5 Must Have Yankee Candles for Summertime Relaxation

yankee candle

Yankee candle

If you’re not yet a fan of Yankee Candles, you’re about to be. This brand of candles makes some of the highest quality candles on the market, and with a range of scents, colors, and containers, candles are no longer just for the fall and winter.

Just because summer means school is out and warmer weather doesn’t necessarily mean that your days will be less stressful. If you are looking for candles to use around home this summer, to help you relax, we have five of the best scents to perk up or mellow out any room in your home.

Beach Flowers

Is there anything that says “summer” better than a trip to the beach? Luckily, here in Philadelphia, we’re never too far from a beach, and many families have the chance to enjoy some sand and sun during the summer months. Beach flowers is the perfect scent to evoke memories of the beach, with notes of tuberose, hyacinth, lily, and “watery notes.” If you’ve ever found a little patch of flowers growing in soft beach sand, that is what this candle will smell like. Sweet and fresh, it is the perfect addition to any room of your home.

This candle is especially good for a bedroom, where someone wants a subtle, clean, but still floral scent to help them sleep or relax. These candles are made from the very best paraffin available on the market to ensure a non-irritating, consistent scent and burn rate. Which size and container of candle you choose will affect how many hours of burn you can get out of a candle, but some of the larger candles can burn up to 150 hours, which means you could likely use this beach flowers scented candle from Yankee Candle for the entire summer.

Beach Holiday

Just like the beach flowers scent, this candle is designed to evoke memories of beach holidays. Anyone who has ever spent any time near the ocean knows that it has a very particular scent, which the salt air, warm sand beaches, and underwater plants all contribute to. These are the smells that this candle is designed to mimic, so even if you do not live near the beach, you can enjoy the scent of the beach anytime, anywhere. Yankee Candle describes this candle as, “Like a vacation by the shore anytime.” If you love the smell of a clean beach, this is the candle for you!

Like the beach flower scent, this candle is great for any room of your house, but it will be especially ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. The clean smell can help to cover up and air out and other smells, leaving behind just the refreshing memory of salt spray in the early morning.

Black Coconut

If beach flowers and beach holiday are designed to hearken back to exploring warm sand beaches during the day, then the black coconut scent is designed to remind you of “sunset in paradise.” The mix of coconut, island blossoms, and cedarwood is the ideal combination to bring sunsets over the ocean at the end of a long day of exploring to mind. It’s the ultimate island scent, neither too sweet nor too musky, with the ideal balance of scents that makes it perfect for relaxing at the end of the long day.

Even if you’re not a believer in aromatherapy, you can’t deny that certain scents have the power to bring up memories and feelings. Yankee Candle’s black coconut has been specially formulated to make your feel relax, just like you’re sitting on a beach, still warm from the day’s sun, as you watch the sunset over the water. Use it in any room of your house where you like to relax!

Blue Summer Sky

With “summer” actually in the name of this candle, we certainly couldn’t leave it off the list. This scent has been formulated with idyllic childhood summers in mind. The clean, sweet smell of summer berries to remind you of picking berries on walks through the woods; floral tones including jasmine, orange blossoms, and blue lotus, to evoke the sight and smell of fresh flowers on a dewy summer morning, and fresh ginger to add a little spice and even out the other scents.

Blue summer sky from Yankee Candle is a crisp, enduring scent that will make you feel like a child, playing in the warms summer sun again. Neither too floral, nor too clean, this candle is ideal for just about any room in your home.

Campfire Treat

Just like visiting the beach, picking berries in the woods, and watching the sunset, campfires are quintessentially summer. Roasting marshmallows over the fire and telling ghost stories—it doesn’t get much more summer than that. Even if you’re not a fan of camping, you will certainly be a fan of this candle, which has both smoky notes of a campfire and the rich sweetness of toasted marshmallows.

This is a sweeter scent, which may not appeal to everyone, but it is perfect for those that want a delicious-smelling candle to help them relax at the end of a long day of running errands or working.

vWhat Sizes of Yankee Candle Can I Find?

Yankee Candle has a range of sizes you can choose from. The largest size that we sell is the 22 oz. jar, which burns for up to 150 hours. Smaller sizes include a 14.5 oz. jar, a 7 oz. tumbler, a 12 oz. pillar, and standard sized votive candles which can be used in standard candle holders.

Other great summer scents include: citrus tango, buttercream, and fruit salad.

Top 10 Best Places for a Yankee Candle

yankee candles

Yankee Candle has a reputation for making high quality candles in a huge variety of scents that make it possible to get every room of your house smelling great. With so many different scents and shapes of candles to choose from, it’s possible to find Yankee Candles for every room in your house. While candles are not everyone’s cup of tea, they can add hominess and warmth to a room, even during the summer. Here are ten of the best places to put one of these great candles.

1. The kitchen

That cabbage might smell delicious while you’re cooking it and be delicious on the dinner table, but the smell can linger in the air for hours (and even days) after the meal—and the longer it sticks around, the less appetizing it is going to be. Opening a window can help to flush the room with new air, but it won’t completely get rid of the smell. Having a candle in the kitchen that you light after cooking something particularly fragrant (like cabbage, sprouts, fish, etc.) can replace those lingering food smells with a much more preferred scent. Apple pumpkin or buttercream are both great for covering up stinky foods once the cooking and eating is over.

2. The bedroom

Especially if you have pets, a bedroom can start to collect smells over time. Teenagers and little kids who leave dirty clothes on the floor or on their beds can also accrue smells. While you don’t want to leave a child alone with a candle, having a candle in a bedroom can help clear our animal and human odors when they occur. Some scents can even act as aromatherapy, helping a person sleep or focus on work or just relax after a long day. Just make sure that the candle is far away from anything that could catch on fire and is on a stable base.

3. The bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most common places to put a Yankee Candle, for obvious reasons. Leaving a candle burning after you’ve done your business can prevent any unpleasantness. Just about any scent is great for a bathroom, but florals are always a popular choice. Additionally, when you get from a long day of running errands or work, a collection of great bathroom candles can add relaxing ambiance and scents to a relaxing bath.

4. An office

Some people work better in a relaxing atmosphere. If you are one of those people, having your favorite candle in the office with you is a great way to keep you motivated and productive. Lavender is always a great choice, as it promotes relaxation and focus, but vanilla and even lemon are great. Whatever scent relaxes you and makes it easier for you to work is the perfect choice.

5. The car

While you would never want a lighted candle in your car while you are driving, Yankee Candle also makes a line of “car jars,” that make it possible for you to enjoy your favorite scent in your car. Like bedrooms, cars can often collect bad smells, and a car jar is a great way to cover up the smell of last night’s hamburger or the skunk you just drive past. These are designed to be hung from your rearview mirror, so they can be constantly filling your car with a pleasing scent and hiding some of those less-pleasing scents that come with braving the open road. If the scent ever becomes overpowering, you can always tuck it in a glove compartment.

6. Kitchen tables

Even if you do not want to burn a scented candle while you are eating, a Yankee Candle can still make a beautiful centerpiece, especially along with flowers. Several similarly colored or contrasting candles can be arranged to make a great centerpiece, which can be lit after eating to neutralize the room’s scent. Spicy scents are usually best kitchen areas, as they can blend with and cover up cooking and food smells the best.

7. A library

If you are lucky enough to have a library in your home, there is no better place for a beautiful candle than on a side table, next to your reading chair. There is nothing better on a warm afternoon than sitting in a nice, cool library with a book and your favorite candle.

8. Your dressing table. Fresh citrus scents can be great for helping you wake up and perk up in the morning. If you often find yourself dragging your feet to get ready, why not try adding a “citrus tango” candle from Yankee Candle (or any of the many other citrusy scents) to your dressing table. The smell of citrus can help you feel energized and prepared for the day ahead.

9. The laundry room

If the smell of bleach is sometimes overwhelming, the smell of a great candle can help prevent your entire home from smelling like a hospital. They can also help prevent the smell of sweaty, stinky clothes in laundry baskets from taking over the laundry room or the entire house.

10. A wedding or party

One of the biggest perks of buying Yankee Candles is that they come in just about every color. If you need a specific color or scent of candle in order to complete centerpieces for a wedding or party, or just to add ambiance and light to a low-light venue, Yankee Candles are the perfect choice. Almost every scent comes not just in a jar and pillar, but also in a votive size, so it’s easy to get the exact candle you need.

Best Party Decorations to Keep on Hand

Have you ever been called on to have a spur of the moment party? While this might not be a common occurrence in your life, you might occasionally find that you wish you had some decorations. A friend might call you up and ask if you have streamers. Maybe your daughter wants to invite her friends over for an impromptu tea party and some pink decorations would be nice. What if your daughter gets an award at school and you want to reward her with a special dinner and a fun evening? All of these are instances in which having some party supplies lying around could come in handy. If you’re looking to build your stockpile, here are our suggestions for the best party decorations to keep around.

1. Candles – There’s the one thing that you always think you have in the house, but when you look for them, they’re nowhere to be found. Not only are candles great when the power goes out, there’s an essential both for short-notice birthday parties and for spontaneous romantic dinners. Keeping number candles, the short and skinny birthday candles, or a range of taper candles in your party stash is a good way to make sure you always have mood lighting, should you ever need it—from an intimate dinner to a spooky Halloween shindig.  Yankee Candles also help the house smell great!!

Yankee Candles

2. Balloons – Not only can a single blown-up balloon keep kids busy for hours (just ask them, “How long can you keep this off the ground?”) they’re a great addition to just about any party, but especially for birthday parties. Whether you slipped and forgot someone’s birthday and now have to throw a party on the fly, or just want to set up a quick celebration for that promotion your wife or husband got today, balloons are perfect. If you can get them filled with helium—that’s even better, but even just plain old oxygen-filled balloons will do.

3. Butcher paper – Butcher paper, crate paper, and craft paper have so many different uses, it’s silly to not have any on hand. Whether you need to cover a table, create a back drop for some photos, stuff gift baskets, or make just about anything, crate paper or butcher paper is the answer. If you have a big roll of butcher paper, you can even put a strip around the lower part of your walls, and leave out some crayons or markers so kids can create murals on the wall—trust me, this is a great activity for a party or just a lazy summer day. Craft paper (you know, the thick, brown, rustic-looking paper) is great for everything from making banners to invitations to cards to wrapping small gifts.

4. Paper garlands – Want the world’s easiest and most stylish decorations? Go with a range of plain paper garlands. You can pick them up from just about every party supply store. Many will come with messages already on them, but you can find plenty that are just colorful. You may even be able to find some that are covered in chalkboard paint, allowing you to create a custom message for the occasion. Others feature peel and stick letters to the same effect. You can easily spruce up a room by hanging one on a wall, but hanging up lots in a room really makes it festive.

5. Napkins – They’re a party essential and you probably have some leftover from your last bash. Having a supply of generic napkins is not only a good way to make sure you’re never run out of napkins in your everyday life, it’s also the best way to be prepared for a spontaneous bash. Especially if you work in an office where a random party can start any time someone brings in baked goods, having an extra supply of napkins is a necessity. Any time there’s going to be food or drink is a good time to bust out your extra napkins and basically be named king or queen of the office.

Premium Tableware

6. Cups – Being the holder of the extra plastic cups is another great way to earn favor among your coworkers or friends. Whether the party is planned or impromptu, you still might not want to use real cups—that could add up to a lot of dishes. There’s no such thing as too many plastic cups—that that’s not even to mention that they come in just about every color and are extremely inexpensive. Whether your party stash is for the office or for your own home, keeping extra plastic cups on hand is never a bad idea. You can use them to portion out snacks, label them with a sharpie to be sure whose drink is whose, or even use one as a punch ladle if you’re really in a bind.

7. Confetti – Yes, this probably means you’ll have to vacuum a few times to remove all traces of it from your home, but confetti is a fun way to celebrate and can make even the most spontaneous of spontaneous parties feel festive. Confetti is, again, really, really cheap, easy to find, and easy to store. Throw a few handfuls when your best friend announces the sex of her baby or when your child gets home from his first day of school.

8. Drink accessoriesStraws, tiny umbrellas, and skewers—the perfect addition to any drink, whether it’s just lemonade or something harder. Super cheap, easy to find, and great for the times your best friends shows up unannounced and wants to watch Beaches and drink margaritas. You can even user the skewers to help hold toppers on cupcakes or to make little signs to stick into those cupcakes. The possibilities are endless.

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Calling all Yankee Candle lovers!

So I had a brilliant idea the other day. With new Yankee Candle scents pouring in for the new season, I wanted to find a way to tell our customers our favorites because when buying candles online, it’s very hard to tell if you’re going to enjoy the scent or not. So you hit the reviews to see what other people are saying but you still might not be sure if it’s going to be something you like. So, I figured if I could round up a group of Yankee Candle experts (the wonderful Parties2order employees) we could find some candles that we all agreed were the best of our new inventory. So, below you will see a list of the top 5 scents that we all agreed were the best from our new Spring and Summer collection! We all gathered together one warm afternoon last week, with a group of delicious and aromatic Yankee Candles piled in front of us. I was the ring leader and carefully placed each candle in a line. One by one, I held them up to each of my fellow judge’s noses where I carefully observed their reactions and patiently waited for a thumbs up or thumbs down. They all knew that we were searching above and beyond for the top five best scents so they meticulously made their choices. After about 20 minutes of scent after scent, we were able to narrow down our piles to “In” and “Out.” With a few more rounds of sniffing, we were able to settle on the top 5 scents that we couldn’t wait to inform our customers of!

Yankee Candles for all occasions

Here is the list you have all been waiting for! Remember, these are not best to worst, these are all of our favorites from the new inventory. They are all equally as wonderful!