High Quality Plastic Party Supplies for Your Next Party


high quality plastic party supplies

High quality plastic party supplies

High quality plastic party supplies are a much better option than paper or “real” plates. Don’t believe us? Here are ten reasons plastic plates, cups, and utensils are much better than their alternatives.

1. Stands up to more use.

When you use a paper plate, you can pretty much only use it once before it needs to be thrown away, especially if you are eating something that has any moisture in it at all. This means that during a party, you and your guests will go throw many more paper plates and cups than you will plastic plates and cups. If you’re serving anything that’s even a little bit sloppy, plastic party supplies are a much better idea than paper.

2. More environmentally friendly.

You may be thinking, isn’t biodegradable paper much more environmentally friendly than plastic? The truth is that plastic can be recycled, and because you will use much less of it during your party than you would use paper supplies, you’ll be consuming, overall, less throughout the course of the party. Some people even go so far as to wash their plastic plates and use them again, which is something that is absolutely not possible when you use paper.

3. More economically friendly.

The ability to use fewer plates throughout your party means that you have to buy fewer plates, which means you are spared from having to spend twice as much money just on plates, utensils, and cups. When you buy plastic instead of paper, you may have to pay a little more, but you have to buy fewer plates in general, and can therefore save money on your party planning.

4. More functional.

Have you ever tried to put a hamburger, chips, fruit, and dessert on a single plate? It just doesn’t work when you have a flimsy paper plate. A plastic plate, on the other hand, can easily stand up to that kind of punishment. If you’re serving hearty foods at your party, you are going to want a plate that can hold that food, without buckling. Even healthy foods like fruit can soak through a paper plate in no time, but are no match for plastic plates.

5. More color and style options.

Paper plates pretty much only come in one color: white. If you want to find plates and cups that match the colors you have chosen for your party, you are going to want to choose high quality plastic party supplies instead. You’ll be able to find a much wider variety of colors, so you can mix and match as needed. This is essential for parties that center around a certain theme or for parties set in a venue that demands a certain color theme. Our selection of plastic plates, cups, and utensils give you a much better selection of colors to choose from, so you are not tied just to white plates with a tacky floral trim like you’ll find at most grocery stores.

6. Wide variety of patterns.

The biggest perk of choosing plastic over paper is the ability to get a more complex design or style. Some plastic supplies are made to look exactly like real china or real silverware, which can class up your party, without requiring you to actually use real silverware and china, which can be extremely expensive. If you want a special pattern or style to match your party’s theme, plastic is usually going to be your best bet.

7. Easier to clean up.

If you use real glass or china plates, you are probably going to have to wash all of the before and after your party. Even if you have a dishwasher, this is going to be an arduous task. When you use plastic, however, you can simply sweep all of the cups, plates, and utensils into the recycle and put them out for pickup. There’s no washing up! Cleaning up even after a small party can be very tiring. If you’d rather be able to socialize with the few stragglers or just go to bed after an exhausting party, plastic is the way to go.

8. More functional for a large party.

If you’re throwing a large party, you probably do not have enough real plates, silverware, and cups to furnish all of your guests. Even if you do, getting it all out, cleaning it beforehand, and then cleaning it afterwards can be difficult. Plastic is the much better choice, especially if you aren’t quite sure exactly how many people are coming to your party. This is the best way furnish a large party with the plates, cups, and utensils that they need.

9. More fun.

One of the biggest benefits of taking this route over using paper or real supplies is the ability to offer your guests a plate, cup, and fork that matches the color and/or theme of the party itself. This can be much more fun than your everyday glassware and utensils and certainly more fun than plain white paper plates. You can also find plastic products like champagne flutes and wine glasses that you might not keep around your house on a daily basis, but which you might want for this party.

10. Easy to store.

When the party is over, you’re likely to have a few plates, cups, and utensils left over. Because they are plastic, all you have to do is put them in a bag and you can use them indefinitely!

6 Summer Decorations for a Great Beach Party

summer decorations

Summer decorations, summer party supplies

A beach party is one of our favorite summer party ideas. If you are headed to the beach with your friends, here are some of the summer party supplies you’re going to need in order to make your party great:

1. Nautical Decorations

If you’re planning a party on the beach, nothing makes more sense than nautical-themed decorations. A garland with nautical flags would be the perfect decoration for a table or beach “home base.” All you need are some yellow and blue stripped ribbon and a piece of string and you can easily make your very own summer decorations. Keeping with the yellow, white, and blue theme, if you find yellow and blue napkins and white plates, you can easily tie your entire party together with one simple concept. Because nautical decorations lend themselves so well to the rustic atmosphere of the beach, your summer party supplies will blend perfectly into the natural background for your party.

2. Shells Everywhere

Seashells are synonymous with the beach and they make a great centerpiece or even hanging decoration for your beach party. Depending on what beach you are using as the venue for your party, you might be able to just go down a little bit early and find handfuls of great shells to place on your tables or gather into a centerpiece. Just rinse them off in the ocean and they will be ready to go! Most beaches will even was shells up with the surf, so they’ll be lined up along the surf-line, ripe for the picking. Even just putting a few shells on your table can be a great way to add some fun beach flair to your party.

3. Sand and Candles

Especially if the beach has soft, warm sand, you can use this sand in glass bowls or jars to help hold up some candles. The jar or bowl will protect the candle from the sea breeze, and will help tie your party into its venue. You might want to buy sand, rather than just use the sand from the beach, unless you have an expansive beach where you can find dry sand. Wet sand will not hold the candles as well and as it dries, will retract from the candles. Use a few shells on top of the sand to help stabilize it and given it an even more beachy appearance.

4. Make the food be your decoration

If you’re having a clambake, the vibrant colors of the lobsters, corn, potatoes, and clams will be an excellent complement to whatever other summer party supplies you have added to the event. They can also be the inspiration from which you draw your other summer decorations. Pick red and yellow plates to match the lobster and corn, or choose something stark white like the clams to act as a visual counterpoint. Dump the bake onto a tray and put it in the middle of the table so all guests can eat family-style, and you’re guaranteed to have a beautiful table.

5. Sand Bucket Centerpieces

Buy a few plastic sand pails and fill them with shells or simply fill them with flowers. Set them around the table and you’ll have excellent, on-theme centerpieces for your tables. If you don’t like the look of the plastic, opt for metal or enameled metal instead. Both of these will give you the same effect. If you don’t want to put fragrant flowers on the table, you might want to opt instead for using these buckets to hold utensils and napkins, so they are right at your guests’ fingertips as they need them. Once the food has all been eaten, you can then use the pails to build fantastic sand castles!

6. Fishnet

This is the ideal beach party decoration, and it’s also cheap and easy to find. Throw it across a table to make it instantly on-theme or toss it on the ground to designate the party area. While you probably don’t want to use fishnet made for party decorations to actually fish, it will play into the beach theme and will help round out the rest of your party’s décor. Don’t forget to look for fishnet in a variety of colors to match the rest of your decorations.

While having an impromptu party on the beach can be serious fun, it can be far more fun to take a little time to get some decorations together. Any of these ideas are easy, simple ways to add even more life to your party. Along with these decorations, you will want the right plates and cups. When planning a party of the beach, you have to account for the wind and for the spray. While paper might not be the best option, plastic plates and cups could be a great alternative, as long as you have a way to weigh them down when they are not piled with food or full of drink.

Your beach party decorations do not have to end just with these six suggestions. Any Hawaiian-themed party supplies will work perfectly for your beach bash, including leis, silk flowers and grass skirts, yacht caps, and sailor hats. Use sand, stones, and shells from the beach to help weigh things down and you’ll have fun, disaster-free beach party, complete with awesome decorations. For more summer decorations and party supplies, check out our store!

7 Ideas for a Kid’s Summer Party with Party Supplies

party supplies

Party supplies

Summer is the perfect time to plan a kid’s party. School’s out, it’s warm enough to be outside, and there are endless party themes and fun to choose from. Whether you have a birthday party to plan or you just want to throw a party to offset the doldrums that can sometimes set in after a few weeks of summer vacation, here are seven ideas to help you through the perfect summer party for your kids:

1. Carnivals Parties

Is there anything that evokes the nostalgia of being a child more than a carnival? Even if your children have never been to a carnival, they will surely appreciate the bright colors and carnival games. When it comes to picking up party supplies, all you need are banners, plates, and cups in a variety of colors. If you can find a multicolored tent or umbrella to go over the good table, that will undoubtedly round out this entire theme. Carnival games could include a milk bottle toss, ring toss, fishing pond, basketball toss, football throw, and more. Having a variety of games that the whole party can participate in is the best way to keep everyone happy and involved.

2. Outdoor Camping Parties

If your child has been begging you to let him have a sleepover with his friends, but you can’t stand the idea of having a rabble of children in your home for an entire night, an outdoor camping party is a great alternative. Whether you set up a tent in your backyard or set up camp in a real national park, this is a great way to get kids out into wilderness and away from their electronics. No camping party would be complete without a fire to tell spooky stories around, hotdogs to roast, and s’mores to make. Other fun activities might include a nature scavenger hunt or a contest to see who can build the best shelter out of sticks and some rope.

3. Tea Parties

Great for toddlers and little girls alike, a tea party is a great excuse for your little girl to invite all of her friends over, dress up, and have some fun. If you set up a little table and some chairs in your garden, this can be a whimsical event that all will remember even years down the road. If you’re not comfortable giving tea to your children, juice is always an excellent substitute. My mother would give us a little bit of soda with some cream added—it looked like tea, but we would actually drink it. Tuna fish sandwiches cut into triangles and petite cookies would also make an excellent addition to the table. While this is usually a party for a small group of girls, it could just as easily be a large event for your daughter or son’s entire class.

4. Fiestas

Cinco de Mayo may be well behind us now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a fun fiesta in your backyard. Party supplies for this kind of bash will be extremely easy to find—just pick up red and yellow and orange banners, some hanging paper banners, and maybe a piñata and you are ready to go! Hand out the sombreros and serve chips and salsa. Let the kids go to town on the piñata and then have fun swapping candy. This party is simple to throw together and is perfect for hot summer afternoons. After the food and piñata bashing are over, the kids will love dancing to some traditional fiesta music!

5. County Fair Parties

Almost every county has a fair come summertime! For most kids, the county fair is part of their childhood, and that makes it the perfect theme for a fun summer party. Line up a few fair games and maybe even throw in some contests. See who can make the biggest pig out of recycled containers and toilet paper rolls. Have a pie-eating contest (just be ready to clean up any aftermath). Have each kid throw something different into a batch of cupcakes and then have a round of judging to see who made the best combination! There are endless possibilities with this theme, and you can even throw some carnival games into the mix if you’re running low on activities.

6. Water Parties

It’s already been a hot summer and it’s only going to get hotter. One of the best ways to cool down (and to water your grass) is to turn on a sprinkler and let the kids run through it. A sprinkler on the lawn can provide hours of fun. Put a sprinkler under trampoline and you’ve got even more hours of fun! Set up a water obstacle course and tell everyone to bring their swimsuits. Your lawn will get watered and you’ll help keep the kids cool. Serve hamburgers and popsicles for a truly quintessential summer party.

7. Obstacle Course or Scavenger Hunt Parties

If you’re looking for something a little bit more elaborate than just setting up a sprinkler, setting up a fun obstacle course or scavenger hunt in your backyard, front yard, or around your neighborhood or park is a great way to get everyone involved and moving. Don’t make the obstacle course so difficult that none of the kids can actually complete it and make sure the scavenger hunt is reasonable, but as long as you’ve got those two things covered, this will be a fun and memorable party for all involved.

Visit our online party supply store to find the perfect party supplies for your next kid’s summer party.

5 Super-Expensive Celebrity Summer Parties

summer parties

Credit: Tom Meinelt-Jason Winslow/Splash News Online

It’s no secret that celebrities often drop major coin on their parties. While you may not have that kind of cash to invest in a party, it’s always fun to see what kind of parties you can throw when you have an essentially limitless budget. If you’re looking for some extreme summer parties or party ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five examples of super expensive celebrity summer parties for you to ponder.

1. Suri Cruise Turns Two for $100,000

If your parents were anything like mine, even spending $100 was a big deal when it came to birthday parties. If you are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, both of whom have been big movie stars for decades, dropping a hundred thousand dollars on a birthday party for your daughter doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal. Want a break down of where that money went? Here it is:

The event as catered by Wolfgang Puck himself, for the meager sum of $45,000. The flowers came in at around $17,000—which is likely more than most couples spend on their entire wedding, instead of just on flowers for a two-year-old’s birthday party. We can’t be sure what makes a cake worth $5,000, but that’s how much Suri’s cake was worth.

2. Kim Kardashian Has a Birthday for over $1 million

It’s impossible to estimate exactly how much her new husband, Kanye West, spent on this party for his wife. It is estimated that he spent a million just on presents for her – what she could need that she doesn’t already have that would cost a million dollars, no one seems to know. There was a Chanel dress, a cat, a diamond bracelet, and a trip to Italy in there somewhere. If that wasn’t enough, he also had a custom Prada bag made for the. I guess when you’re a rap and hip hop mogul married to one of the biggest reality television stars in the world, you don’t really have to hold back when it comes to summer parties.

3. The Beckham’s Kids Get a $187,000 Play House

As a present for their middle child’s, the UK power couple had a play house built on the ground of their home. And that cost was just for the house, not even for the ensuing party, where The Wanted made an appearance. Yes, for the price of an actual house, they had a play house built just for one of their children. This is in addition to the play castle that is built elsewhere on their estate.

The party that came along with the house was another $125,000. Compared to the sums that they’ve spent on other parties for their other children, it might seem like a small fee to pay. Even for parties that their children will never remember, like their first and second birthdays, the family has paid well over a hundred thousand dollars in order to make the day special.

4. Blue Ivy’s First Birthday for $200,000

That might not sound like a huge sum compared to what some people are spending on birthday parties and play houses, but this is a first birthday party for a baby. Kids don’t remember their first birthday parties, no matter how much their parents spend on them. That didn’t stop Beyoncé and Jay-Z from spending more than $200,000 on their little girl’s bash. And they can afford it, right? Both of them are legends, so they might as well make their parties legendary.

In order to rack up this sum, the pair rented out the Jungle Island botanical park in Miami and filled it with their friends and family, along with several thousand dollars with of presents and catering.

5. Paris Hilton Turned 21 for $75,000 per guest

$75,000 might not sound like a super expensive celebrity party, until you realize that the Hiltons had to pay that sum for every guest that participated in Paris’s party. And this party didn’t just span the city, it spanned the entire globe, with a series of in cities like Los Angeles, New York, London, Tokyo, and then back around to Vegas. Even if you only brought along a few of her closest friends, it’s easy to start racking up that tab. It’s rumored that more than $2 million was spend just on this one summer party.

If you want to be fabulous, you have to pay, and it’s not like the Hiltons don’t have the cash to make it happen. The entire party few from destination to destination by private jet and indulged in all of the most exclusive and first-class amenities at every stop along the way. It’s been a while since Paris turned twenty-one, so she’s surely topped this party and its price point, but this is still one of the most expensive celebrity parties on record.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have great summer parties or to get great summer party supplies. Do take cues from these celebrities partiers, however—there are some things that you should splurge on, like great food and music. If you’ve got a tight budget, focus your money just on one area of the party, instead of trying to spread it thinly across all areas.

If you don’t have a celebrity’s budget, take a look through our party supply store to help you find beautiful, affordable party supplies for every occasion.

8 Home Decor Accents That Will Transform Your Home

home decor

Home décor

Accents and accessories are what make a home a home. If you’ve ever walked into a display home or a home that is staged for sale, you’ve probably noticed how soulless the rooms feel. This is because in order to make the house into a “blank slate,” the designers remove all accents and decorations from the house. If you want to inject some style into your home, home décor is the best way to round out the look of your furniture and pictures. Here are some of our favorite home décor accents from our line that are sure to give your rooms personality.

1. Antique mercury glass bottles

Mercury glass is very popular right now and they are the perfect accent even for a modern home design. These give off a definitely vintage vibe, but with the right surroundings, they can add kitsch to any and all mantelpieces, half-walls, or bookshelves. You can even use these bottles as vases for real or fake flowers, which can help to offset their monochromatic appearance and will allow you to add color to your room without sacrificing the vintage-y vibe.

2. Early riser lighted canvas picture

Why just have a pretty picture when you can have a lighted pretty picture. This scene of the sun rising over a beautifully disheveled barn, barnyard, and farmhouse is neutral enough to go in any room, but colorful enough to add light and spirit to that room. The light in the center of the picture adds further fun and helps to add to the beauty of the entire scene. This is a great option to put in a bathroom where you want an interesting nightlight, or in a child’s bedroom to help kids who are afraid of the dark to get their sleep.

3. Electric light cream star garland

This lighted star garland is the ideal addition to just about any home and home décor. Perfect for draping along the edge of a metal bedframe, hanging above a doorway, or along a bookshelf, these lights will add a little festive fun to any room. While you can use them just for Christmas or 4th of July decorations, they will look beautiful in your home at any time of year. You can even hang them from the ceiling to give your room a cosmic effect.

4. Faucet soap dish

If you’re going for a vintage or industrial vibe in any of your rooms, this faucet soap dish is sure to fit the bill. While the faucet doesn’t actually work, it certainly looks real. With ample room for your favorite soap, this is sure to be a talking piece of any bathroom or kitchen. You don’t even have to use it a soap dish! Leave it by your entry way to collect keys or coins, or on your vanity to hold necklaces and rings. There is also a larger version with two buckets that is perfect for holding shower supplies!

5. Ivory electric light star

Lighted hanging stars aren’t just for Christmas. They are the perfect addition to any room that needs a little fun or a little whimsy. It comes with its own lights and cord, so all you have to do is hang it up and turn it on. Again, this might be a good option for kids who have a hard time sleeping in the dark or for those who just like a little hint of the cosmos in their bedrooms. This definitely gives off a vintage vibe, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work great alongside more modern home décor.

6. Key plaques

Looking for something vintage to hang on your walls? Maybe something you can hang your bag or keys on? These little plaques look like vintage door locks with a skeleton key in the lock. Hang them by your door and they’ll hold anything and everything, or simply just add them to a room in order to give the wall some visual interest. They work best as a set, but you can buy just one plaque and use just the one to add a vintage feel to your room.

7. Metal basket set

Storage doesn’t have to be just utilitarian. In fact, if you need baskets to collect and store toys, magazines, books, etc., you should have a set that you absolutely love, like these metal baskets. They come in three different sizes, making it possible to turn any shelf or cubby into a storage space. The burlap liners keep the mess hidden and still show off the neat metal work on these baskets. These are an easy way to encourage kids to clean up after themselves or even to encourage yourself to clean up after yourself! Just throw everything in the basket and slide it away and it’s hidden!

8. Oval leaf platter

A beautiful platter can be the ideal decoration for the center of a dining table or coffee table, and this is definitely a beautiful platter. Verdant green with light green accents, it looks like a bed of beautiful leaves that you can lay your serving dishes on during meals or simply leave out as decoration in between meal times. If you have a big blank table right now, you can easily decorate it with a platter like this.

Choose one or all of these home décor accents to make your home look beautiful and unique and give it some personality!

Check out our extensive line of home decor products on our online store.

How To Plan the Ultimate 4th of July Party

If the 4th of July is a big deal is your family or neighborhood, you’re going to want to throw a great party. This is the first big holiday of the summer, and that means that most party planners roll all of the best parts of summer into one big bash for Independence Day. That means barbecues, pool parties, outdoor games, fireworks, and more! If you want to throw the ultimate 4th of July party, here’s how:

1. Send the invitations out early.

What does this have to do with planning the ultimate 4th of July party? 4th of July is usually a busy day for most people (in family, it as house-painting day). You want to get your invitations sent out as early as possible, to make sure that the people you want to invite haven’t already made other plans. Even if they have—if your party starts at noon and doesn’t stop until the neighborhood fireworks show, you can always have people stop in and leave as their time commitment allows. Including that on your invite will up the likelihood of more of your guests being able to show up!

2. Plan your menu.

Don’t be afraid to go big and bold with your menu. A barbecue is the “traditional” for a 4th of July party, but if you don’t have a barbecue or you don’t like barbecue, you certainly don’t have to grill anything in order to make your party awesome. A variety of options, however, is the best way to ensure that all of your guests will have something to eat. Fruit, veggies, cookies, cake, hamburgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, and even grilled chicken are all easy options that can be prepped ahead or cooked as needed as people arrive. If you really want to do something different and fun, you could serve traditional British food to thumb your nose at the UK.

3. Red, white, and blue it up.

You’re going to want to start stocking up on 4th of July party supplies right now, before the stores are completely wiped out. Making your backyard or house (if rain decides to come down on us this Independence Day) a 4th of July wonderland is as easy as picking up some red, white, and blue decorations from a party supply store. A red checkered table cloth, set with blue and white plates is a great start. Top it off with some patriotic banners and hanging paper lanterns and you’ve got the ultimate 4th of July space to celebrate our Independence Day.

4. Get your music in order.

If you’re planning a day-long bash, you’re going to want a lot of music. Your guests will only be able to listen to the Boston Pops play The Star Spangled Banner so many times before they’ll opt for no music over hearing that brass band go at it again. While there is a huge selection of “patriotic” music to choose from, you can also widen your scope a little bit and select not just from traditional Independence Day tunes, but from classic Americana music as well. Bands like Boston and Chicago, as well as any number of “country” acts will add variety and interest to your playlist and won’t tire out your guests.

5. Start a water fight.

This summer is already too hot. Can you imagine having to hang outside all day in this summer heat? The best way to cool down your guests without sending them running for the air conditioning inside is a water fight! You can pick up cheap squirt guns from just about any dollar store or party supply store, and put out a few buckets of water to make them easy to fill up. If you really want to go extreme, buy some of the big super soakers and give everyone a real water weapon. Fill up water balloons and leave them in strategic points around the yard and then just let everyone run free! Kids and adults alike will love being able to cool down in this summer heat.

6. Plan some games.

A water balloon and squirt gun fight might keep most people occupied for the entire afternoon, but you might want to come up with a few other games and activities in case the water runs dry or some people don’t want to play. Three-legged or gunnysack races are popular choices, but you could also set up some corn holes, horse shoes, or other games to keep the rest of your party occupied. Bocce ball is another popular choice, as are lawn bowling and croquet. If you can set up a quick mini golf course, this is also great for adults and kids.

7. Hand out some starry party favors.

If you’re looking for a way to deck out your guests in addition to your backyard or home, why not pick up some plastic star-spangled necklaces inred, silver, and blue. These party favor necklaces are extremely cheap and will make everyone look just as patriotic as they feel. You’ll give your party a little bling and your guests will have a memento from what is going to be a 4th of July party for the ages. You can find necklaces like these in any store that sells 4th of July party supplies.

When the barbecue has cooled down and the fireworks are over, don’t forget to end out the night with some sparklers!