10 Great Ways to Use Floral Paper Products

floral paper products

Floral paper products are a great addition to any party. They can make your event look modern and pulled-together and you don’t even have to wash them when the party is over! For a fun, rustic party or a hip modern party, floral paper products are a great choice. Aren’t sure if they’re right for your party? Here are ten great ways you can use floral paper products.

1. For a springtime wedding.

Getting married in the spring? Floral paper products will fit perfectly into your theme, no matter what it is. The right paper products on your buffet tables or set at each place setting, can help to set the tone and style of your wedding. Best of all, these are a very inexpensive way to add visual interest to your tables, and to bring springtime flowers into an indoor venue. Cheaper than real flowers and easier to find and use, floral paper products should be at the top of every spring bride’s list.

2. For a fancy summer garden party.

Even if your party isn’t really all that fancy, there’s no better way to add some class and some fanciness than to use flowery paper products. Especially for a party you are hosting outside, there really is no better way to incorporate nature onto your table than to use paper plates and cups that actually have flowers on them. These products can help your table look complete and bring the entire party together, even if you really just set them on the table.

3. For a trendy fall wedding.

Rustic weddings are certainly on trend as we approach the fall wedding season, and no paper product pattern will play more perfectly with a trendy fall wedding than a floral pattern. Floral is very in right now and it will continue to be on trend during the fall. Especially when juxtaposed with dark woods and rich, fall colors, floral paper products will be a beautiful addition to just about any wedding.

4. Perfect for everyday use.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing floral paper products for a party, wedding, or event, is being able to use the leftovers in your everyday life. Having a normal lunch or dinner on a floral paper plate can turn even an ordinary meal into an extraordinary one. Even if you don’t have products left over from and event, you can pick up a package to use instead of plain white paper plates when you want to do something extra special in your everyday life.

5. As decorations for your table.

There is perhaps nothing more difficult when planning any kind of party, whether it is for a wedding, corporate event, or birthday, as picking the right decorations for a table. You don’t want anything too large in the middle of the table that will make it difficult for those sitting on either side to speak, nor do you want to just leave the table bare. Floral paper products are a great way to add some life to your table, especially if you do not want to spend very much time decorating your dining table.

6. As decorations for your buffet table.

If you are, instead of having a sit-down meal, planning to offer a buffet at your event, floral paper products will look just as lovely on the edge of your buffet table as they would look in a formal place setting. A stack of floral plates, next to a stack of floral cups and napkin is an awesome way to add color to a buffet table that might otherwise be bare.

7. As decorations for your wall.

Don’t underestimate the power of paper plates and their ability to multitask. If you have a large wall that you have to cover and you want to do something unique, there is nothing more unique than putting a little bit of tape on the back of a few paper plates and using them to create a polka dot effect on the wall. This is a very simple and very effective way to add wall decoration to a large space, without having to buy a bunch of decorations specifically for the wall. If you have leftover plates from another event or excess plates for the event you are planning, this is an excellent use for those plates.

8. As a way to spice up paper plate crafts.

Any crafty mom is familiar with paper plate crafts. Paper plate crafts are a great way to occupy children and to give them something interesting to do, especially on a rainy fall day. Presenting your child not with plain white paper plates, but instead with floral plates, is a great way to give them an entirely new canvas to work with.

9. As décor for your kitchen.

Most paper plates you’ll want to just hide away in your kitchen cupboards. Whether you buy floral paper products specifically to use at home or there is a stack left over after an event, these are paper products that you’ll want to set out on the counter for the entire world to see.

10. For any party, event, or reception.

Floral paper products cannot be relegated just to one type event or one use. This pattern is one of the most flexible and functional designs in the paper product world, as it can mesh well with just about any theme and style the party planner wants to achieve. This design can simplify the paper product purchasing process and leave more time for other party planning tasks.