How to Throw the Ultimate Graduation Party

graduation party supplies

Making sure that you have all of the right graduation party supplies, food, drink, activities, and details perfect for a graduation party doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re in charge of planning your own or a friend, child, or loved one’s graduation party, here is the ultimate checklist to make sure this party commemorates all of the hard work the graduate has put into his schooling:

Step One: Invitations

There are plenty of places where you can find great invitations for your graduation party. Making sure that you have invites sent out early enough and to the right people is going to be one of the most major party planning tasks that you have to tackle.

Some schools will sell or give away invitations that graduations can use to invite friends and family to a party, but if not, customized invitations can be purchased online, standard invites can be purchased from any party store, or, if you have some graphic design skills, you can always design your own—you may even be able to find a template online that you like, that you can easily customize.

Wherever you get your invitations from, they can all include the following information:

  • An invitation to the party (obviously)
  • Response card, so the recipient can RSVP
  • An envelope for the response card
  • A map that shows how to get to the party’s venue
  • A seating card that tells the recipient where they are going to sit (if applicable)
  • And an agenda that discusses the format of the party or the celebration weekend, for guests coming from out of town who need to plan their travel

While it might not be necessary or appropriate to include all of these things with every invitation, especially if the party is fairly casual, this information can help potential guests find the party. Including an RSVP card can be a great way to get an accurate count of how many people are coming, which could be essential if you are providing a meal or trying to find a venue large enough to hold everyone who wants to come and celebrate.

Step Two: Find a Space

Finding a space to hold your graduation party does not have to be difficult. There are essentially three different types of places that you could rent. The first is a hall—which is the best option if you are planning on celebrating with lots of people or are having a joint party with other graduates. Renting a hall opens you up to many different decoration possibilities and allows you to have a bar (if the graduate and most of the attendees are old enough), buffet or food station, and entertainment like a band or DJ.

The second option is to rent out a restaurant or make a reservation for your party. This is usually the best option if you prefer to have a smaller celebration just with very close friends and relatives. Especially if just the immediate family is available to attend the graduation ceremony (which is common if your graduation is out of town), making a reservation at your favorite restaurant is a good option. Of course, you then have limited food and decoration choices, but there is also very little preparation and cleanup required after the fact.

The third option is to host the party at your home, or if not at your home, at a home of a friend or relative who is willing to host. This can be a great way to have more control over decorations, the time and date of the party, and the menu, but it can mean a lot of work for the host and for the party planner.

Step Three: Pick a Menu

Unless you have chosen to have your party at a restaurant instead of at a rented hall or in someone’s home, you will need to pick a menu. While you do not have to serve a full banquet at your party, it is usually appropriate to have some sort of food for your guests, especially if you want them to stick around and celebrate for a while.

If the format of your party is more like an “open house,” where you want guests to stop by, say their congratulations, perhaps leave a gift, and then leave whenever they are finished mingling, finger foods are usually the best choice. If, on the other hand, you want your guests to stick around for a while, a buffet table with different types of food they can choose from to make a meal is a great way to feed a large group of people.

One of the biggest roadblocks most graduations party planners run into at this point is whether or not they should cook the food that they are going to offer at the party. Deciding whether to cook or buy your food (from the prepared food section of your grocery store or from a caterer) usually comes down to the time and cost ration. For some people, making their own food will take a short amount of time and will cost less. For other, it will take a large amount of time and be more expensive. Decide how “valuable” your time is and whether or not you want to spend it making food.

Step Four: Decorations!

Finding the right graduation party decorations does not have to be difficult. Our online party store has a wide variety of great decorations, including class-year-themed banners, table displays, boxes to collect congratulatory cards, and more!

8 Party Supplies You Can Use as Home Décor


When you’re looking to decorate your home—not for a party, but just for everyday use—you first stop is probably a home décor store, not a party store. However, if you are looking for inexpensive home décor, maybe a party store is the best place start. You can often find great accents that can really make a room look and feel special and unique, without breaking your budget.

Here are just some of the party supplies that can be used as home décor or to make home décor.

1. Paper lanterns.

Paper lanterns aren’t just for your Chinese New Year party. Because you can now find these lanterns in a huge variety of colors, they are a great way to add visual interest to any room, no matter what colors you need to match or complement. They’re very easy to hang, as they come flat-packed, with their own string. All you have to do is expand the lantern and hang them from a hook in the ceiling. Because they are so inexpensive, you can buy lanterns for every room of your house or even turn them into lights, using a low-heat LED bulb!

2. Fluffy hanging decorations.

Like paper lanterns, these decorations come in a wide variety of colors. On our website, they come in just about every color the paper lanterns do, so they can even be hung in the same room. Made of tissue paper, these round fluffy decorations are great for a party, but they are also idea for decorating a child’s room. Reminiscent of the Truffula Tree from The Lorax, these great will inspire a child’s imagination or even just add texture to a dining or sitting room. It’s probably best to avoid mixing very “holiday” colors, like red and green, as that can make them look they are simply left over party decorations.

3. Candles.

Candles make great presents and because they come in a huge variety of colors, they can be used to accent just about any party for any occasion. They are, however, also perfect for everyday use. Whether in the kitchen to help cover up lingering food smells after cooking or on your table or in your sitting room, a beautiful Yankee Candle in your favorite scent is a great way to add relaxing aromas and warmth to any room of your home.

4. Vases.

While you might first buy a vase in order to create a great centerpiece for a dinner party or a wedding reception, you can continue to use those vases for years to come around your home. For example, we have a variety of beautiful, neutral vases in our party supply store that can be used both to make centerpieces for a specific event, and then just to keep fresh (or fake) flowers around the house throughout the year. Nothing can breathe life into a room like a bouquet of flowers and a unique vase can really add to your home’s décor.

5. Fake flowers.

When most people think of fake flowers, they think of the very cheap, plastic flowers that almost every craft store sells. However, it is possible to find very high-quality fake plants and accents that will last for years. The perk of buying fake flowers instead of real flowers is that real flowers fade and die and it can become a real expense to keep fresh flowers in your home.

Fake flowers, however, can look just as beautiful as real ones and can liven up a room for years to come. It is possible to find both very real-looking fake flowers and stylized, burlap or glitter fake flowers. Whether you want fresh-looking spring blooms or a frosted winter arrangement, fake flowers can make it easy, and buying from a party supply store is the best place to get inexpensive fake blooms for any occasion.

6. Paper fans.

Paper fans are another inexpensive tissue paper decoration that can be used both for a party and to liven up a room. Especially great to add character to a child’s room, there hanging decorations will twirl and catch the light. Available in a variety of colors (including special themes that are probably best just for holidays), it will be easy to find a hanging paper fan for a boy or girl’s room, no matter what the theme of the rest of the décor is.

7. Banners.

Craft paper banners aren’t just for birthdays or weddings. A string of pennants, sporting someone’s name or a short saying can be a great permanent decoration for any room. Multicolored bunting is a very popular choice for a nursery or young child’s room, but even just brown craft paper pennants on a rustic piece of twine can add charm to any room of your home, especially if the pennants themselves sport an inspirational phrase. A triangle chalkboard banner, additionally, can be used to make a special banner for a party, and then also a more neutral decoration as a part of your everyday home décor.

8. Special charger plates.

Keeping your dining table always set for a meal is a great way to make it a welcoming and beautiful part of your home. While you might not think using plastic place settings can improve the look of your table, there are many different kinds of plastic chargers and plates that can help you create an easy-to clean, unbreakable setting for your table. For example, the black motif charger plate from our party supply store is a great option both for Halloween parties and gothic weddings, but also for everyday use. Easy to clean, and inexpensive, you won’t feel bad about tossing them out when they are scratched or broken.

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8 Essential Graduation Party Supplies

graduation party supplies

If you’re planning a party for a graduate (or you are a graduate, planning your own party), having the right gradation party supplies can make the entire experience much, much easier.

Whether you are renting out a bar or a restaurant, throwing the party in your own back yard, or renting a tent to make use of some green space at a local park, graduation party supplies can help make your space look the part and help get your guests in the mood to celebrate this incredible achievement! Whether you want to go very sophisticated or a little cliché and cheesy, here are 8 essential graduation party supplies every graduation party needs.

Year-Specific Decorations

Every year, every party supply store has an influx of 2015, 2016, 2017, etc. party supplies, specifically made to celebrate all the graduates that year. You can find pins, picture frames, banners, even bracelets that all sport the year! While you don’t want your graduation party to look like a New Year’s party, having a few year-themed items or party favors can be a great way to highlight the graduate’s achievements. You might even be able to find paper plates and cups that sport the year.


A big banner that says, “Congratulations!” or “Well Done!” can be a great addition to any party space, especially if you have a lot of blank wall space that you want to cover. Most banners will be black, gold, and white, but you can usually find banners in your school’s colors or even make one yourself out of craft supplies. The larger the banner is, the better! If you cannot find a large banner and do not want to make one, using a few of the same or complementary banner can help to fill up wall space and make the entire party area look well-decorated.

Plates and Cups

While you might not think of plates and cups as decorations, they are essential graduation party supplies. No matter what the format of your party is, you will likely want to serve some sort of drink and food, and that means have plates, cups, and napkins. This is one great way to incorporate the school’s colors, or to find items that sport the graduate’s class year. Setting them up in neat stacks next to the food can make the food table more welcoming and incorporates the theme of the party into even what some would consider a small detail.


Unless dinner is going to be part of the graduation party, an assortment of candy is a great way to give your guests something to snack on as they mingle. Luckily, you can usually find candy in a variety of colors and you should be able to just buy candy in the colors that you need for your party. If your school colors are green and yellow, you can buy just green and just yellow candy, which will incorporate your party’s theme even into the food. For a more graduation-specific option, you can usually find individually wrapped candies that have the graduate’s class year printed on the side.


Balloons are always a great choice for livening up a party space. Again, they come in just about every color imaginable, so you can match your balloons to the school’s colors. If you have a large venue that feels a little sparse just with banners and signs, blowing up balloons and attaching them to the wall or putting them on tables, or even just on the floor, can fill out a large space and make it look cozier and more welcoming. If you have access to helium, making bunches of balloons to attach to tables or let float around the room is always a good idea.

Graduation Caps

If you can find graduation party supplies that incorporate the cap, these are a great way to build upon the theme of your party. It’s usually possible to find graduation cap confetti, cupcake toppers, signs, or even picks to stick into appetizers. In our store, we have an autograph graduation alligator, sporting a cap and the words “later gator.” He even comes with a black marker so all of your guests can leave their congratulations right on the alligator. He’s a little different, but he can make a great gift for the graduate in your life.


Streamers are another essential graduation party supply, especially when you have a large space to decorate. Available in any color you could need, you can easily transform a bland venue into a very festive venue. String them from wall to ceiling to create a neat canopy effect, or use them to wrap poles or columns. Streamers can cover a very large space and are very inexpensive, making them the ideal choice for someone looking to throw a graduation party on a budget.

A Box to Hold Cards and Gifts

Some of your guests will bring cards of congratulations or other gifts. Have a table set up for gifts, where guests can leave their present before coming to congratulate you for this achievement, and a box where they can place their cards. When we threw a graduation party for my sister, the vast majority of her guests brought cards (some stuffed with cash or gift cards) and until we sent my brother home to pick up a basket to hold all of those cards, they just piled up on her gift table. A box like our “Congrats grad card holder,” or another decorated box to corral cards will keep them orderly and prevent any from slipping away.

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6 Essential Spring Party Supplies


Spring is the perfect time of year to throw a party. The snow is melting or has already melted, the weather is warming up, and a light spring breeze can make even the warmest days more pleasant. If you’re planning a spring party or even just a spring-themed party, having the right spring party supplies can make all the difference.

Aren’t sure what all you need? Not sure where to find it? Here is your essential guide to spring party supplies: where to buy them and what to buy.

Floral Paper Products

What makes a party more “spring” than floral paper products? You can find floral-themed cups, plates, and napkins in just about any party supply store—though ordering online is probably the best way to get the amount of products you need delivered right to your door (or to our store, where you can pick them up, without having to pay that pesky shipping charge). If you are planning a large party, you might not be able to find all of the floral paper products you need on the shelves of the store, but you will be able to order as many as you need online. The best part about using floral plates, cups, and napkins is that they can even double as decorations when neatly arranged on a table!

Pastel Tissue Paper

Pastel tissue paper is going to be one of your best tools for decorating. While it might seem like its own use will be to stuff gift bags (and it is great for hiding a present in a gift bag from the recipient in a way that is as decorative and festive as it is effective), tissue paper can also be used to make so many things, including hanging paper pouf balls, table coverings, table decorations and more.

Pastel colors are best for spring, but if you feel that pastel pinks, blues, and yellows scream “Easter” a little too loudly, regular pink, blue, green, and yellow will all be just as appropriate for a spring-themed birthday, dinner, or garden party.


Not live butterflies, obviously but anything with a butterfly on it could be considered an excellent choice for a spring party. While there are plenty of bugs and insects that return during the spring, probably none are as welcome as the butterfly. Having a butterfly banner or balloon or even just butterfly-themed paper products is a great way to make your party space look like spring, whether you’re holding the party indoors or out. They even make clip on butterflies for your garden!


There is perhaps nothing that says “spring” like flowers—daisies, tulips, and sunflowers especially. Real, live flowers can be a great option, especially for fancier parties, like a dinner party for your friends or a cocktail party. A spring wedding can make great use of flowers, whether the bride prefers Gerbera daisies or wildflowers in her bouquet or table centerpieces.

For a lower-key event, however, you might prefer fake flowers, which can then be stored and used again and again in different applications. Look for high quality fake flowers that will stand up to storage. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use real flowers or fake flowers that look real, you could always look for other flower-themed decorations, or even make some yourself. Making some paper flowers to turn into a banner or stick into a wall or a fence can be a great way to really liven up a space.


Because you can now find balloons in just about any color (and you can even by balloons by the color, instead if in a multipack, it’s easy to get a bunch of balloons in traditional spring colors, like blue, green, pink, and yellow. If you’re lucky enough to be able to find a helium tank, floating balloons can be used to make a great table centerpiece or can even be handed out as party favors at the end of the night.

If you don’t want to use helium or can’t find any, blowing the balloons up with air is just as good, and even just strewn around the floor or the grass, can make a space look very festive. Plus, kids will have endless hours of fun, just trying to keep falling balloons from hitting the ground. If you are having a party for adults and children, having a bunch of balloons around can give them plenty of entertainment while the parents take a break.

Specialized Party Products

One of the best ways to really make a party cohesive is with specialized products like bottle labels or candy bar wrappers. You can make both of these, or you can buy them pre-made, which makes it easy to just wrap your water bottles with a festive floral label and secure it with a piece of tape. This will make even the most standard bottles of water a cohesive part of your party’s spring theme.

You can also find party favor bags that can be easily customized with the name of your event, and even products like candy jars and mint tins that can be customized to fit your theme.

Throwing a spring-themed birthday or garden party doesn’t have to be difficult. Having the right decorations will set the tone, so even if your menu or activities are not exactly spring-related, your theme will still shine through.

For more spring party ideas or to look for spring-themed party supplies, check out our online party supply store!

Top 10 Best Places for a Yankee Candle

yankee candles

Yankee Candle has a reputation for making high quality candles in a huge variety of scents that make it possible to get every room of your house smelling great. With so many different scents and shapes of candles to choose from, it’s possible to find Yankee Candles for every room in your house. While candles are not everyone’s cup of tea, they can add hominess and warmth to a room, even during the summer. Here are ten of the best places to put one of these great candles.

1. The kitchen

That cabbage might smell delicious while you’re cooking it and be delicious on the dinner table, but the smell can linger in the air for hours (and even days) after the meal—and the longer it sticks around, the less appetizing it is going to be. Opening a window can help to flush the room with new air, but it won’t completely get rid of the smell. Having a candle in the kitchen that you light after cooking something particularly fragrant (like cabbage, sprouts, fish, etc.) can replace those lingering food smells with a much more preferred scent. Apple pumpkin or buttercream are both great for covering up stinky foods once the cooking and eating is over.

2. The bedroom

Especially if you have pets, a bedroom can start to collect smells over time. Teenagers and little kids who leave dirty clothes on the floor or on their beds can also accrue smells. While you don’t want to leave a child alone with a candle, having a candle in a bedroom can help clear our animal and human odors when they occur. Some scents can even act as aromatherapy, helping a person sleep or focus on work or just relax after a long day. Just make sure that the candle is far away from anything that could catch on fire and is on a stable base.

3. The bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most common places to put a Yankee Candle, for obvious reasons. Leaving a candle burning after you’ve done your business can prevent any unpleasantness. Just about any scent is great for a bathroom, but florals are always a popular choice. Additionally, when you get from a long day of running errands or work, a collection of great bathroom candles can add relaxing ambiance and scents to a relaxing bath.

4. An office

Some people work better in a relaxing atmosphere. If you are one of those people, having your favorite candle in the office with you is a great way to keep you motivated and productive. Lavender is always a great choice, as it promotes relaxation and focus, but vanilla and even lemon are great. Whatever scent relaxes you and makes it easier for you to work is the perfect choice.

5. The car

While you would never want a lighted candle in your car while you are driving, Yankee Candle also makes a line of “car jars,” that make it possible for you to enjoy your favorite scent in your car. Like bedrooms, cars can often collect bad smells, and a car jar is a great way to cover up the smell of last night’s hamburger or the skunk you just drive past. These are designed to be hung from your rearview mirror, so they can be constantly filling your car with a pleasing scent and hiding some of those less-pleasing scents that come with braving the open road. If the scent ever becomes overpowering, you can always tuck it in a glove compartment.

6. Kitchen tables

Even if you do not want to burn a scented candle while you are eating, a Yankee Candle can still make a beautiful centerpiece, especially along with flowers. Several similarly colored or contrasting candles can be arranged to make a great centerpiece, which can be lit after eating to neutralize the room’s scent. Spicy scents are usually best kitchen areas, as they can blend with and cover up cooking and food smells the best.

7. A library

If you are lucky enough to have a library in your home, there is no better place for a beautiful candle than on a side table, next to your reading chair. There is nothing better on a warm afternoon than sitting in a nice, cool library with a book and your favorite candle.

8. Your dressing table. Fresh citrus scents can be great for helping you wake up and perk up in the morning. If you often find yourself dragging your feet to get ready, why not try adding a “citrus tango” candle from Yankee Candle (or any of the many other citrusy scents) to your dressing table. The smell of citrus can help you feel energized and prepared for the day ahead.

9. The laundry room

If the smell of bleach is sometimes overwhelming, the smell of a great candle can help prevent your entire home from smelling like a hospital. They can also help prevent the smell of sweaty, stinky clothes in laundry baskets from taking over the laundry room or the entire house.

10. A wedding or party

One of the biggest perks of buying Yankee Candles is that they come in just about every color. If you need a specific color or scent of candle in order to complete centerpieces for a wedding or party, or just to add ambiance and light to a low-light venue, Yankee Candles are the perfect choice. Almost every scent comes not just in a jar and pillar, but also in a votive size, so it’s easy to get the exact candle you need.

Party Planning Checklist 101


Has your best friend just gotten engaged? Did your wife get a big promotion at work? Is your oldest child about to graduate from high school? All of these are the perfect time to celebrate, but if you’re a party planning novice, there’s nothing worse than being saddled with a party that you just don’t know how to plan. From party decorations to the right amount of food, how do you know you’re on the right track?

Here’s a cheat sheet to help you make sure you’ve got enough food, the right decorations, enough seating, the perfect music, and more!


What kind of music you pick is going to rely entirely on the theme of your party. For a graduate, a good mix of popular music, feature the graduate’s favorite band or bands, is always a good option. For a dinner party, however, you probably want something softer and calmer.

Unless there is some reason you want to hire a band, making a playlist and loading it onto a fully-charged mp3 player is usually the best way to make sure you’ve got the music you want and enough of it to last the duration of the party—this is important: YMCA is fun to listen to once, and it can even get some laughs if it comes on a second time, but by the third time around, no one will be amused.


Food, again, relies largely on what kind of party you are throwing and when you are throwing it. If you throw it at dinner time, even if it isn’t a dinner party, most people will expect a substantial amount of food. A party in the afternoon or a cocktail party, on the other hand, will not generate the expectation of a full meal, and most people will eat before or after.

If you want to make the food really easy, you can always have your party catered, but making enough food for a child’s birthday party, for example, is usually as easy as buying a variety of frozen foods and heating them up in the oven before the party starts.


Decorations are what set the mood. Of course, some parties do not need very much décor, and others need a lot. Halloween parties, for example, require at least a few spooky decorations, while candlelight might be all the ambiance a sophisticated dinner party needs. It’s always better to have too many party decorations than not enough, so don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with banners and balloons.

If you just don’t have the time or the budget to hit the party supply store, you could always make your own decorations out of construction paper, glue, tape, and markers, for a truly handcrafted feel. Don’t try to take on too much DIY, however, unless you are really a master, as trying to get everything perfect can actually take much longer and be far more expensive than just buying decorations from your party supply store.


Sending out proper invites is a lost art. While paper invites are no longer the only way to politely invite someone to a get together, simply “putting the word out there” about your party is not enough to actually get people to show up. Most of the time, you are going to want a way for your guests to RSVP. Unless you are hosting a raging house party (which, in that case, not much planning is necessary, it just kind of happens, if you believe what you see in movies), you’ll want to know how many of your invited guests actually plan on coming so you know how much food and drink you need to have around the house.

If all of your guests are on social media, a social media invite might be appropriate, as might be an email with a calendar item attached, so it’s easy for your guests to RSVP and then add your party to their calendars. If you’re having trouble nailing down your RSVPs, a phone call or an additional email might be necessary.

Get Some Help

Depending on how large the party is going to be and how many hands you might have on desk, you might consider finding a responsible teenager that you can hire to help you set up before and clean up after the party. Additionally, they might be willing to clear away empty plates and take out the trash when it gets full, for a few bucks an hour and some free food.


Finding enough seating is probably going to be the biggest problem for someone throwing a party for the first time. How do you even find extra chairs? One option is to rent chairs, tables, tablecloths, etc., while another is just to ask around and see who might have some seating to spare. You could even ask some of your guests to bring a few chairs by the day before the party, so you can be sure to have enough for everyone.


Getting the details right is one of the keys to throwing a great party. Here are some general tips to help get the details right:

  • A closet or designated coat space if the weather is still cold enough that your guests might be wearing coats
  • Make cleaning up easy on yourself by clearing out your dishwasher, so all dirty dishes can go right in
  • Pick up any clutter and hide it away in an unused room to help your house look neat and tidy
  • Deep clean your house about a week before the party, so you only have to do maintenance throughout the week
  • Don’t forget about presentation; serving dishes for food can make all the difference

Easter Traditions

easter-decorations-1 If this is your first year hosting your family’s Easter dinner or you have been hosting it for years and you want to just get back to basics, this is the guide for you! Making sure you have enough activities for the children and enough food for the adults may seem daunting, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep in mind, you don’t have to do everything in our guide to make your Easter great—these are just some of the most common traditions and activities. Here are the basics of a great Easter day and dinner:

The Eggs

Dying Easter eggs is always one of the most fun parts of this holiday, especially for children. There are plenty of kits you can use to do this, which make it very, very easy to quickly make lots of different colors of eggs. They are very inexpensive, including one that is less than $2.00 in our store. If you don’t want to use a kit, there are lots of different ways you can dye your eggs. No matter which method you use, the most important and first step is to hard boil the eggs, especially if there are going to be children involved in the dying process, since the last thing you want to do is have to clean up a smashed, dyed, raw egg. Alternatively, you could always drain the eggs (by poking a hole in the top and bottom of the egg and blowing out the yolk and white), which makes it possible to keep the eggs—but also makes them more fragile. One of the simplest ways to dye Easter eggs without a kit is to use food coloring. Just mix a half cup of very hot water with a teaspoon of vinegar and at least ten drops of food coloring in a cup. The eggs will need to sit in the dye for at least five minutes. If you want to go an even more natural route, things like beets, onions, carrots, and coffee can all be used to dye your eggs. A quick, simple craft that makes very unique looking eggs is to fill a deep plate with shaving cream or whipped cream, drop food coloring onto the shaving cream, and then use a toothpick to swirl the food coloring and shaving cream together. Then, all you have to do is roll the hard boiled eggs in the shaving cream. After rolling, just let them sit in the cream until they have dried out a little bit. Then, rinse them off and you have eggs that look like they’ve been tie-dyed! However you dye your eggs, the kids will definitely have fun seeing the plain white eggs dyed different colors right before their eyes.

The Hunt

The Easter egg hunt is usually the highlight of the day for any and all kids who might be coming to your home for this holiday. Both the Easter eggs and the hiding is relatively easy, especially if there are only very young children joining the hunt. While you might not want to hide those freshly dyed Easter eggs anywhere in or around your home, plastic eggs that you can find at any party supply store, in the Easter decorations section, can be easily filled with candy and won’t start to rot or stink after a few weeks if the kids did not find it. Just fill the eggs with chocolates, candies, and maybe even little prizes, and then hide them around your house. Depending on the ages of the children who will be involved in the hunt, you might really take time to hide those eggs well (for older children), or just kind of set them around, barely in sight (for younger children). It is always useful to note how many eggs you hide so you can be sure that they’ve found them all. If you do not want any leftover, chocolate-filled eggs hiding in your home, a rudimentary map of the yard or house, noting where each egg is hidden, might be a useful precaution to take.

The Meal

The most traditional main dishes for an Easter meal are roast lamb or a glazed ham. What you ultimately want to make will depend entirely on your family and friends’ tastes, but you can almost never go wrong with a ham. What goes along with the ham is less traditional, though potatoes of some kind, along with rolls or bread, are often seen on an Easter table. Desserts are as easy as cookies or cake (vanilla or white cake can easily be dyed pink, yellow, or green with a few drops of food coloring). The kids will likely have had so much candy they will not be in need of more sugar!

The Decorations

Unlike Halloween or Christmas, only a few people decorate their homes for Easter. If you want to add some more fun and flair to your celebrations, look for Easter decorations in our shop. Alternatively, you can always make some decorations by hand. The dyed eggs, in little eggs stands or set in empty candle pedestals are a great way to display your children’s hard work and make the house look a little more festive. Paper eggs, made from construction paper and decorated with markers, sequins, or bric-a-brac can be hung on walls. A “Happy Easter” sign is always in order and will look great hung on a mantle or over your doorway.

The Bottom Line

Easter should be about spending time with your loved ones—not about stressing out over a meal or perfect table settings or Easter decorations. Pick just one or two activities during the day and simplify your dinner menu, so you aren’t so overwhelmed with tasks that you can’t actually spend time with your family and friends.