Why You Should Always Keep Birthday Decorations on Hand


If you’re like most people, you only go out and buy party supplies when you actually have a party to decorate for. You might have a few left over rolls of streamers or a banner stored in your cupboard, but if you have to throw a last minute party, that probably isn’t going to be enough supplies to really deck the space out. Here are a few reasons why you should always keep birthday decorations on hand — and which decorations specifically to keep in your stash.

Unexpected Birthdays

It’s impossible to remember everyone’s birthday. If someone’s birthday sneaks up on you, you want to have the decorations on hand so you can throw them a great party, without having to rush and find decorations, on top of a cake and food. When you have a few banners, some streamers, fun paper products, and maybe even an interesting table cloth in your closet, it becomes very easy to throw together a party.

At that point, it’s up to you whether you want to act like this was your plan all along, or whether you want them to know that you didn’t realize it was their birthday. Either way, they’ll be sure to appreciate the time and thought that went into throwing them a party, even if it is last-minute.

Expected Birthdays

These are the birthdays you have written on the calendar and have been planning for months. Still, even if you have plenty of notice, having a closet full of birthday decorations makes your party planning duties much less stressful. Instead of having to add an additional task onto your list, you know that all decorations are covered, from “Happy Birthday!” banners to candles for the cake. Now you can focus your energy on trying to find the right baker for the cake and what kind of food to make your guests. Taking some of the stress out of party planning is always a good thing!

Creative Present Wrapping

If you find something that you want to give to a friend, relative, or coworker, you could just present it to them in a plastic bag. Or, you could raid your birthday party decorations supply and actually wrap that gift. While you might not have wrapping paper in your stash, you’re sure to have tissue paper or cellophane, or something else that will make a perfect wrapping material for a spontaneous gift.

Additionally, if you want to give a gift to a friend who is retiring, moving away, or a new neighbor how has moved into the neighborhood, having a fully-stocked party supply closet can make that quick and easy. You’ll be able to give beautifully wrapped gifts without having to actually put that much time or effort into finding wrapping paper or gift bags. They’ll just be sitting in your closet, just as they always have been.

What Birthday Decorations Should I Stock Up?

If you want to become a party prepper, there are a few items that are going to be essential to your birthday decoration stash. Here are just a few of the things to keep on hand:


Streamers are a great accessory and they can make any room look festive in just a matter of seconds. You’ll want a variety of colors, to coordinate both with holidays and with potential party themes. The primary colors, plus a roll of green are usually a good place to start. Luckily, streamers are also extremely inexpensive and they can be used for anything from room decoration to present wrapping, even a makeshift piñata blindfold (or even to help you make your own piñata, if you are especially crafty).


Nothing will be more valuable than having a stash of plastic plates, cups, and napkins. Whether you have an instant party when friends stop by unexpectedly and you don’t want to dirty every dish in the house, or you’re asked to bring cups or plates to your next office function, you’ll always have some on hand.

3. Banners

A banner that says “Happy Birthday,” is a great place to start. These can be purchased or made, depending on what look you want to achieve. A few banners with more generic phrases like “Congratulations!” or “Well Done!” can also be part of your store, as these can be used to decorate a space for everything from a graduation party to a promotion to a baby shower.


Like streamers, there are few things in the world that can make a room feel more festive than balloons. Even if you don’t have any helium, just a variety of balloons on the floor or even taped to the walls can add color and dimension to a room. Plus, they serve a wide variety of other purposes, including being useful for a range of crafts or making water balloons in the summer. When the desire to have a water balloon fight strikes, you’ll always have some on hand.

5. Craft paper

If you’ve put up your streamers and blown up your balloons and still think the space looks a bit sparse, you can make just about any other decoration you want out of craft paper. Whether you stick with the standard brown (which will give wrapped presents or banners a folksy, rustic flair), or a packet of multicolored paper, keeping craft paper on hand enables you to make just about anything your current party stash lacks.

Follow these tips and you’ll become a master party prepper in no time! Check out our party supply store for a huge selection of birthday decorations.

8 Essential Graduation Party Supplies

graduation party supplies

If you’re planning a party for a graduate (or you are a graduate, planning your own party), having the right gradation party supplies can make the entire experience much, much easier.

Whether you are renting out a bar or a restaurant, throwing the party in your own back yard, or renting a tent to make use of some green space at a local park, graduation party supplies can help make your space look the part and help get your guests in the mood to celebrate this incredible achievement! Whether you want to go very sophisticated or a little cliché and cheesy, here are 8 essential graduation party supplies every graduation party needs.

Year-Specific Decorations

Every year, every party supply store has an influx of 2015, 2016, 2017, etc. party supplies, specifically made to celebrate all the graduates that year. You can find pins, picture frames, banners, even bracelets that all sport the year! While you don’t want your graduation party to look like a New Year’s party, having a few year-themed items or party favors can be a great way to highlight the graduate’s achievements. You might even be able to find paper plates and cups that sport the year.


A big banner that says, “Congratulations!” or “Well Done!” can be a great addition to any party space, especially if you have a lot of blank wall space that you want to cover. Most banners will be black, gold, and white, but you can usually find banners in your school’s colors or even make one yourself out of craft supplies. The larger the banner is, the better! If you cannot find a large banner and do not want to make one, using a few of the same or complementary banner can help to fill up wall space and make the entire party area look well-decorated.

Plates and Cups

While you might not think of plates and cups as decorations, they are essential graduation party supplies. No matter what the format of your party is, you will likely want to serve some sort of drink and food, and that means have plates, cups, and napkins. This is one great way to incorporate the school’s colors, or to find items that sport the graduate’s class year. Setting them up in neat stacks next to the food can make the food table more welcoming and incorporates the theme of the party into even what some would consider a small detail.


Unless dinner is going to be part of the graduation party, an assortment of candy is a great way to give your guests something to snack on as they mingle. Luckily, you can usually find candy in a variety of colors and you should be able to just buy candy in the colors that you need for your party. If your school colors are green and yellow, you can buy just green and just yellow candy, which will incorporate your party’s theme even into the food. For a more graduation-specific option, you can usually find individually wrapped candies that have the graduate’s class year printed on the side.


Balloons are always a great choice for livening up a party space. Again, they come in just about every color imaginable, so you can match your balloons to the school’s colors. If you have a large venue that feels a little sparse just with banners and signs, blowing up balloons and attaching them to the wall or putting them on tables, or even just on the floor, can fill out a large space and make it look cozier and more welcoming. If you have access to helium, making bunches of balloons to attach to tables or let float around the room is always a good idea.

Graduation Caps

If you can find graduation party supplies that incorporate the cap, these are a great way to build upon the theme of your party. It’s usually possible to find graduation cap confetti, cupcake toppers, signs, or even picks to stick into appetizers. In our store, we have an autograph graduation alligator, sporting a cap and the words “later gator.” He even comes with a black marker so all of your guests can leave their congratulations right on the alligator. He’s a little different, but he can make a great gift for the graduate in your life.


Streamers are another essential graduation party supply, especially when you have a large space to decorate. Available in any color you could need, you can easily transform a bland venue into a very festive venue. String them from wall to ceiling to create a neat canopy effect, or use them to wrap poles or columns. Streamers can cover a very large space and are very inexpensive, making them the ideal choice for someone looking to throw a graduation party on a budget.

A Box to Hold Cards and Gifts

Some of your guests will bring cards of congratulations or other gifts. Have a table set up for gifts, where guests can leave their present before coming to congratulate you for this achievement, and a box where they can place their cards. When we threw a graduation party for my sister, the vast majority of her guests brought cards (some stuffed with cash or gift cards) and until we sent my brother home to pick up a basket to hold all of those cards, they just piled up on her gift table. A box like our “Congrats grad card holder,” or another decorated box to corral cards will keep them orderly and prevent any from slipping away.

Check out our online party store for all your graduation party supply needs!

Top Ten Teenager Party Ideas

13 Year old beverage napkins

Planning a party for a teenager can be as treacherous and dangerous as defusing a bomb. Teenagers are just starting to exercise their independence and to build their social circles, so it is understandable that they want the best possible party. You want something that will please your finicky teenager but also won’t break the bank. Luckily, we’ve got ten party ideas for teenagers that will sure to please even the most precocious youngster, without draining your bank account.

1. Backyard Dance Party

You may not want to host this year’s rave, but letting your teenager invite over a few of his or her closest friends and letting them blast some music while they dance, chow down on snacks, and chat, is often as much planning as a party needs. Provide plenty of finger foods and make sure that you have the equipment to really get the music pumping! If you have a little extra cash to spare, you could even rent a hall and let your teen invite more friends.

2. Karaoke Competition

Some teenagers might need a little warming up before they are reading to take the microphone, but a karaoke competition, with a set list full of their favorite songs, is a great way to get every up, dancing, and participating. Even if some of the guests don’t want to sing, they could definitely dance. Set up lights and a stage for extra effect, or even invest in a karaoke game for a video game console that puts the singer right into a music video!

3. Video Game Tournament

This one is great for guys and girls that love video games! While it may limit the number of guests that can be playing at one time, if a video game is the main pastime of your teen, you can set up two screens and let them play in two teams against each other. Game-themed snacks can round out the event. Some guests may just want to watch, or you could set up another station with board or card games for those who don’t have a controller in their hands.

4. Make a YouTube Video

Blow Up Guitar

If you have a teen who dreams of stardom, this is the perfect birthday activity! There are even production companies that will help your party-goers write a song, record it, and make a music video (a la Rebecca Black), before posting it to the internet. If you don’t want to go that professional (or expensive), have all of the guests suggest songs or video ideas and then have everyone vote on which one they want to do. Break out the cameras (or smartphones), and start recording their skit or lip-sync video. Edit it together and post it online for a great memento of the party!

5. Whipped Cream or Water Balloon Fight

If your teen has a summer birthday, this is a great way to get everyone involved and having fun. Pick a park or just use your backyard, as the setting for an epic whipped cream or water balloon (or both!) fight. Get plenty of cans of whipped cream or fill up the water balloons beforehand, so all you have to do is pick teams and get throwing! For a more interactive and intense game, turn it into capture the flag. Everyone who gets sprayed or hit sits out for a minute before re-entering the game and the first team to nab the other’s flag is the winner!

6. Hide and Go Seek in the Dark

This is a great variation on traditional hide and go seek and is way more fun for teenagers. If you have a large building that you can use, like a church or a house, this is the perfect setting. Have the party after dark and turn off all the lights in the building. Whoever is “it,” (the birthday boy or girl is the perfect patsy), goes outside while everyone hides, and then re-enters the space, blundering through the dark as he looks for his guests. Laughter and fun are sure to follow. Sardines in the dark is also fun.

7. Talent Show

If your teen and his or her friends are an especially talented bunch, a talent show might be the perfect birthday party activity. Give everyone plenty of time to practice their talent, set up a stage, and provide popcorn and other snacks and get the show started! Don’t put too much pressure on the whole event, and make sure everyone knows that all types of talents are welcome! If someone would rather be the stage manager or director, that is a great way to get everyone involved, even if they have stage fright.

8. Old Movie Marathon

For teens that are fans of classic cinema, nothing is better than an old movie marathon. Work up a playlist that is full of the essentials, from Casa Blanca to Psycho, depending on your kid’s tastes, and set up a big sheet and project the movies onto it for a great viewing experience. Provide classic movie snacks for an added touch of theater.

9. Book or Movie-Themed Party

Barney Rubble Costume

Pick a classic book or movie, something most of the guests are likely to have read or seen, and plan the party around it. Come up with a menu that suits the story or time period, and have all of the guests come in costumes that correspond to the theme or to characters. Some suggestions are The Hunger Games, The Great Gatsby, Twilight, etc.

10. Laser Tag

Laser tag is another great way to get every single one of the guests involved. You can rent or buy laser tags sets from just about any party store, or go to an arcade that provides the sets and the space that make for a more realistic game. Divide up into teams and see which can survive the longest. Keep shuffling the teams until everyone is too tired to play anymore.

How to make your own balloon arrangement

Maybe you’re not sure what a balloon arrangement is, or maybe you’re not sure how to make one.. Either way,

I’m here to tell you what a balloon arrangement is, how to make one and how they can enhance the decor of any type of event! Balloon arrangements are basically a bouquet of balloons on a weight. You can essentially choose any amount of balloons you’d like but it mainly depends on the type of arrangement you are looking to have. We typically do two types of arrangements: a floor arrangement and a table arrangement. What this means is that a floor arrangement, is an arrangement you would place on the floor and can hold a large number of balloons. A table arrangement is an arrangement that you would place on a table and usually has a smaller amount of balloons. You can mix latex or mylars in these arrangements.

Lavender latex balloon

Latex balloons are your basic colored balloons that you usually see when dealing with balloons. These balloons usually come in a wide variety of colors and different looks. For example, we carry plain latex balloons as well as pearl latex balloons, which basically just feature a nice pearl sheen coating. It just depends what you’re looking for as far as the pearl goes, and for what type of event you are using the balloons for.


Happy Birthday polka dot mylar balloon


The other type of balloon I mentioned, is a mylar balloon. These are foil balloons usually with fun designs, characters, messages, etc. If you love Scoooby Doo, you can find a Scooby Doo mylar balloon. If you love Harry Potter, you can find a Harry Potter mylar balloon. And if you’re just looking for a Happy Birthday balloon, than you can find plenty of Happy Birthday mylar balloons like this one:

Now that you know the two types of balloon arrangements and the two types of balloons you can incorporate into those arrangements, I can explain to you the best way to make one! Now, if you’re doing a floor arrangement, you want to stick with about 7-8 balloons. We typically recommend one mylar balloon of your choice and 6 latex balloons in coordinating colors.  For a table arrangement we recommend about 4 balloons, typically one mylar of your choice and 3 latex in coordinating colors. Once you choose your balloons, you’ll want to blow them all up, but it gets tricky. The latex balloons need to be tied a certain way (this will help you when you get to the arranging part). You essentially want to tie the string inside of the knot of the balloon, click here for a video on how to do this.

For mylars, pick three colors of string you really like and tie them around the tab of the balloon, like this:



























Once all of your balloons are blown and have string, we can move to the arranging part!

To arrange balloons, you want to set your weight on the floor (for a floor arrangement) or a table (for a table arrangement) pull all balloons together in your handStart pulling up the balloons one by one until they touch the ceiling. You typically want the mylar on top, and then stagger the latex underneath. A good rule of thumb is to have the top of each balloon touch the bottom of the one above it.






























Once you’ve staggered all balloons like the pictures demonstrate you’ll tie a knot in the strings and tie it around the weight.



The next step is to foof. You’re probably wondering what this is. Foof is what you do with the excess string. So you will cut off the excess string, Tie it in a knot in the center and curl.

















To curl the string, simply hold the blade of a pair of scissors underneath the string with your thumb on top and pull, this will curl the string. Click here for a video on how to curl the string. Do that to all straight pieces of string so that it looks like this:























Then tie the string around the weight and make sure all the straight strings around the weight are curled.














Then curl the other string hanging from the balloons, in the same way the string around the weight was curled:














Once you curl all strings, you have finished your balloon arrangement! Take a step back and marvel at it! If you find that you do not like the way the balloons are arranged you can higher or lower them as much as you want because of the way we initially taught you to tie the balloons. This can only be done with latex balloons, however. Click here to see how to raise or lower latex balloons to better position them within a finished arrangement.
















We hope you had fun creating your balloon arrangement, and we hope it wasn’t too difficult! If you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished, feel free to send some photos to brittney@parties2order.com! We’d love to see your work and you may even be featured on our Facebook page! Thanks so much! And you can always contact us with any questions you may have!

32 Fun and awesome uses for Balloons!

There needs to be more uses for balloons! I was sitting at my desk this morning and we were all so busy with customer’s balloon orders and I was helping get them ready and as I was helping, I realized that not only could you achieve so many different looks and color combinations with balloons, but there’s also got to be so many different fun and decorative uses for balloons. So, I started looking all over the internet to find someone creative enough to discover fun and unique uses for balloons and that’s when I stumbled upon this really awesome article on buzzfeed.com. The article was written by Peggy Wang of the Buzzfeed staff. It’s an excellent article with cheerful, and bright pictures but also demonstrates 32 unique and fun uses for balloons! Working around balloons all the time, I’m definitely going to have to try some of these things because you really get sick of seeing the same old arrangements and colors day after day. Some of these tips and tricks are such a unique spin on your basic balloon. I know that I never would have thought of many of these ways to enhance them and honestly this article is going to save you money too! You can purchase balloons off of our website for 25 cents a piece! And I guarantee you can find the supplies to decorate them for a pretty reasonable price, you just have to be a little creative and thrifty. I hope this article gives you all some insight into different uses for balloons and ways to save money because I know that decorations for parties can be expensive so balloons are sometimes a helpful way to decorate without spending too much, but now you have more than just decorations, you can create vases using balloons, drum sets and even hang pictures! Way to go Peggy, thanks for the excellent article and I’m sure our readers will thank you as well!

1. Glue pom-poms on them.

Glue pom-poms on them.

2. Attach streamers, feathers, tinsel, and any other long stringy sparkly things to them.

Attach streamers, feathers, tinsel, and any other long stringy sparkly things to them.

3. Revamp your vases.

Revamp your vases.

4. Surprise someone you <3.

Surprise someone you <3.

Go for the single balloon for a subtler effect.

5. Freeze water ballons and use them to keep drinks cold at a party.

Freeze water ballons and use them to keep drinks cold at a party.

Victoria Hudgins / asubtlerevelry.com

Your new party trick. When the water melts, just throw them back into the freezer.

6. Make your guests do a little work if they want to find out where the party is.

Make your guests do a little work if they want to find out where the party is.

7. Make a drumset.

Make a drumset.

Thankfully, this one doesn’t make any noise.

8. Create a balloon drop.

Create a balloon drop.

Basically a small-scale version of…

9. Display photos.

Display photos.

10. Hang tiny people off the ends.

Hang tiny people off the ends.

11. Splatter them with gold paint.

Splatter them with gold paint.

12. Give someone the gift of bubblegum.

Give someone the gift of bubblegum.

Your valentine will think you are impossibly clever. Directions here.

13. Put confetti in your balloon.

Put confetti in your balloon.

Hint: Use a funnel.

14. Put confetti AND money in your balloon.

Put confetti AND money in your balloon.

15. Put LED light bulbs in them.

Put LED light bulbs in them.

Just make sure the bulbs aren’t breakable in case one of them comes crashing down due to a popped balloon.

16. Create a table centerpiece with plants and flowers.

Create a table centerpiece with plants and flowers.

17. String them into a fruity garland.

String them into a fruity garland.

18. Give the kids a super durable bouncy ball to play with.

Give the kids a super durable bouncy ball to play with.

Get the directions on how to make this using balloons here.

19. Make a giant strawberry party decoration.

Make a giant strawberry party decoration.

All you need is green construction paper and a sharpie.

20. Instead of piñatas, hang water balloons.

Instead of piñatas, hang water balloons.

21. Fill them with non-toxic paint and have a fight.

Fill them with non-toxic paint and have a fight.

22. Make water balloon yo-yos.

Make water balloon yo-yos.

23. Brighten up those mason jars.

Brighten up those mason jars.

They look deceptively paint-dipped!

24. Use them as molds for twine ball lights.

Use them as molds for twine ball lights.

Get the DIY here.

Use different colored string for a decorative fixture.

25. Turn your favorite little one into a walking apple tree.

Turn your favorite little one into a walking apple tree.

26. Use a balloon as a mold for a votive holder made from a doily.

Use a balloon as a mold for a votive holder made from a doily.

All you need is a balloon, a doily, and sugar starch.

27. Hang them from the rafters with macramè.

Hang them from the rafters with macramè.

Get the directions here.

28. Run a threaded needle through the tied end of the balloon to string them together.

Run a threaded needle through the tied end of the balloon to string them together.

29. Wrap them in cellophane and put them on sticks to make giant lollipops for a candy-themed party.

Wrap them in cellophane and put them on sticks to make giant lollipops for a candy-themed party.

30. Hang them upside down from the ceiling.

Hang them upside down from the ceiling.

31. Freeze an LED tea light into a water balloon to create a winter “fire and ice” lantern.

Freeze an LED tea light into a water balloon to create a winter "fire and ice" lantern.

Add food coloring if you want them to be colored.

32. Make a water balloon to end all water balloons.

Make a water balloon to end all water balloons.

Game over.