St. Paddy’s Day Accessories!

So.. St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, which is not quite as good as Friday or Saturday, but is significantly better than Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.. atleast in my opinon, or maybe that’s only if you’re in college and have “Thirsty Thursdays.” Either way, I think Thursday for St. Paddy’s isn’t too bad of a deal. I mean, if you’re feeling a little “under the weather” the next day, you really only have to get through Friday at work before you get to relax all weekend so, I think it works out pretty good this year. All the more reason to get your St. Paddy’s Day accessories and party plans in preparation mode.

There’s the “going out” party, where you strictly just need a multitude of goofy outfits and St. Paddy’s Day accessories while you trample to a bunch of different bars and take jaeger bombs and drink Guiness…

Then there’s the home party, where you buy a slew of decorations and turn your house into a mini Ireland.. and you still take jaeger bombs and drink Guiness.

Figure out which one your plans entail and prepare accordingly.

For party type #1.. going out with your friends and dressing goofy, here’s some of our absolutely favorite St. Paddy’s Day accessories and these can all be added to your St. Paddy’s day dress or suit. Simply use these accessories to enhance your outfit and get into the Irish spirit! These are perfect for the college kids because ALL of these accessories are reasonably priced and that absolutely adds to the fun, because hey! More money for food and drinks!

I would love to break down the categories into serious AND goofy, all of these different options make it all the more exciting and will appeal to a larger group of people.

Let’s start with some goofy options. Option #1, this St. Paddy’s day pigtail viking hat! Option # 2, fake tattoo sleeves.. and option #3, this St. Patrick’s Day jester hat! All of these items are UNDER $7, which as mentioned earlier, makes these GREAT options for college parties and school events! Click each picture for a direct link to the item.

250207_SP13Celtic fake tattoo sleeves  St. Patrick's day jester hat


Although we have tons of goofy accessories, we definitely have plenty of super cute options as well. The girls might want to try some of our knee high socks or hair clips, while the guys might want to try a pair of suspenders and a green bow tie. Here are some of our absolute favorite items!

St. Patrick's day suspenders   Shamrock striped thigh high stockings  Irish princess necklace

We have PLENTY of hair accessories, because we know how important a good hair day is, especially on a special day like St. Paddy’s day, but we won’t show you it all! You’ll have to visit the site to see all the other super cute accessories we have and you can even mix and match to create the perfect outfit, but first, let me show you a few manly options, for a boyfriend, brother or best guy friend.. they need to keep up with the St. Paddy’s day style too, you know!

Shamrock jeff cap  St. Patrick's day bandana  St. Patrick's day tie

All of these items are under $10, this is the best way to celebrate St. Paddy’s day for a reasonable price! You will have an absolute blast dressing up with all of our St. Paddy’s Day accessories.

Make sure you check out our website for a full inventory of St. Paddy’s Day accessories options! Now is the time to start ordering!