The perfect little Halloween Party Menu!


If you’re throwing a Halloween party this year, it’s time to start thinking about the ghoulish goodies you’ll be serving! Your Halloween party menu is one of the most, if not THE MOST important part of the festivities. Your guests are going to be hungry AND thirsty so you must make sure you have plenty of snacks and drinks on your Halloween party menu, to keep the party going.

Since Halloween is on a Saturday this year, partying is a must. That’s why our first order of business is picking the drink of the night for your Halloween party menu! It’s definitely smart to do an alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink for kids or guests that do not drink alcoholic beverages.

You can find plenty of cocktail recipes on the internet, especially Halloween cocktails. All you have to do is pick your favorite and follow the recipe! There are so many neat looking cocktails that can involve a lot of steps and a lot of different liquors and mixers. We wanted to pick something that was simple AND will look really neat to your guests, that’s why we chose this “Bloody Orange” cocktail for your Halloween party menu! With a mix of orange juice, club soda and vodka and a splash of raspberry syrup, you can create an eerie looking cocktail, especially when you top it off with a syringe prop! Get the recipe for this creepy little cocktail here! For a non-alcoholic version, skip the vodka and add sprite! Or you can choose a fun non-alcoholic punch for your guests to help themselves, like this magic potion punch! Now that you have your drink recipes… what ever will you put them in?! Well, that’s where we come in, of course! We have a large variety of different premium quality plastic drinkware for your party. For the bloody orange cocktail we recommend a martini glass or a 9-10oz tumbler. Check out some of our other plastic drinkware options here.

Next up, Appetizers! An absolute fave and might even be all you need on your Halloween party menu if you’re planning on having a cocktail party. Appetizers are a great way to keep food in your guest’s bellies while not over-stuffing them with a large meal. Plus, you can do many different kinds so everyone has different options to choose from! Put them out for your guests to pick at throughout the night! Since we are more partial to the appetizer idea, we chose three of our favorites to show you!

Our first choice is deviled egg “eyeballs.” These are great because everyone loves deviled eggs and by adding a spooky “eyeball” look to them, you’re only making them fun on top of delicious! Get the recipe here. You can serve these on one of our many tray options, such as our black motif charger plate (perfect for Halloween), any of our three white plastic platters, or our clear plastic tray.

Our second choice for a Halloween appetizer is called “Swamp Chili.” We love this one because seriously, who doesn’t love chili when it’s chilly out?! It’s a perfect option for your Halloween party menu! The best part about this swamp chili is that it sounds delicious but look disgusting, almost like a…. SWAMP! Get the recipe here! Now, you don’t want your guests to get too full at your cocktail party, especially when there’s other appetizers to try, so serve your swamp chili in cordial glasses, mini clear square tumblers, or cocktail cubs, stick in mini cocktail spoons for the perfect portion!

Our last appetizer choice is a simple, but yummy three in one popcorn crunch. With festive candy corn and a sweet coating, your guests won’t be able to resist this little treat. Get the recipe here! Now the wonderful thing about this three in one popcorn crunch, is the way you can serve it! You can easily serve it in a large bowl for guests to grab and put into a bowl or you can hand out small helpings of this little Halloween party menu treat. Either way you choose to serve, we have the supplies. If you woud like to serve in a large bowl check out our metallic fall bowl, for small serving bowls for guests to eat their treat, check out our mini cocktail cubes. They’re a great option for a small little serving, be sure to make extra so guests can have seconds!

Now, for a cocktail party, the cocktails are obviously the most important and you have your drink of the night on your Halloween party menu. Be sure to have a fully stocked bar and tons of beer for guests that would like something classic. We have tons of plastic drinkware to accommodate all sorts of drinks, check it out here.

Now that you have your appetizers and cocktail of the night (as well as your fully stocked bar) you’re ready to choose a dessert for the end of your Halloween party menu! Desserts are great for later in the night when those late night cravings return. That’s why we chose this “Creepy Crawly Cake,” because let’s face it… who can resist chocolate cake? Follow the recipe (here) to create a delicious and delectable chocolate cake then add the final Halloween touch… small rubber cockroaches! Use one of our plastic cake stands to serve the cake and hand out small plates like these white 5in premium quality square plates for your guests to grab a piece! If you’re looking for a more festive plate to serve dessert check out any of our Halloween patterned dessert plates here!

This should give you an idea of some wonderful things to serve on your Halloween party menu (and serve ON) at your Halloween cocktail party, and if not, it should at least give you an idea where to start!



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