How to Use Floral Paper Products to Transform Your Party

floral paper products

When I was a child, inexpensive paper products were barely more substantial than a piece of paper and when stacked up next to a barbecue or party spread, they looked “not so classy”. Today, there are far more brands and colors to choose from, and there are a range of paper products that are made to actually hold more than a few potato chips before they collapse in your hand.

While most fancy parties still demand “real” plates and cutlery, there are choices today, especially floral paper products, that put the flimsy white paper products of our childhoods to shame.

Here’s how you can use floral paper products to transform your next party.

Set the Table

There is something particularly classic and alluring about floral paper products, especially today. Florals are very trendy right now, and while they may remind someone of that old couch moldering away in their grandparents’ house, there are quite a few varieties that look fresh and modern. Floral paper products are a great way to both make your table look great and save yourself time during setup and cleanup, as well as money.

Set your table with paper plates and cups—just make sure to use something heavy to hold them down if you’re setting a table outside as even the sturdiest of plates can be flipped up and blown away by a strong breeze. Plastic cutlery in a heavy utensil holder is a great way to hold down your plates and keep the entire place setting looking festive and beautiful.

Stack the Buffet Table

When it comes to decorating a buffet table, most people are at a loss. What can you put on a buffet table that doesn’t just look silly or that clashes with or will get in the way of the food? Floral paper products are an excellent alternative to other decorations, and because they’re functional, they actually do double duty. This is the perfect way to dress up a buffet table for a spring or summer garden party, and all you have to do is take the paper plates out of their wrapping and set them on the table.

If you have matching cups and napkins, stacking these all together can really pull together a buffet table and make it look like it’s really a part of your party. Just like when setting a table outside, if you’re stacking your plates, cups, and napkins on a table that’s outside, you might want to find a way to hold them down. A clean, decorative stone or a set of paper weights can be very useful in this regard.

Use Them as Decorations

If you are looking for a decorating idea that a little out of the box, hold on to your hats. Why not use floral paper products as decorations for your next party. A simple piece of tape on the back of a plate and you can stick it to just about anything. If you get both small and large plates, or plates of different shapes, you can create a unique design on a wall.

This is a great way to cover up a wall you might not be in love with, and to add fast, fun color to any space. It might sound a little silly, but after you get a few plates stuck to the wall, you can transform the space and you’ll love the slightly retro, slightly quirky look of the room once you’ve finished with the plates.

Make Cleanup a Breeze

One of the main reasons party planners choose paper products over china is because of how much simpler cleanup is. If you can just sweep all of your paper plates into the compost bin, it’s so much easier than having to wash every single plate that someone has used during the party. Even a small dinner party can create a lot of dishes if you’re using china. Using floral paper products gives you the same level of sophistication in your table setting, without all of the hassle.

Many people avoid using paper because they believe it is more environmentally friendly to use china. The truth is that either way, whether you have to wash all of the dishes or just throw them away, you’re going to be using resources. If you dispose of your paper products the right way, you can actually prevent wasting water by washing all of those dishes and can also prevent all of those plates, cups, and napkins from just entering a landfill and rotting away. Whether you compost them yourself or simply put them in the paper recycling fin, you’ll find clean up much easier than if you have to wash a hundred dishes.

Goes Perfectly with Any Meal

Watermelon was the biggest enemy of paper products when I was a child—pieces of that watery melon would soak right through a flimsy plate and it would be in shreds in no time (and the dog would get more than his fair share of watermelon as it tumbled off of the plates).

One of the benefits of buying high-quality paper products like the ones in our store is being able to use them to transform just about any party, no matter what kind of food you want to serve, up to and including the dreaded watermelon. With a variety of different plates, cups, and napkins to choose from, it’s easy to find products that will work perfectly for your needs.

Check out our online store for a wide selection of floral paper products.

Kid’s Birthday Decoration Trends for 2015


When we were kids, a birthday party was a sheet cake from the grocery store and maybe a piñata if your parents were feeling festive. Today, kids’ parties and the birthday decorations that accompany them are far more sophisticated, with lots of parents going all out to create a memorable day for their child. Just because you want to create a memorable day doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time or money planning—it just means you need some great decorations and a theme that the kids will love. Here are some of the best kid’s birthday decoration trends for this year.


Pennants have been all the rage this year, both with lettering and without. Sometimes also called “bunting,” these triangles on a string are extremely versatile. Whether you buy a premade set from our store or you make your own, you can use pennants to decorate for just about anything, depending on which color and style you choose. Our family has a crate paper set that we have been using over and over to decorate the house for various birthday parties. However, a pennant banner that has just about any shape, size, or color can be used either as a main birthday party decoration or as an additional wall decoration to accent the other birthday decorations you’ve used.

Cupcake Papers

If cupcake papers don’t sound like a “trend,” then you haven’t seen some of the new and crazy papers in our store. With cupcakes making a comeback, especially for kids’ birthday parties as they are less hassle to make and decorate and far easier for a child to eat with their hands without becoming completely covered in frosting, cupcake papers are now becoming part of the party décor.

While you can find cupcake papers that match the theme of your party, if you have one, it’s also possible just to find fantastic papers in a range of patterns and styles that will spice up any set of cupcakes. You don’t have to turn every cupcake into Olaf from Frozen or one of the many other favorite characters that are making the party rounds this year. All you need are some great papers and a great cupcake recipe. Cupcakes can play triple duty—if you let the kids decorate the cupcakes themselves, they are an activity as well as a snack, and if you line the cupcakes up on a table in their cute papers, they are also a decoration!

Themed Cakes

Again, when I was a kid, the cake came from the Smith’s down the road and you were lucky if it even had your name on it. Maybe your parents sprung for dinosaur-themed decoration that came along with a few plastic dinosaurs. Today, cakes are part of the decoration. If you’re skilled with knife and frosting, you can probably make a theme-matching cake easily. If not, and you still want to incorporate this trend into your kid’s party, it might be best to go to a professional.

For example, a music-themed party could have a cake that’s shaped and decorated like a drum or a record. For the kid who loves nothing more than fairies and elves, you can transform a cake into a tree stump complete with little doors and creeping ivy. The possibilities are endless and a theme cake can be the focal point of your decorations—and all you had to do was call a bakery.

All Grown Up

More and more, little kids are asking for parties that have a more adult theme, complete with virgin cocktails and fancy food. This means that the decorations are also grown up, using more sophisticated colors and styles. For example, every little girl loves having a princess-themed birthday party, but the crowns don’t have to be plastic and everything doesn’t have to be hot pink. Choosing a subtler shade and more sophisticated princess-themed accents can create a party that is just as memorable and more appropriate for the little girl who is six going on sixteen.

Other examples include themes that would generally be relegated to teenager parties, like American Idol or camping, all of which can be aptly adapted for younger children. These are favorites of the rising generation, who seem to be growing up even faster than the generation before them. Picking birthday decorations that are little more mature, in muted colors, is a great way to make your party venue match the more mature theme you’ve chosen for the party.

Paper Rounds

We have a huge variety of hanging “paper rounds” in our shop, ranging from round Chinese lanterns to tissue paper fluffs. Because these are available in a huge variety of colors, they are the ultimate birthday decoration for any kid’s party, and they are super on-trend right now. Hanging decorations are making a comeback in a big way this year, and a variety of these hanging balls in various colors can be a great accent to any party and any theme. Choose red and blue for a superhero party or pink and white for a princess party, and any other color in between.

The best aspects of this trend? The decorations are reusable and inexpensive. They are cheap enough that you can get lots of hanging decorations in many different colors, and are durable enough to go into your party closet and come out months later, ready to party again!

8 Beautiful Examples of Caspari Paper



If you’re familiar with Caspari, you already know that they produce some of the most beautiful and unique paper products in the world. As a party planner (if you’re ever tasked with planning a party, you are a party planner), makes your life so much easier. First of all, you don’t have to worry about china, which has to be washed and handled carefully, and second of all, you can still find beautiful paper products that match the theme and style of your party. Check out the Caspari products that we carry and these eight beautiful examples of our favorite Caspari designs.

Blue and White

Blue and White doesn’t quite describe this pattern, which features blue carnations on an ivory background. This design is reminiscent of very classical china patterns, with a modern flair that makes it ideal for just about any party (or even everyday use, if you’re feeling fancy). This pattern is often paired with their Silk Road design, as both feature the same colors and similar styles. The Silk Road design features a scene of a man and a boy in the Chinese countryside, overlooked by a woman in a shrine. There are exotic birds and plants.

Both of these styles come in a range of different paper products, including plates and napkins of different sizes. Caspari even makes paper guest towels that you can put in your bathroom for guests to use that will carry the theme of your place settings throughout your home. These designs are very affordably priced and are sturdy and fancy enough for even the most sophisticated dinner parties.

Elsie de Wolfe

If you’re looking for paper products that are both elegant and have a natural theme, this is the design for you. With that same wide variety of paper products in this style to choose from, Elsie de Wolfe is a great option for anyone who wants to embody both of these themes on their table. This design features green and tan fern fronds and other natural accents. You can easily pair this with a variety of colors, but Caspari does offer a number of napkins and accent plates that match perfectly with this style. In addition to the paper products, there are also a number of sturdier plastic products that match the Elsie de Wolfe design.


Planning a celebration? If so, Caspari’s Celebration paper products are perfect for you! This design is gold with silver polka dots, making it the perfect style for just about any table. Whether stacked up beside a buffet or laid out on a table, both the plates and the napkins act as decorations. Unlike most of Caspari paper products, which are round, these are square, which can add another layer of visual interest to a table.

This pattern is often pairs with Gold Stripe or Silver Stripe products, as well as the Silver Leaf design, all of which are also square. Any of these make the perfect addition to the Celebration style. Which color you choose to accent this style with can dictate which color from the design is more prominent.

Le Jardin de Mysore

If you are looking for paper products that are as fun as they are classy, this is the design you’ve been looking for. These napkins are the perfect accent to just about any of Caspari’s other designs, but are especially good with the gold leaf or Fuchsia Batik designs. Featuring an elephant, ox, and other animals in a very distinctive Spanish art style, these are fun napkins that can add color and interest to a table that is otherwise boring. Though there are no plates and cups that are specifically designed to accompany these paper products, choosing a color from the napkins and matching it to other paper products is a good way to pick the plates and cups you might need to accompany this design.

Garden Images

Again, the name perhaps does not adequately communicate what this design is all about. This pattern features a large white flower, surrounding by green leaves. It comes in two different varieties, one with a white background, and one with a bronze background. The white background can be paired with just about any color and any other style. The bronze background, however, demands other bronze accents, since the color is fairly prominent.

Deyrolle Butterflies

This pattern is an excellent example of why Caspari is the best producer of paper products in the world. This design, featuring butterflies, arranged as though they’ve been pinned to board, is one of the most beautiful in their lineup. The plates themselves are square, and are only available in the desert size, but Caspari has a variety of larger plates in a variety of colors that will match perfectly.

River Gauche

One of Caspari’s simpler designers, River Gauche comes in many different colors and can be easily paired with one of their other more decorative plate and cup sets. The napkins and hand towels are a solid color, cut through with a white border. Despite being fairly simple, these are still quite beautiful and are one of the most popular products in their lineup, for good reason. Versatile and attractive, you won’t have any trouble finding a version of the River Gauche pattern that meets your needs.


Last, but certainly not least, is the Hollyhocks style. Featuring brightly colored hollyhocks in many different shades of pink, as well as green leaves, on a white background, this pattern is the idea choice for garden parties and fancy dinner parties alike. You can’t go wrong with these beautiful napkins and plates.

Shop Caspari online now.

5 Must Have Yankee Candles for Summertime Relaxation

yankee candle

Yankee candle

If you’re not yet a fan of Yankee Candles, you’re about to be. This brand of candles makes some of the highest quality candles on the market, and with a range of scents, colors, and containers, candles are no longer just for the fall and winter.

Just because summer means school is out and warmer weather doesn’t necessarily mean that your days will be less stressful. If you are looking for candles to use around home this summer, to help you relax, we have five of the best scents to perk up or mellow out any room in your home.

Beach Flowers

Is there anything that says “summer” better than a trip to the beach? Luckily, here in Philadelphia, we’re never too far from a beach, and many families have the chance to enjoy some sand and sun during the summer months. Beach flowers is the perfect scent to evoke memories of the beach, with notes of tuberose, hyacinth, lily, and “watery notes.” If you’ve ever found a little patch of flowers growing in soft beach sand, that is what this candle will smell like. Sweet and fresh, it is the perfect addition to any room of your home.

This candle is especially good for a bedroom, where someone wants a subtle, clean, but still floral scent to help them sleep or relax. These candles are made from the very best paraffin available on the market to ensure a non-irritating, consistent scent and burn rate. Which size and container of candle you choose will affect how many hours of burn you can get out of a candle, but some of the larger candles can burn up to 150 hours, which means you could likely use this beach flowers scented candle from Yankee Candle for the entire summer.

Beach Holiday

Just like the beach flowers scent, this candle is designed to evoke memories of beach holidays. Anyone who has ever spent any time near the ocean knows that it has a very particular scent, which the salt air, warm sand beaches, and underwater plants all contribute to. These are the smells that this candle is designed to mimic, so even if you do not live near the beach, you can enjoy the scent of the beach anytime, anywhere. Yankee Candle describes this candle as, “Like a vacation by the shore anytime.” If you love the smell of a clean beach, this is the candle for you!

Like the beach flower scent, this candle is great for any room of your house, but it will be especially ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. The clean smell can help to cover up and air out and other smells, leaving behind just the refreshing memory of salt spray in the early morning.

Black Coconut

If beach flowers and beach holiday are designed to hearken back to exploring warm sand beaches during the day, then the black coconut scent is designed to remind you of “sunset in paradise.” The mix of coconut, island blossoms, and cedarwood is the ideal combination to bring sunsets over the ocean at the end of a long day of exploring to mind. It’s the ultimate island scent, neither too sweet nor too musky, with the ideal balance of scents that makes it perfect for relaxing at the end of the long day.

Even if you’re not a believer in aromatherapy, you can’t deny that certain scents have the power to bring up memories and feelings. Yankee Candle’s black coconut has been specially formulated to make your feel relax, just like you’re sitting on a beach, still warm from the day’s sun, as you watch the sunset over the water. Use it in any room of your house where you like to relax!

Blue Summer Sky

With “summer” actually in the name of this candle, we certainly couldn’t leave it off the list. This scent has been formulated with idyllic childhood summers in mind. The clean, sweet smell of summer berries to remind you of picking berries on walks through the woods; floral tones including jasmine, orange blossoms, and blue lotus, to evoke the sight and smell of fresh flowers on a dewy summer morning, and fresh ginger to add a little spice and even out the other scents.

Blue summer sky from Yankee Candle is a crisp, enduring scent that will make you feel like a child, playing in the warms summer sun again. Neither too floral, nor too clean, this candle is ideal for just about any room in your home.

Campfire Treat

Just like visiting the beach, picking berries in the woods, and watching the sunset, campfires are quintessentially summer. Roasting marshmallows over the fire and telling ghost stories—it doesn’t get much more summer than that. Even if you’re not a fan of camping, you will certainly be a fan of this candle, which has both smoky notes of a campfire and the rich sweetness of toasted marshmallows.

This is a sweeter scent, which may not appeal to everyone, but it is perfect for those that want a delicious-smelling candle to help them relax at the end of a long day of running errands or working.

vWhat Sizes of Yankee Candle Can I Find?

Yankee Candle has a range of sizes you can choose from. The largest size that we sell is the 22 oz. jar, which burns for up to 150 hours. Smaller sizes include a 14.5 oz. jar, a 7 oz. tumbler, a 12 oz. pillar, and standard sized votive candles which can be used in standard candle holders.

Other great summer scents include: citrus tango, buttercream, and fruit salad.

8 Super Extreme Graduation Party Ideas

extreme graduation party ideas

Graduation is definitely a time to celebrate. Around the world, millions of people are celebrating the end of their education or the beginning of their higher education with a party. Many of those people will be throwing graduation parties. If you and your friends are all graduating from the same school, you may find yourself invited to several graduation parties, all of which have a similar theme and/or format. If you don’t want to throw just another cookie-cutter graduation party, here are eight super-extreme graduation party ideas that will change the way you think of this type of celebration.

Hit the road

Right after graduation is probably the last time that you will have nearly infinite free time. As you start your career or higher education, you will have to devote most of your time to those pursuits. Right now is the perfect time to pack all of your closest friends into a car and just hit the road. Don’t think-just drive. But don’t forget to bring your own graduation party supplies. If you find you want to have a party but you’re not anywhere near a party store, you don’t want to be without a pair of sunglasses that display your graduation year on them.

Set the jet

It wouldn’t be a list of super extreme graduation party ideas if we didn’t suggest chartering a private jet to your favorite tropical destination. This isn’t a list of mediocre party ideas, okay? If you’ve got the means, especially if you’ve got the combined means with some of your friends who are also leaving the world of academia behind, chartering a jet and taking flight to a tropical destination is the best way to unwind after a busy finals season. Again, you might want to bring the graduation party supplies with you, as your destination might not have a store that offers the cap and gown-themed decorations you want.

Holi paint fight

This is a suggestion that is perhaps a little bit more achievable, especially if you have a large group of friends that are graduating at the same time and you’re bound to have a large group of people attend your combined party. Holi paint is actually very easy to find and it’s extremely fun to play with. Have everyone dress in white, set out the containers, and go to town! If you really want to make sure that the “graduation” theme comes through, only provide paint in your school colors. For example, if your school colors and yellow and green, only buy powdered paint that is yellow and green-you’ll all come out the other end of the fight covered in school spirit.

Go all out

Don’t be afraid of over-decorating your space. There are hundreds of varieties of graduation party decorations just waiting for you in our store. One of the best ways to make your party an extreme one is to go all out with the decorations. Don’t just stop with graduation cap confetti. Get the graduation-cap wearing blow-up alligator that everyone can sign instead of an address book. Get everyone a graduation gown and cap and make everyone be a graduate. Deck the walls with banners and hanging decorations that fill up your party venue. Don’t let anyone forget why they’re there and who they’re celebrating. Graduation is a triumph-don’t be afraid to overdo your celebration.

Throw a rager

Graduating from college is your last chance to throw a truly outrageous party. If you can rent out a building or other large venue, this is the perfect way to send your education off with a bang! Loud music, fun lights, and plenty of graduation party supplies will make your send-off truly unique. There’s nothing more extreme than throwing one last giant party before everyone separates and heads home for the summer and to start their “real” lives.

Hit Vegas

While there is still some travel involved in this idea, there will be considerably less than if you were going to try to get to Cabo. If you’re over twenty-one, Vegas is the perfect venue for your extreme graduation party, and the party will pretty much come to you. There’s always something fun going on in Las Vegas, whether you just want to hit the casinos or you want to see one of the many famous acts that are always putting on a show on the strip. You’ll never be at a loss of activities when you plan a weekend in Vegas for your graduation party.

Graduation roast

While a roast is cooking away in the oven or in a roasting pit (if you’re extra extreme), why not hold a good, old fashioned roast? Gather together your friends and family and let them go to town, revealing all of your old secrets and embarrassing moments. This suggestion is only for graduates with a good sense of humor, who will appreciate the good-natured fun and wants to have a fun, unique, extreme graduation party that no one else in his year is having.

Be sure to sock up on graduation party decorations before you execute your extreme idea.

Home Décor Trends for 2015

home decor

Ngoc Minh Ngo

Whether it’s time to give your home décor an update now that last year’s styles have started to fade away, or whether you haven’t changed your furniture, wall colors, or decorations for decades, 2015 is the perfect time to start updating your décor. With a focus on more traditional styles mixed with clean lines and neutral colors, this year’s most popular home décor trends are easy and inexpensive to incorporate into any home. Here are just a few of the most popular home décor trends for 2015.

Color in Small Doses

This year’s room trends have been skirting away from bright, bold accent walls and towards more neutral colors. If you want to take advantage of this trend without losing the colors that you love, you’re in luck. While the trend dictates white, beige, gray, or other neutral colors for the majority of your wall space (light colors can lift and open up a room, especially a small one), adding punches of your favorite bold colors is always on-trend. A room that is mostly neutral with an few small doses of color can prevent a room from either becoming overwhelmed by the bright color or washed out by the neutral ones.

Blues and Grays

Blue and gray are both popular this year, with deep, rich royal and navy blues being the most popular. While painting an entire room dark blue might close off the room and make it seem dark, adding a navy blue chair or painting just a single wall or even just a set of shelves dark blue can add gravity and visual interest to any room. Gray is a great color to pair with blue, not only because they’re both technically neutrals, but also because a light gray will look less stark than white, but not as dark as black against the rich blue.

Bright Ceilings

One of the biggest home décor trends for 2015 is painted ceilings. If you want to incorporate a bright color into your room but want to put some distance between that color and your furniture and accents, the ceiling is the perfect way to do this. Dark colors are best in rooms that have high ceilings, as darker colors can bring the ceiling down and make the room feel smaller and more intimate. Bright or pastel yellows, oranges, pinks, etc. are better suited for rooms with low ceilings.


If the last time you saw a sectional was in your grandparent’s home, that’s because the last time these large couches were in style was in the mid-1980s. They’re back in a big way, however, with an emphasis on modern lines and styling, not just on padding. You can find sectionals in a range of colors and styles, including tufted backs and quilted seats that are simultaneously reminiscent of Versailles and very appropriate for modern homes and home décor. Sectionals ensure that a large family or group of friends has a great place to gather around the television or fireplace to watch the game or just talk about life.

Mixing Old with New

If you haven’t guessed yet, one of 2015’s biggest home décor trends is melding old world with modern accents. One of the best ways to do this is with your table. A large, beautiful, antique table paired with modern chairs is a great way to infuse your kitchen or dining area with this style. Adding modern table settings or other accents can further enforce the juxtaposition of these two styles. Of course, you can carry this style into any room of your house. Pairing a rustic metal bed with crisp, modern bed linens or a claw-footed tub with dark stone floors and stark white walls can bring this trend into your bedroom or bathroom, too.

Books as Décor

Readers of the world will rejoice hearing that one of this year’s popular home décor trends is using books as décor. Whether lining them up in built-in shelves or buying books shelves to line your walls, books are now just as much a decoration as anything else in your home. Those who love to be surrounded by books will love that they no longer have to relegate them just to the home library. Nothing makes a living room or bedroom homier or warmer than being lined with well-read books and their very special smell.

Pale Wood

While dark wood will always be in style (it really doesn’t get much more timeless than dark wood), 2015’s wood of choice is definitely natural, pale, unsullied wood. A beautiful pine table, for example, is a great way to add this color into your home, though chairs, coffee tables, nightstands, etc. are all great ways to make use of this trend. Pairing these pale woods with darker wall colors, carpets, rugs, etc. is a good way to add some light back into a room that might be otherwise overwhelmed with color.

Hexagons and Honeycombs

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen in home décor this year comes in the form of geometric shapes, used in shelving, mirrors, bedding, tiles, and more. Because they are such a crisp shape, they feel very modern, but several hexagons together are definitely reminiscent of a honeycomb, which gives them natural flair, too. Hexagon-shaped shelving and mirrors are very popular right now, and both can be found at relatively low cost in just about any home décor store.


While metallic colors were popular last year, they are holding steady this year. Metallic accents are popular both for home décor and for party décor, which makes them an excellent and easy choice for anyone who wants to quickly update their home’s decorations.

Looking to style your home?  Check out our wide selection of Home Decor products online.