Halloween for kids!


Halloween for kids!

Now, don’t get me wrong. Many MANY adults love Halloween, but it’s pretty much become more of a kid’s holiday and I feel as though a majority of Halloween items out there are marketed to children or to decorating for children and entertaining children. This is great though, because helping our children enjoy Halloween is the fastest way to get more adults to enjoy Halloween.

Decorating your home is definitely an important part of Halloween and though helping your child choose their costume is most important, they will have a hard time getting into the Halloween spirit without pumpkins out front or a hay barrel to sit on while eating a caramel apple. Luckily we sell plenty of kid friendly decorations. Meaning ones that are safe for kids to play with, or use to decorate their house/room themselves! Many of these decoration ideas are also great for classrooms for Halloween parties and other school festivities.


Gel clings are some of our favorite decorations because they are simple and easy for kids to apply and play with while being non-toxic and easy to remove. Check out our blood splatter gel clings, which may be a little violent for some of the younger kids, but could be lots of fun for older children. We also have these festive little Happy Halloween gel clings. Also going off the same sort of ease of use is our Halloween window stickers! They are a great way for your children to decorate your windows or doors at home or school (and don’t worry, they come off easily!) Halloween cutouts are also a great idea for decorating because they are easy to use and have super cute kid friendly designs like smiling ghosts, pumpkins, cats and skeletons! Grab your cutouts and a small roll of tape, allow your kids to pick spots where they’d like to hang the cutouts and simply just apply a piece of tape to hang them up! Although confetti can be a bit messy, the kids will definitely have a lot of fun using it to decorate, pick a place where they’re limited and let them sprinkle it on tables or other areas and spread it out for a decorated look. Again this could be a fun decoration at school! Another great option for school is these Halloween activity sheets! Most schools will have Halloween parties with snacks and drinks and other activities. These Halloween activity sheets are a great way to keep the kids calm and occupied while enjoying the Halloween festivities. In addition we have plenty of Halloween favors to hand out to the kids in party bags or you can use them as prizes for games and other Halloween contests. You can check out some of our favorite Halloween favor ideas here. But we love these glow sticks, these skull glow rings, Halloween temporary tattoos, spider rings, necklaces, sunglasses, etc.. the ideas are endless and we have plenty of cute little Halloween favor bags to put the goodies in! Simply tie some Halloween colored string on to close them and place all the treat bags in a basket for prizes or Halloween handouts!


And although we don’t sell costumes, we have plenty of non-toxic Halloween makeup, hairspray and costume accessories to help complete your child’s costume.

Halloween is truly a kid’s holiday in all that it has to offer for kids.. As far as adults go, enjoy the decorations around your home, grab your Halloween cocktail and sit out by the fire while you hand out some Halloween candy favorites!