3 Inexpensive Things to have for a Themed Pool Party


3 Inexpensive Things to have for a Themed Pool Party                                           By: Aimee Lyons


Throwing a pool party is one of the best ways to celebrate the summer months. It combines soaking up the summer sun with cool, relaxing water. The only thing that can make a pool party even better is a fun theme. Common themes include islands, luau, sunlight, beaches, and under the sea. All of these can make a party more entertaining but at what cost? Theme parties can easily become expensive but, when done properly, can also be thrown on a budget. Here are a few cheap ways to bring your pool party theme to life.

1. Visit the Local Dollar Store for Décor

While you may think a craft or party store is the best place to go for party décor, dollar stores actually carry most of what you will need. Plain, color themes such as blue or red paper dishes, streamers, and banners can be found any time of year while common summer themes are typically available throughout the summer months. Island and generic summer themes are always an easy find and make for great pool party themes.

2. Make Your Own Theme Food

A themed cake is easy to come by in the average grocery store but finding other premade themed foods can prove difficult. Instead, try making your own foods based on your party’s theme. For example, you can use deviled eggs and tortilla chips to make little sail boats, craft paper to turn a bowl into a treasure chest, or even find flavors that reflect your theme. An island theme might use pineapple and coconut- based recipes while an under the sea theme could be centered on fish dishes.

3. Shop Pool Toy Sales

It is easy to find cheap pool toys. Some dollar stores might carry things like inner tubes and pool noodles. However, these inexpensive toys tend to be poorly made and will need to be replaced several times before the season ends. Instead, you should take a little extra time to shop the sales. A good quality pool toy will last you several summers and several pool parties with only a little extra effort. Find the sale items and acquire fun, themed toys for a lower price. Some good options are animal-themed inner tubes and lounge floats in colors that work with your theme.

Throwing a well-planned, themed pool party can easily become too expensive. Premade, themed food and full price décor alone can break your pool party budget. Add pool toys purchased at full price, and you’ve got a dent in your bank account. Instead of going all out, take some time to plan and find the cheapest options for your party’s theme. Visit your local dollar store to start, and you might even find yourself inspired to use a different theme than what you originally had in mind. Additionally, your own kitchen is the best place to create party-themed foods on a budget. Lastly, inflatables and other swimming pool toys can be found just about anywhere. Stores with summer seasonal areas are bound to have a selection, while online shopping almost always guarantees that you can find what you’re looking for at a reasonable cost. Create a strict budget for food, decorations, inflatables, and other necessities (and stick to it!), or you may end up spending more than you planned.


Aimee Lyons is a twenty-something free spirit who loves crafting, painting, building, and anything else that lets her exercise her creative muscles. A born do-it- yourself kind of girl, she started DIYDarlin.com to inspire others to embrace their inner creators and tackle projects with confidence. When she isn’t crafting, you might find her vintage shopping or taking her Corgi Champ out exploring in her hometown of Austin, Texas.

Image via Pixabay by Ben-Kerckx