some light back into a room that might be otherwise overwhelmed with color.

Hexagons and Honeycombs

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen in home décor this year comes in the form of geometric shapes, used in shelving, mirrors, bedding, tiles, and more. Because they are such a crisp shape, they feel very modern, but several hexagons together are definitely reminiscent of a honeycomb, which gives them natural flair, too. Hexagon-shaped shelving and mirrors are very popular right now, and both can be found at relatively low cost in just about any home décor store.


While metallic colors were popular last year, they are holding steady this year. Metallic accents are popular both for home décor and for party décor, which makes them an excellent and easy choice for anyone who wants to quickly update their home’s decorations.

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