10 Great Ways to Use Floral Paper Products

floral paper products

Floral paper products are a great addition to any party. They can make your event look modern and pulled-together and you don’t even have to wash them when the party is over! For a fun, rustic party or a hip modern party, floral paper products are a great choice. Aren’t sure if they’re right for your party? Here are ten great ways you can use floral paper products.

1. For a springtime wedding.

Getting married in the spring? Floral paper products will fit perfectly into your theme, no matter what it is. The right paper products on your buffet tables or set at each place setting, can help to set the tone and style of your wedding. Best of all, these are a very inexpensive way to add visual interest to your tables, and to bring springtime flowers into an indoor venue. Cheaper than real flowers and easier to find and use, floral paper products should be at the top of every spring bride’s list.

2. For a fancy summer garden party.

Even if your party isn’t really all that fancy, there’s no better way to add some class and some fanciness than to use flowery paper products. Especially for a party you are hosting outside, there really is no better way to incorporate nature onto your table than to use paper plates and cups that actually have flowers on them. These products can help your table look complete and bring the entire party together, even if you really just set them on the table.

3. For a trendy fall wedding.

Rustic weddings are certainly on trend as we approach the fall wedding season, and no paper product pattern will play more perfectly with a trendy fall wedding than a floral pattern. Floral is very in right now and it will continue to be on trend during the fall. Especially when juxtaposed with dark woods and rich, fall colors, floral paper products will be a beautiful addition to just about any wedding.

4. Perfect for everyday use.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing floral paper products for a party, wedding, or event, is being able to use the leftovers in your everyday life. Having a normal lunch or dinner on a floral paper plate can turn even an ordinary meal into an extraordinary one. Even if you don’t have products left over from and event, you can pick up a package to use instead of plain white paper plates when you want to do something extra special in your everyday life.

5. As decorations for your table.

There is perhaps nothing more difficult when planning any kind of party, whether it is for a wedding, corporate event, or birthday, as picking the right decorations for a table. You don’t want anything too large in the middle of the table that will make it difficult for those sitting on either side to speak, nor do you want to just leave the table bare. Floral paper products are a great way to add some life to your table, especially if you do not want to spend very much time decorating your dining table.

6. As decorations for your buffet table.

If you are, instead of having a sit-down meal, planning to offer a buffet at your event, floral paper products will look just as lovely on the edge of your buffet table as they would look in a formal place setting. A stack of floral plates, next to a stack of floral cups and napkin is an awesome way to add color to a buffet table that might otherwise be bare.

7. As decorations for your wall.

Don’t underestimate the power of paper plates and their ability to multitask. If you have a large wall that you have to cover and you want to do something unique, there is nothing more unique than putting a little bit of tape on the back of a few paper plates and using them to create a polka dot effect on the wall. This is a very simple and very effective way to add wall decoration to a large space, without having to buy a bunch of decorations specifically for the wall. If you have leftover plates from another event or excess plates for the event you are planning, this is an excellent use for those plates.

8. As a way to spice up paper plate crafts.

Any crafty mom is familiar with paper plate crafts. Paper plate crafts are a great way to occupy children and to give them something interesting to do, especially on a rainy fall day. Presenting your child not with plain white paper plates, but instead with floral plates, is a great way to give them an entirely new canvas to work with.

9. As décor for your kitchen.

Most paper plates you’ll want to just hide away in your kitchen cupboards. Whether you buy floral paper products specifically to use at home or there is a stack left over after an event, these are paper products that you’ll want to set out on the counter for the entire world to see.

10. For any party, event, or reception.

Floral paper products cannot be relegated just to one type event or one use. This pattern is one of the most flexible and functional designs in the paper product world, as it can mesh well with just about any theme and style the party planner wants to achieve. This design can simplify the paper product purchasing process and leave more time for other party planning tasks.

High Quality Plastic Party Supplies for Your Next Party


high quality plastic party supplies

High quality plastic party supplies

High quality plastic party supplies are a much better option than paper or “real” plates. Don’t believe us? Here are ten reasons plastic plates, cups, and utensils are much better than their alternatives.

1. Stands up to more use.

When you use a paper plate, you can pretty much only use it once before it needs to be thrown away, especially if you are eating something that has any moisture in it at all. This means that during a party, you and your guests will go throw many more paper plates and cups than you will plastic plates and cups. If you’re serving anything that’s even a little bit sloppy, plastic party supplies are a much better idea than paper.

2. More environmentally friendly.

You may be thinking, isn’t biodegradable paper much more environmentally friendly than plastic? The truth is that plastic can be recycled, and because you will use much less of it during your party than you would use paper supplies, you’ll be consuming, overall, less throughout the course of the party. Some people even go so far as to wash their plastic plates and use them again, which is something that is absolutely not possible when you use paper.

3. More economically friendly.

The ability to use fewer plates throughout your party means that you have to buy fewer plates, which means you are spared from having to spend twice as much money just on plates, utensils, and cups. When you buy plastic instead of paper, you may have to pay a little more, but you have to buy fewer plates in general, and can therefore save money on your party planning.

4. More functional.

Have you ever tried to put a hamburger, chips, fruit, and dessert on a single plate? It just doesn’t work when you have a flimsy paper plate. A plastic plate, on the other hand, can easily stand up to that kind of punishment. If you’re serving hearty foods at your party, you are going to want a plate that can hold that food, without buckling. Even healthy foods like fruit can soak through a paper plate in no time, but are no match for plastic plates.

5. More color and style options.

Paper plates pretty much only come in one color: white. If you want to find plates and cups that match the colors you have chosen for your party, you are going to want to choose high quality plastic party supplies instead. You’ll be able to find a much wider variety of colors, so you can mix and match as needed. This is essential for parties that center around a certain theme or for parties set in a venue that demands a certain color theme. Our selection of plastic plates, cups, and utensils give you a much better selection of colors to choose from, so you are not tied just to white plates with a tacky floral trim like you’ll find at most grocery stores.

6. Wide variety of patterns.

The biggest perk of choosing plastic over paper is the ability to get a more complex design or style. Some plastic supplies are made to look exactly like real china or real silverware, which can class up your party, without requiring you to actually use real silverware and china, which can be extremely expensive. If you want a special pattern or style to match your party’s theme, plastic is usually going to be your best bet.

7. Easier to clean up.

If you use real glass or china plates, you are probably going to have to wash all of the before and after your party. Even if you have a dishwasher, this is going to be an arduous task. When you use plastic, however, you can simply sweep all of the cups, plates, and utensils into the recycle and put them out for pickup. There’s no washing up! Cleaning up even after a small party can be very tiring. If you’d rather be able to socialize with the few stragglers or just go to bed after an exhausting party, plastic is the way to go.

8. More functional for a large party.

If you’re throwing a large party, you probably do not have enough real plates, silverware, and cups to furnish all of your guests. Even if you do, getting it all out, cleaning it beforehand, and then cleaning it afterwards can be difficult. Plastic is the much better choice, especially if you aren’t quite sure exactly how many people are coming to your party. This is the best way furnish a large party with the plates, cups, and utensils that they need.

9. More fun.

One of the biggest benefits of taking this route over using paper or real supplies is the ability to offer your guests a plate, cup, and fork that matches the color and/or theme of the party itself. This can be much more fun than your everyday glassware and utensils and certainly more fun than plain white paper plates. You can also find plastic products like champagne flutes and wine glasses that you might not keep around your house on a daily basis, but which you might want for this party.

10. Easy to store.

When the party is over, you’re likely to have a few plates, cups, and utensils left over. Because they are plastic, all you have to do is put them in a bag and you can use them indefinitely!

How to Use Floral Paper Products to Transform Your Party

floral paper products

When I was a child, inexpensive paper products were barely more substantial than a piece of paper and when stacked up next to a barbecue or party spread, they looked “not so classy”. Today, there are far more brands and colors to choose from, and there are a range of paper products that are made to actually hold more than a few potato chips before they collapse in your hand.

While most fancy parties still demand “real” plates and cutlery, there are choices today, especially floral paper products, that put the flimsy white paper products of our childhoods to shame.

Here’s how you can use floral paper products to transform your next party.

Set the Table

There is something particularly classic and alluring about floral paper products, especially today. Florals are very trendy right now, and while they may remind someone of that old couch moldering away in their grandparents’ house, there are quite a few varieties that look fresh and modern. Floral paper products are a great way to both make your table look great and save yourself time during setup and cleanup, as well as money.

Set your table with paper plates and cups—just make sure to use something heavy to hold them down if you’re setting a table outside as even the sturdiest of plates can be flipped up and blown away by a strong breeze. Plastic cutlery in a heavy utensil holder is a great way to hold down your plates and keep the entire place setting looking festive and beautiful.

Stack the Buffet Table

When it comes to decorating a buffet table, most people are at a loss. What can you put on a buffet table that doesn’t just look silly or that clashes with or will get in the way of the food? Floral paper products are an excellent alternative to other decorations, and because they’re functional, they actually do double duty. This is the perfect way to dress up a buffet table for a spring or summer garden party, and all you have to do is take the paper plates out of their wrapping and set them on the table.

If you have matching cups and napkins, stacking these all together can really pull together a buffet table and make it look like it’s really a part of your party. Just like when setting a table outside, if you’re stacking your plates, cups, and napkins on a table that’s outside, you might want to find a way to hold them down. A clean, decorative stone or a set of paper weights can be very useful in this regard.

Use Them as Decorations

If you are looking for a decorating idea that a little out of the box, hold on to your hats. Why not use floral paper products as decorations for your next party. A simple piece of tape on the back of a plate and you can stick it to just about anything. If you get both small and large plates, or plates of different shapes, you can create a unique design on a wall.

This is a great way to cover up a wall you might not be in love with, and to add fast, fun color to any space. It might sound a little silly, but after you get a few plates stuck to the wall, you can transform the space and you’ll love the slightly retro, slightly quirky look of the room once you’ve finished with the plates.

Make Cleanup a Breeze

One of the main reasons party planners choose paper products over china is because of how much simpler cleanup is. If you can just sweep all of your paper plates into the compost bin, it’s so much easier than having to wash every single plate that someone has used during the party. Even a small dinner party can create a lot of dishes if you’re using china. Using floral paper products gives you the same level of sophistication in your table setting, without all of the hassle.

Many people avoid using paper because they believe it is more environmentally friendly to use china. The truth is that either way, whether you have to wash all of the dishes or just throw them away, you’re going to be using resources. If you dispose of your paper products the right way, you can actually prevent wasting water by washing all of those dishes and can also prevent all of those plates, cups, and napkins from just entering a landfill and rotting away. Whether you compost them yourself or simply put them in the paper recycling fin, you’ll find clean up much easier than if you have to wash a hundred dishes.

Goes Perfectly with Any Meal

Watermelon was the biggest enemy of paper products when I was a child—pieces of that watery melon would soak right through a flimsy plate and it would be in shreds in no time (and the dog would get more than his fair share of watermelon as it tumbled off of the plates).

One of the benefits of buying high-quality paper products like the ones in our store is being able to use them to transform just about any party, no matter what kind of food you want to serve, up to and including the dreaded watermelon. With a variety of different plates, cups, and napkins to choose from, it’s easy to find products that will work perfectly for your needs.

Check out our online store for a wide selection of floral paper products.

8 Beautiful Examples of Caspari Paper



If you’re familiar with Caspari, you already know that they produce some of the most beautiful and unique paper products in the world. As a party planner (if you’re ever tasked with planning a party, you are a party planner), makes your life so much easier. First of all, you don’t have to worry about china, which has to be washed and handled carefully, and second of all, you can still find beautiful paper products that match the theme and style of your party. Check out the Caspari products that we carry and these eight beautiful examples of our favorite Caspari designs.

Blue and White

Blue and White doesn’t quite describe this pattern, which features blue carnations on an ivory background. This design is reminiscent of very classical china patterns, with a modern flair that makes it ideal for just about any party (or even everyday use, if you’re feeling fancy). This pattern is often paired with their Silk Road design, as both feature the same colors and similar styles. The Silk Road design features a scene of a man and a boy in the Chinese countryside, overlooked by a woman in a shrine. There are exotic birds and plants.

Both of these styles come in a range of different paper products, including plates and napkins of different sizes. Caspari even makes paper guest towels that you can put in your bathroom for guests to use that will carry the theme of your place settings throughout your home. These designs are very affordably priced and are sturdy and fancy enough for even the most sophisticated dinner parties.

Elsie de Wolfe

If you’re looking for paper products that are both elegant and have a natural theme, this is the design for you. With that same wide variety of paper products in this style to choose from, Elsie de Wolfe is a great option for anyone who wants to embody both of these themes on their table. This design features green and tan fern fronds and other natural accents. You can easily pair this with a variety of colors, but Caspari does offer a number of napkins and accent plates that match perfectly with this style. In addition to the paper products, there are also a number of sturdier plastic products that match the Elsie de Wolfe design.


Planning a celebration? If so, Caspari’s Celebration paper products are perfect for you! This design is gold with silver polka dots, making it the perfect style for just about any table. Whether stacked up beside a buffet or laid out on a table, both the plates and the napkins act as decorations. Unlike most of Caspari paper products, which are round, these are square, which can add another layer of visual interest to a table.

This pattern is often pairs with Gold Stripe or Silver Stripe products, as well as the Silver Leaf design, all of which are also square. Any of these make the perfect addition to the Celebration style. Which color you choose to accent this style with can dictate which color from the design is more prominent.

Le Jardin de Mysore

If you are looking for paper products that are as fun as they are classy, this is the design you’ve been looking for. These napkins are the perfect accent to just about any of Caspari’s other designs, but are especially good with the gold leaf or Fuchsia Batik designs. Featuring an elephant, ox, and other animals in a very distinctive Spanish art style, these are fun napkins that can add color and interest to a table that is otherwise boring. Though there are no plates and cups that are specifically designed to accompany these paper products, choosing a color from the napkins and matching it to other paper products is a good way to pick the plates and cups you might need to accompany this design.

Garden Images

Again, the name perhaps does not adequately communicate what this design is all about. This pattern features a large white flower, surrounding by green leaves. It comes in two different varieties, one with a white background, and one with a bronze background. The white background can be paired with just about any color and any other style. The bronze background, however, demands other bronze accents, since the color is fairly prominent.

Deyrolle Butterflies

This pattern is an excellent example of why Caspari is the best producer of paper products in the world. This design, featuring butterflies, arranged as though they’ve been pinned to board, is one of the most beautiful in their lineup. The plates themselves are square, and are only available in the desert size, but Caspari has a variety of larger plates in a variety of colors that will match perfectly.

River Gauche

One of Caspari’s simpler designers, River Gauche comes in many different colors and can be easily paired with one of their other more decorative plate and cup sets. The napkins and hand towels are a solid color, cut through with a white border. Despite being fairly simple, these are still quite beautiful and are one of the most popular products in their lineup, for good reason. Versatile and attractive, you won’t have any trouble finding a version of the River Gauche pattern that meets your needs.


Last, but certainly not least, is the Hollyhocks style. Featuring brightly colored hollyhocks in many different shades of pink, as well as green leaves, on a white background, this pattern is the idea choice for garden parties and fancy dinner parties alike. You can’t go wrong with these beautiful napkins and plates.

Shop Caspari online now.

5 Must Have Yankee Candles for Summertime Relaxation

yankee candle

Yankee candle

If you’re not yet a fan of Yankee Candles, you’re about to be. This brand of candles makes some of the highest quality candles on the market, and with a range of scents, colors, and containers, candles are no longer just for the fall and winter.

Just because summer means school is out and warmer weather doesn’t necessarily mean that your days will be less stressful. If you are looking for candles to use around home this summer, to help you relax, we have five of the best scents to perk up or mellow out any room in your home.

Beach Flowers

Is there anything that says “summer” better than a trip to the beach? Luckily, here in Philadelphia, we’re never too far from a beach, and many families have the chance to enjoy some sand and sun during the summer months. Beach flowers is the perfect scent to evoke memories of the beach, with notes of tuberose, hyacinth, lily, and “watery notes.” If you’ve ever found a little patch of flowers growing in soft beach sand, that is what this candle will smell like. Sweet and fresh, it is the perfect addition to any room of your home.

This candle is especially good for a bedroom, where someone wants a subtle, clean, but still floral scent to help them sleep or relax. These candles are made from the very best paraffin available on the market to ensure a non-irritating, consistent scent and burn rate. Which size and container of candle you choose will affect how many hours of burn you can get out of a candle, but some of the larger candles can burn up to 150 hours, which means you could likely use this beach flowers scented candle from Yankee Candle for the entire summer.

Beach Holiday

Just like the beach flowers scent, this candle is designed to evoke memories of beach holidays. Anyone who has ever spent any time near the ocean knows that it has a very particular scent, which the salt air, warm sand beaches, and underwater plants all contribute to. These are the smells that this candle is designed to mimic, so even if you do not live near the beach, you can enjoy the scent of the beach anytime, anywhere. Yankee Candle describes this candle as, “Like a vacation by the shore anytime.” If you love the smell of a clean beach, this is the candle for you!

Like the beach flower scent, this candle is great for any room of your house, but it will be especially ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. The clean smell can help to cover up and air out and other smells, leaving behind just the refreshing memory of salt spray in the early morning.

Black Coconut

If beach flowers and beach holiday are designed to hearken back to exploring warm sand beaches during the day, then the black coconut scent is designed to remind you of “sunset in paradise.” The mix of coconut, island blossoms, and cedarwood is the ideal combination to bring sunsets over the ocean at the end of a long day of exploring to mind. It’s the ultimate island scent, neither too sweet nor too musky, with the ideal balance of scents that makes it perfect for relaxing at the end of the long day.

Even if you’re not a believer in aromatherapy, you can’t deny that certain scents have the power to bring up memories and feelings. Yankee Candle’s black coconut has been specially formulated to make your feel relax, just like you’re sitting on a beach, still warm from the day’s sun, as you watch the sunset over the water. Use it in any room of your house where you like to relax!

Blue Summer Sky

With “summer” actually in the name of this candle, we certainly couldn’t leave it off the list. This scent has been formulated with idyllic childhood summers in mind. The clean, sweet smell of summer berries to remind you of picking berries on walks through the woods; floral tones including jasmine, orange blossoms, and blue lotus, to evoke the sight and smell of fresh flowers on a dewy summer morning, and fresh ginger to add a little spice and even out the other scents.

Blue summer sky from Yankee Candle is a crisp, enduring scent that will make you feel like a child, playing in the warms summer sun again. Neither too floral, nor too clean, this candle is ideal for just about any room in your home.

Campfire Treat

Just like visiting the beach, picking berries in the woods, and watching the sunset, campfires are quintessentially summer. Roasting marshmallows over the fire and telling ghost stories—it doesn’t get much more summer than that. Even if you’re not a fan of camping, you will certainly be a fan of this candle, which has both smoky notes of a campfire and the rich sweetness of toasted marshmallows.

This is a sweeter scent, which may not appeal to everyone, but it is perfect for those that want a delicious-smelling candle to help them relax at the end of a long day of running errands or working.

vWhat Sizes of Yankee Candle Can I Find?

Yankee Candle has a range of sizes you can choose from. The largest size that we sell is the 22 oz. jar, which burns for up to 150 hours. Smaller sizes include a 14.5 oz. jar, a 7 oz. tumbler, a 12 oz. pillar, and standard sized votive candles which can be used in standard candle holders.

Other great summer scents include: citrus tango, buttercream, and fruit salad.

Why You Should Always Keep Birthday Decorations on Hand


If you’re like most people, you only go out and buy party supplies when you actually have a party to decorate for. You might have a few left over rolls of streamers or a banner stored in your cupboard, but if you have to throw a last minute party, that probably isn’t going to be enough supplies to really deck the space out. Here are a few reasons why you should always keep birthday decorations on hand — and which decorations specifically to keep in your stash.

Unexpected Birthdays

It’s impossible to remember everyone’s birthday. If someone’s birthday sneaks up on you, you want to have the decorations on hand so you can throw them a great party, without having to rush and find decorations, on top of a cake and food. When you have a few banners, some streamers, fun paper products, and maybe even an interesting table cloth in your closet, it becomes very easy to throw together a party.

At that point, it’s up to you whether you want to act like this was your plan all along, or whether you want them to know that you didn’t realize it was their birthday. Either way, they’ll be sure to appreciate the time and thought that went into throwing them a party, even if it is last-minute.

Expected Birthdays

These are the birthdays you have written on the calendar and have been planning for months. Still, even if you have plenty of notice, having a closet full of birthday decorations makes your party planning duties much less stressful. Instead of having to add an additional task onto your list, you know that all decorations are covered, from “Happy Birthday!” banners to candles for the cake. Now you can focus your energy on trying to find the right baker for the cake and what kind of food to make your guests. Taking some of the stress out of party planning is always a good thing!

Creative Present Wrapping

If you find something that you want to give to a friend, relative, or coworker, you could just present it to them in a plastic bag. Or, you could raid your birthday party decorations supply and actually wrap that gift. While you might not have wrapping paper in your stash, you’re sure to have tissue paper or cellophane, or something else that will make a perfect wrapping material for a spontaneous gift.

Additionally, if you want to give a gift to a friend who is retiring, moving away, or a new neighbor how has moved into the neighborhood, having a fully-stocked party supply closet can make that quick and easy. You’ll be able to give beautifully wrapped gifts without having to actually put that much time or effort into finding wrapping paper or gift bags. They’ll just be sitting in your closet, just as they always have been.

What Birthday Decorations Should I Stock Up?

If you want to become a party prepper, there are a few items that are going to be essential to your birthday decoration stash. Here are just a few of the things to keep on hand:


Streamers are a great accessory and they can make any room look festive in just a matter of seconds. You’ll want a variety of colors, to coordinate both with holidays and with potential party themes. The primary colors, plus a roll of green are usually a good place to start. Luckily, streamers are also extremely inexpensive and they can be used for anything from room decoration to present wrapping, even a makeshift piñata blindfold (or even to help you make your own piñata, if you are especially crafty).


Nothing will be more valuable than having a stash of plastic plates, cups, and napkins. Whether you have an instant party when friends stop by unexpectedly and you don’t want to dirty every dish in the house, or you’re asked to bring cups or plates to your next office function, you’ll always have some on hand.

3. Banners

A banner that says “Happy Birthday,” is a great place to start. These can be purchased or made, depending on what look you want to achieve. A few banners with more generic phrases like “Congratulations!” or “Well Done!” can also be part of your store, as these can be used to decorate a space for everything from a graduation party to a promotion to a baby shower.


Like streamers, there are few things in the world that can make a room feel more festive than balloons. Even if you don’t have any helium, just a variety of balloons on the floor or even taped to the walls can add color and dimension to a room. Plus, they serve a wide variety of other purposes, including being useful for a range of crafts or making water balloons in the summer. When the desire to have a water balloon fight strikes, you’ll always have some on hand.

5. Craft paper

If you’ve put up your streamers and blown up your balloons and still think the space looks a bit sparse, you can make just about any other decoration you want out of craft paper. Whether you stick with the standard brown (which will give wrapped presents or banners a folksy, rustic flair), or a packet of multicolored paper, keeping craft paper on hand enables you to make just about anything your current party stash lacks.

Follow these tips and you’ll become a master party prepper in no time! Check out our party supply store for a huge selection of birthday decorations.

DIY Wedding vs. a Wedding Planner


If you’re planning a wedding and have been on Pinterest lately, you might start to fall into the trap of believing that you can plan a DIY wedding. Why not hand-make those personalized little name cards for every guest? Why not set up a photo booth and make your own props for it? Why not?

Because you may end up driving yourself crazy!

Planning a wedding is stressful enough without also forcing yourself to be your own florist, dress designer, decorator, baker, and photographer.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to outsource everything. Doing some of the work yourself is a great way to cut costs—if you don’t go overboard. Here’s a simple guide to helping you decide on a DIY wedding and what should be left to a professional wedding planner.


It’s one of the first things that a bride and groom will choose together and can be a serious hit to a wedding budget, if you want to get the nice paper and a little embossing done. This can make doing the invitations yourself very attractive—but unless you’ve got an ounce of graphic design skill, they might turn out looking hokey or generic. So, should you DIY your invitations?

You should DIY your invitations if:

  • You know enough about graphic design or even just font design to make something you will be proud to send out to your guests
  • You find a template online, either a free one (Microsoft Office actually has a number of attractive free templates available) or a cheap one (again, purchased from Office or from a website like Etsy), that makes it easy to just fill in your information, print them out, and send them off
  • You have a high quality printer that won’t fail after printing half of your invites
  • You have the time to make or find a template for your invitations

If you don’t have the time, the skill, or the ability, it might be better to pay the price for professional templates and printing from your local or online stationary store.


Flowers is another area of wedding planning that the industrious bride and groom might try to DIY. Flowers from a florist can be prohibitively expensive, and doing your own arrangements, centerpieces, and even bouquet can seriously cut down your costs, especially if you have a local flower market with reasonable prices. However, because flowers die so quickly, all arrangements, bouquets, and centerpieces will have to be made within one or two days of the wedding, which are going to be the busiest days of your engagement, even if you don’t decide to DIY this part of your wedding.

You should DIY your flowers if:

  • You have a local flower market with reasonable prices
  • You know exactly what you want your bouquet and centerpieces to look like
  • The arrangements you want are not available at any florist in your area (for example, you want wildflowers instead of lilies or roses)
  • You have time in those last couple of days to devote to this task

Time is really going to be your deciding factor here. If you do not have the time to put together your flowers, you may end up without any flowers at all. However, if you have a very clear vision of what you want and know that you can put the centerpieces and bouquets together quickly, handling the flowers yourself can be a great way to save a little money on your wedding.


With the proliferation of smartphones, just about everyone has an excellent camera in their pocket. High quality cameras are also more accessible than ever and there’s bound to be at least one person in your wedding party that has DSLR that takes great photos. This can make nixing a wedding photographer an attractive prospect.

However, asking one of your guests to play photographer usually means one of two things. Either they spend their entire time taking pictures and do not actually get to celebrate with you, or they spend their entire time celebrating and you don’t get any pictures. It’s also important to mention that having a great camera doesn’t make someone a great photographer.

You should DIY photography if:

  • You have a guest who is both a great photographer (and has the right gear) and is willing to give their photography services as a wedding present
  • You do not want a traditional photographer and would prefer to ask all of your guests to become your wedding photographers (perhaps even creating an Instagram hashtag so you can find and download all of your pictures), even if some of your guests are slow about sending you the snaps they took

A photographer can be a big expense, but unless you’re perfectly fine with enlisting one of your guests or having your wedding documented just on Instagram, it might be an expense you should be willing to pay.


China and flatware are another major expense for most couples. Some will try to go with plastic plates and utensils, but the wrong items can make a wedding feel more like a barbecue than a celebration of your love for one another. If you can find high quality plastic party supplies, however, like the ones sold at our party supply store, you should be able to find plates, cups, flatware, and even fancy napkins that can all just be thrown away at the end of the night. Instead of buying fancy china, you should DIY your place settings if:

You can find high quality plastic party supplies that you actually like and which won’t make your wedding look trashy.

Don’t let Pinterest lead you astray—you’re a bright, capable person, but that doesn’t mean you should try to DIY your entire wedding.

Best Party Decorations to Keep on Hand

Have you ever been called on to have a spur of the moment party? While this might not be a common occurrence in your life, you might occasionally find that you wish you had some decorations. A friend might call you up and ask if you have streamers. Maybe your daughter wants to invite her friends over for an impromptu tea party and some pink decorations would be nice. What if your daughter gets an award at school and you want to reward her with a special dinner and a fun evening? All of these are instances in which having some party supplies lying around could come in handy. If you’re looking to build your stockpile, here are our suggestions for the best party decorations to keep around.

1. Candles – There’s the one thing that you always think you have in the house, but when you look for them, they’re nowhere to be found. Not only are candles great when the power goes out, there’s an essential both for short-notice birthday parties and for spontaneous romantic dinners. Keeping number candles, the short and skinny birthday candles, or a range of taper candles in your party stash is a good way to make sure you always have mood lighting, should you ever need it—from an intimate dinner to a spooky Halloween shindig.  Yankee Candles also help the house smell great!!

Yankee Candles

2. Balloons – Not only can a single blown-up balloon keep kids busy for hours (just ask them, “How long can you keep this off the ground?”) they’re a great addition to just about any party, but especially for birthday parties. Whether you slipped and forgot someone’s birthday and now have to throw a party on the fly, or just want to set up a quick celebration for that promotion your wife or husband got today, balloons are perfect. If you can get them filled with helium—that’s even better, but even just plain old oxygen-filled balloons will do.

3. Butcher paper – Butcher paper, crate paper, and craft paper have so many different uses, it’s silly to not have any on hand. Whether you need to cover a table, create a back drop for some photos, stuff gift baskets, or make just about anything, crate paper or butcher paper is the answer. If you have a big roll of butcher paper, you can even put a strip around the lower part of your walls, and leave out some crayons or markers so kids can create murals on the wall—trust me, this is a great activity for a party or just a lazy summer day. Craft paper (you know, the thick, brown, rustic-looking paper) is great for everything from making banners to invitations to cards to wrapping small gifts.

4. Paper garlands – Want the world’s easiest and most stylish decorations? Go with a range of plain paper garlands. You can pick them up from just about every party supply store. Many will come with messages already on them, but you can find plenty that are just colorful. You may even be able to find some that are covered in chalkboard paint, allowing you to create a custom message for the occasion. Others feature peel and stick letters to the same effect. You can easily spruce up a room by hanging one on a wall, but hanging up lots in a room really makes it festive.

5. Napkins – They’re a party essential and you probably have some leftover from your last bash. Having a supply of generic napkins is not only a good way to make sure you’re never run out of napkins in your everyday life, it’s also the best way to be prepared for a spontaneous bash. Especially if you work in an office where a random party can start any time someone brings in baked goods, having an extra supply of napkins is a necessity. Any time there’s going to be food or drink is a good time to bust out your extra napkins and basically be named king or queen of the office.

Premium Tableware

6. Cups – Being the holder of the extra plastic cups is another great way to earn favor among your coworkers or friends. Whether the party is planned or impromptu, you still might not want to use real cups—that could add up to a lot of dishes. There’s no such thing as too many plastic cups—that that’s not even to mention that they come in just about every color and are extremely inexpensive. Whether your party stash is for the office or for your own home, keeping extra plastic cups on hand is never a bad idea. You can use them to portion out snacks, label them with a sharpie to be sure whose drink is whose, or even use one as a punch ladle if you’re really in a bind.

7. Confetti – Yes, this probably means you’ll have to vacuum a few times to remove all traces of it from your home, but confetti is a fun way to celebrate and can make even the most spontaneous of spontaneous parties feel festive. Confetti is, again, really, really cheap, easy to find, and easy to store. Throw a few handfuls when your best friend announces the sex of her baby or when your child gets home from his first day of school.

8. Drink accessoriesStraws, tiny umbrellas, and skewers—the perfect addition to any drink, whether it’s just lemonade or something harder. Super cheap, easy to find, and great for the times your best friends shows up unannounced and wants to watch Beaches and drink margaritas. You can even user the skewers to help hold toppers on cupcakes or to make little signs to stick into those cupcakes. The possibilities are endless.

Want to go big for your  party?  Tent Rentals, Party Rentals & Event Rentals in Philadelphia can be found here: BucksMontParty.com

What to Do With Leftover Party Supplies

You’ve held your birthday party, graduation parties, Halloween party, etc., and now you’re left with all of these extra party supplies. Either you bought just far too many, believing that your party would somehow spiral out of control like a home alone party in an after school special, or that each person attending would need, for some reason, six plates and cups apiece. Your party went off without a hitch, no spiraling, no wasteful use of your carefully selected floral paper products, but now you have all of these extra party supplies hanging around. Don’t throw them out! We’ve got ten things you can do with left over party supplies.

1. Reuse, reuse, reuse.

If you don’t have one yet, set up a box just for party supplies like streamers, paper poufs, lights, etc. You’ll keep everything leftover together, so next time you are throwing a party, you can raid your own stash before heading off to the story to buy party decorations. Leftover napkins and cups can also be used around the house or in packed lunches for weeks on end. They can even dress up a boring day and bring back memories of all the fun you had at the party.

2. Throw them in the car.

When it comes to high quality plastic party supplies, the last thing you want to do is just throw them away. But where are you when you often need a fork, spoon, or knife but don’t have one? The car. Extra flatware, napkins, and cups can make a great addition to your jockey box. And again, as you use them, you’ll reminisce about the great party you threw.

3. Share them with friends.

Post on Facebook or Twitter that you have a bunch of left over party supplies from your super great party and your friends will probably come running, just to take them off of your hands. No reason you can’t share with your friends, right? Make a list of everything you have leftover, especially if they are things that you know you won’t use again (like holiday-specific decorations that won’t last until next year), and post it on your social media. People are sure to claim what they want or need and will be grateful to save a little cash.

4. Sell it online.

If you really went overboard and have unopened or only gently used party supplies, again, take them to the internet. Even craigslist is a great place to start. You can write up an advert for your left over supplies and make sure that everyone in your area knows where they can get some supplies on the cheap. There are even websites specifically designed to help you

5. Donate it.

There are probably plenty of churches or shelters in your area that can’t afford to build a stockpile of party supplies, but would really like some to dress up their spaces for special occasions. Whether your left over supplies are for a specific holiday or more general, for example, birthday decorations that are just in a specific color or pattern, nonprofit organizations in your area would definitely benefit from your donation. Instead of throwing out what you don’t use, drop them off at your local church, homeless shelter, or halfway house and see if they can be put to good use.

6. Throw another party.

Have too many plates, cups, and streamers laying around? None of your friends want to take them off your hands? Don’t have the closet space to house them? It sounds like you are going to need to throw another party. Even if it is just a low-key lunch with friends, why not dress up the room with all of your beautiful supplies, using up those extra plates and flatware, instead of just letting them gather dust in your pantry.

7. Store it.

There’s no reason you can’t tuck everything away for use next year. If you have a storage room or container, pack everything leftover up in a box and clearly label it for next year. This tip is especially useful for holiday-specific decorations, like cookie plates for Christmas or turkey wall hangings for Thanksgiving. They’ll be safe and sound for use next year, and you don’t’ have to have them hanging around your house.

8. Create a communal party supplies box.

If you don’t have room to store them and you don’t have a friend that wants to use them right away, consider banding together with a couple of friends and creating a communal party supply box. Stored at someone’s house, it will hold all of the extra supplies you have accumulated over the years. Next time any of you are throwing a party, that box will be first stop, before hitting the party store. Just make sure that it’s understood that once it goes into the box, it is fair game.

9. Host a party supplies swap.

Did everyone just throw a birthday party for their child or a Christmas party to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year? That means now is the perfect time to host a party supplies swap. If you aren’t keen on using the same decorations again next year, this swap will give you the ability to get a while new batch of supplies that will liven up any decorating routine.

10. Throw them out.

If none of these options work for you, it’s time to just throw them out. If you really have nowhere to store them, no one to give them to, and no way to sell them off, and in reality, just a few scraps of streamer and rumpled napkins left, the trash might be the best place.

Party Supplies for the Big Game!

The big game is almost here and whether your team is in it or not, everyone loves to celebrate it! It’s a time to make delicious and fun recipes you find on Pinterest, a time to sit back and drink some beer or that bottle of wine you’ve been saving. It’s a time to relax and enjoy one of America’s favorite sports…football!

We have the essentials for game day, and prices you can’t beat!

Football Party Supplies

Try these football paper products. With plates in a large and small size, you can pick what’s right for the yummy foods you’ll be serving on game day. Whether it be buffalo chicken dip, wings or hoagies we have you covered, especially on the napkin front. We have napkins for cocktails and other beverages as well as large napkins for those messy wings you can’t get enough of.

Keep your hands as mess free as possible with these football party picks! They’re perfect for hoagies and other finger foods, not to mention they add a little football touch!Football Party Supplies

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