The Top Fifteen Party Ideas for Boys

Buzz Lightyear Costume

Throwing a party for your little boy can be daunting, especially if you are still trying to come up with an appropriate theme. You want something that will be fun for the kids, but won’t break the bank when it comes to purchasing supplies and decorations. The first step is to find a party supply store that has plenty of different plates, cups, and cutlery to choose from. Second, look through our list of some of the best and easiest party ideas to get yourself started!

1. Superhero party

There is no better outlet for your kid’s super-ness than with a superhero themed birthday party. Like most kids, he’s probably a fan of Batman or Superman. All you need to make this party great is some capes, a few snacks, and a fun superhero-themed game to keep the kids busy. A couple of fun ideas for games: a simple obstacle course with a “stranded” stuffed animal at the end that they have to “rescue” or a scavenger hunt around the backyard or neighborhood where they find different parts of their superhero costumes.

2. Dino party

If your boy loves dinosaurs, use them as the theme for his birthday! You can hide gummy dinosaurs in pudding for a fun treat, decorate the cake with plastic dinos, and for an activity, bury some plastic dinos in the sandbox or gravel and set the guests and your boy free with plastic shovels and brushes so they can excavate their own “fossils.”

3. Cowboy party

Don a cowboy hat and get ready for the wild, wild west. Set your gunslingers up with some water pistols and let them go to town while you get the grilled hotdogs, hamburgers, beans, and cornbread ready to go.

4. Monster party

Everyone loves a friendly monster! Decorating is as easy as creating a multi-colored banner and coming up with some crazy-looking monsters. Activities can range from drawing your own monsters, to making them out of construction paper, to building towns out of paper towel tubes and old boxes and then letting your little monsters knock them down.

5. Harry Potter party

As a member of the second Harry Potter generation, your kid is probably a fan of the wizard. A Harry Potter-themed party is easy and fun. Not only do most party supplies stores carry plates, cups, and cutlery that are specifically wizard-themed, it’s easy to find inexpensive costume and games. A simple game of Quidditch (the kids probably already know the rules) will round out the party with a fun activity.

6. Pirate party

With eye patches for all, made out of construction paper and some string, there is no better way to celebrate your boy’s birthday. A scavenger hunt with a pirate’s map, either just in the backyard, or around the entire neighborhood, is the best activity for a pirate party!

7. Pool party

If you have a pool in your backyard, or a neighborhood pool that lets you reserve the space for the afternoon, throwing a pool party is as easy as sending out the invitations and gathering a few snacks! All you have to do is show up. Swimming is the activity and the entire party!

8. Safari party

Another chance to plan a scavenger hunt, a safari party lets you plan something fun and interactive for the boy that loves animals. Make a list of clues that will take the guests to a number of different locations, where they can find a stuffed animal with the next clue to the next location.

9. Camp out party

While this one might require a little bit more time and effort, it is perfect for the boy who wants to have a sleepover and loves the outdoors. Set up a tent in the backyard (or, if you’re feeling adventurous, the local woods), and have an old-fashioned campfire meal, complete with s’mores, once the sun goes down. Tell scary stories, chase fireflies, and have fun!

10. Sports-themed party

Whether your little guy loves football, soccer, baseball, or golf, his birthday is the perfect time to incorporate a sport. Cookies decorated like a soccer ball, baseball, or football are the ultimate snack, and gamest that center on the sport are a great way to get everyone up off their feet and involved.

11. Military party

Not only is it easy to find camo cups, plates, and napkins (making decorating your table a snap), occupying your rambunctious recruits is as easy as setting up a game of capture the flag or laser tag. Even squirt guns, with food coloring-dyed water and white shirts to see who has been hit can occupy your guests for hours.

12. Lego party

Not only is it easy to create your own Lego men out of construction paper to act as decorations, you can bring out your kid’s giant collection of Legos and set each child a challenge to build the sturdiest bridge, the tallest tower, or the fastest car, out of the Legos provided.

13. Peter Pan party

Though you may not want him to grow up, your little guy’s birthday is a reminder that he is getting older by the day. A Peter Pan themed party can help remind you that he is still a kid and that you can hold on to this age for a few more years. Top of the party with a viewing of the movie!

14. Bug party

If your boy is like most boys, he loves bugs. Make this the theme of your party! Send him and his guests out with nets and see who can bring back the most bugs!

15. Medieval times party

Dress them up as knights and send them on a quest for the Holy Grail! As long as the swords aren’t real, let them have duels and maybe even joust with pool noodles!

Sweet Sixteen on a Budget

Sweet Sixteen on a budget

The right Sweet Sixteen party can be difficult to plan and difficult to keep under budget. Even the most demure teenagers will suddenly want a large, extravagant bash. And why not? They only turn sixteen once, and these parties have begun to become part of our culture, a normal part of the teenager years. You don’t want to rein them in, because it’s supposed to be a fun, extravagant night—but you also don’t want to drain your bank account for a single party on a single night. We’ve got some tips to help you plan a great party, even if you are on a budget.

The Activity

Some girls will be happy with renting a few movies and having their best friends sleep over. Others want to invite the entire school and have a blow-out house party. As the parent, you get to choose which activities are appropriate, since you’ll be the one providing supervision. For some friend groups, you may not even have to plan activities. Just let them invite their friends over and plan their own fun. If your girl wants more structure than that, here are a few party ideas.

1. Bowling – Take everyone down to the local lanes and bring a few bucks to help pay for the games and the shoes. Bowling alleys usually have a snack bar where you can get hamburgers, hot dogs, and nachos. Set your birthday girl and her guests up on a couple of lanes so no one has to wait more than a few bowlers for her turn to come around.

2. Spa night – Grab a bunch of beauty mask or nail kits from the beauty or grocery store and let the girls go to town, painting each other’s nails, mixing up the masks, and chatting about school and friends. Throw in a couple of tabloids and fashion magazines for an authentic experience.

3. A grown-up tea party – Gone are the days when she would set up her stuffed animals and pretend to pour them tea. Now, it’s time for real tea and tea cakes. Find plates, cups, and cutlery online, and make a variety of tea sandwiches, cookies, or cakes to accompany the tea. Encourage all of the guests to wear the best “tea” dresses.

4. Scary movie marathon – All you have to do is rent movies and scrounge up some snacks (like a sundae bar). It’s low cost, and they’ll love getting scared and chowing down on junk food together.

5. Pool party – If you have a membership to a local pool (or even a pool in your backyard), a pool party is as easy as sending out invitations that tell everyone to bring their swimming suits. Add a few beach balls and some classic poolside fare like hamburgers or hotdogs and you are good to go!


For those who are already a little crafty, the best way to save money when planning a sweet sixteen is the mix handmade decorations with ones you pick up from the party store. Garlands and signs can all be cut out of craft or construction paper for a rustic feel, or you can print signs off of the internet and post them around the room. Find decorations that match your colors or themes, if possible.

A classic birthday decoration is a banner. Make pennants out of craft paper and write “Happy Birthday” across the triangles, before stapling them over a piece of string. Hang it over the treat or present table for a cute, handmade decoration that looks incredibly professional. Paper puffs and Chinese lanterns can also be made from tissue paper you have lying around the house and a few pieces of string. They are inexpensive and beautiful!

If you don’t have a crafty bone in your body, never fear! Our party supply store is chock-full of great decorations—even ones that are specific to the sixteenth birthday, and at great prices. You can pick up a variety of decorations and be sure that the party space is completely decked out. If you can’t find anything that matches your theme exactly, you can pick a color that most closely aligns with your theme and throw in a few pictures or characters from the internet to bring the theme across.


For most parties, food is the most major cost, whether you have it catered or by ingredients and make it yourself. There are, however, some ways to cut down on the cost of food, without cutting down on the fun or making your sixteen-year-olds guests go hungry. What food you decide to make is likely going to be dictated by the theme of the party, but there are some tried and true trips that can help you cut costs and save time, no matter what you decide to make.

1. Build your own pizza – This tip doubles as an activity and as the party’s meal. All you have to do is whip up a couple of crusts or purchase some ready-made from the store. Then, let everyone put on their own sauce, cheese, and toppings. This is especially good if your guest of honor or one of her friends is allergic to certain types of foods—she can just leave hers off! You can modify this tip in a bunch of different ways, from build your own cupcakes, to fruit pizzas, to sundaes, etc.

2. Keep it simple – On their birthday is a great day to let your teen indulge in junk food. A variety of chips, dips, and sodas are often more than enough to keep teenagers happy no matter what the theme of the party is.

3. Don’t buy ready-made – It’s almost always cheaper to make it yourself, and at least when you do that, you can taste it beforehand, so you’ll know it’s good. Whether it’s a big batch of pasta for a sit-down meal or a bunch of tiny sandwiches for a tea party, it may take some extra time, but it’ll save you money in the long run.

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Top Fifteen Party Ideas for Girls

Angel Girl Costume

Nothing can be harder than planning a party for a little girl. They can be very finicky and their favorite television show, character, or color can change from week to week. Luckily, we have fifteen party ideas that will please even the most demanding little princess.

1. Princess

Every little girl fancies herself a princess—and she is, especially on her birthday! Decking your little girl and all of her friends out in princess dresses and crowns can make for a fun party, especially with the right accessories. If she has a favorite princess (either from popular culture or history), center the party on her!

2. Disney

Most little girls have a favorite Disney movie. Brave and Frozen have been topping the charts since they came out, and both can make for a fun party theme. Whatever your little girl’s obsession, you can likely find plates, cups, and decorations at a party store that will fit your needs.

3. Favorite color

Most party stores have a function where you can sort candy, plates, cups, and decoration by color. With a wide range of hues to choose from, you can center the entire party on your little girl’s favorite color, whether it is blue, pink, or black! Party favors, décor, and treats can all be in that color, whether you want to go for several shades in the same family, or stick to one specific shade.

4. Fairies


Wings and tiaras are all that are needed in order to turn your girl into a fairy. With a star-topped wand, she can cast a spell on all of her friends! Making flower crowns or bringing in a petting zoo are two ways that your girl and her guests can get in touch with the woodland fairies within!

5. Circus

Who doesn’t love vising the circus? Even if she isn’t a fan of clowns, there are still plenty of circus acts that you can put on, without donning the frightening makeup. From acrobatics to high-wire shows, give your girl a party she will never forget. Fun colors, face painting, and maybe even an elephant (stuffed, of course), should make an appearance. Look around town for local performers who could put on a show.

6. Barbie

Is there anything more iconic than Barbie, especially for little girls? She’s the epitome of style and class, and can do just about anything. Have all of the guests dress up as their favorite Barbie, or have them bring their favorite doll along so the dolls can party while the girls do, too.

7. Rock stars

Rock Star Costume

If your girl is musically inclined, a rock star party may be perfect! All she needs is some tunes to jam to and a microphone and she will be happy! You can even give all of your guests a rock star makeover before they take the stage, with bright makeup and crazy clothes and hair.

8. Paris

For the sophisticated tot, a Paris-themed party may be exactly what she needs. With delicious French pastries on the menu and Eifel Towers bedecking the walls, there’s no better place to be. Put on a little French music and serve crepes and baguettes.

9. Mermaids

Even if The Little Mermaid isn’t her favorite movie, who could resist a pool party or the allure of being able to live under the sea? Let each girl decorate her own mermaid tale and serve fish-themed cookies and cupcakes along with some fish sticks.

10. Alice in Wonderland

This story is a staple of childhood and it’s got plenty of inspiration for a fun party. After all of the guests have arrived through the rabbit hole, you can play Alice-themed games. Cupcakes and cookies that say, “Eat me” and punch labeled, “drink me” will round out the entire experience. Games could range from human chess (or checkers), to a maze, to a scavenger hunt.

11. Tea party

Upgrade her from having a tea party with her favorite stuffed animals, to having a tea party with her friends! Invite everyone to come in the tea-party best, and make fingers sandwiches and tea cake to go along with the beverage. If she likes the tea party atmosphere but isn’t a fan of tea itself, try hot chocolate or even just soda, in its place.

12. The Wild West

Cowboys and Indians doesn’t just have to be for little boys. Spurs and cowboy hats can be just as fun for your little girl. Get a lasso station set up and wrangle some cows. Get everyone involved with games and serve grilled hamburgers and beans for an authentic cowgirl experience.

13. Desserts

While it may seem that desserts isn’t a theme in and of itself, it definitely could be. Decorating cookies and cupcakes, or even making them (for a brave parent), is a fun way to spend the time, before sampling them. Give out prizes to who decorates theirs the best or have girls work in teams to see who can decorate their cake the fastest.

14. 1950s

It was the birth of rock and roll and the origin of poodle skirts and ponytails. Rock out with some classic Elvis, break a record-shaped piñata, and chow down on hamburgers and shakes. You could even make little cars and set up a screen outside for a cute drive-in movie.

15. Spa night

Break out the nail polish and facemasks, because it’s time to hit the spa! Let the girls paint each other’s nails and create crazy face masks out of the ingredients in the fridge. Don’t forget sliced cucumbers for the eyes! A relaxing day at the spa is the best way for her and her friends to celebrate the year!

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Top Ten Grown-up Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Supplies

Some people stop celebrating their birthday once they cross over into adulthood, simply because they start to believe that they are too old for parties. That’s just not true! Some adults prefer a quiet dinner party with friends and their favorite restaurant, but if you are looking for something a little more wild and crazy, we have ten birthday party ideas that are perfect for grown-ups who still want to party!

1. Throwback

Time to dig out the old clothes out of storage! Center your party on the decade you were growing up, from the 50s to the 90s. Have all of your friends dress up as famous actors from the time period or simply in stereotypical clothing. Make a playlist with your favorite songs from the decade and scan the internet for special foods that were popular during that time period and try your hand at recreating them. Party stores will have plenty of great plates, cups, and cutlery that may even blend into your theme.

2. Casino Royale

While you don’t have to go full James Bond with this theme, throwing a casino night for your friends is a great way for a large group of people to have a lot of fun. Set up a couple of poker tables, craps, and roulette, and let each guest decide what game they want to play.

For a true casino experience, have everyone dress up in their nicest cocktail dresses and suits, and serve your martinis shaken, not stirred. You can purchase trays of poker chips from just about any party supply store. Make sure to supply instructions for those who might not know the rules.

3. Surprise!

As you get older, you will be harder and harder to surprise. You will know your friends and family well enough that you can easily tell when they are keeping something from you. But if your friends can pull off a surprise party, it can be one of the best parties in the world. A great way to plan a surprise party for a loved one is to lure them out to a private dinner, but when they arrive at the restaurant, to have a large group of friends and family waiting to celebrate with them. This method doesn’t even require you to be a master of deception.

4. For Sport’s Fans Only

If you are a fan of particular sport or team, your birthday is the perfect time to celebrate both yourself and your team. Get a group of tickets together or see if your stadium has special birthday packages. Many teams have special offers for large groups who might want to meet players or tour the locker room.

5. Cocktail Party

There’s nothing more grown-up than a gold-old fashioned cocktail party. Inexpensive, but classy party supplies are readily available in the party store, and can really round out your event, without adding too much clean up or straining your budget. Have everyone dress to the nines and provide plenty of finger foods for snacking and keep the cocktails flowing!

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6. Getaway

When most people think of a getaway, they think of an expensive beach vacation. It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be to a beach! Take your closest friends with you on an adventure, even if it’s just to the next city over, stay in a vacation rental or a fancy hotel, and experience what a new city has to offer. Alternatively, you could run away to the mountains or to the nearest body of water and spend your birthday in peace and solitude.

7. Keep it Casual

A barbecue in your backyard is one of the best ways to gather a large group of people together and keep them entertained and well-fed. A barbecue is less formal than cocktail party and there’s less pressure when it comes to activities, food, and dress. You can go for the standard fare like hamburgers or hotdogs, or take things up a notch with kabobs, chicken, or even ribs. Take a dip in the pool and have some fun in the sun.  Luau’s are fun too!!

8. Be the Belle of the Ball

A masquerade ball is one of the best ways to play dress-up without feeling like a little kid. Make your own masks or buy them from a party supply store. When it comes to the playlist, you can go modern or classical, whatever best suits your personality. Renting out a hotel ballroom is the best way to make sure you have enough room and plenty of dancing and sitting space for all of your guests.

9. Hit the Spa

If you want to plan a fun birthday weekend just for the girls, why not hit your favorite spa? Get massages, have your nails done, and get a facial. Pamper yourselves! If you don’t want to pay the high spa prices, you could all gather in your pajamas and robes at your home, make your own face masks, paint each other’s nails, and have a sleepover, just as if you were teenagers.

10. Potluck it up!

If you want to have a large dinner party but aren’t interested in cooking for a group, you basically have two options. First, you could hire a caterer, which is expensive and sometimes complicated, especially if you have a small home. Second, you could host a potluck! Everyone loves showing off their cooking skills and this is a great way to get a large and varied meal, while ensuring that everyone has the chance to shine. Make food assignments to make sure you end up with the right number of dishes, side dishes, desserts, and drinks.

How to Plan the Perfect Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a great way for the bride and her friends to come together and celebrate this exciting time in her life. She will be “showered” with love and gifts designed to help her start her new life with her husband. Historically, bridal showers were only thrown for women whose families did not approve of the marriage and did not want to pay the dowry—instead the friends would pull together to help the couple purchase what they needed to start their life together. These days, a bridal shower is just a way for those who love the bride to celebrate this exciting time in her life.

1. Who plans the shower?

Traditionally, the shower is thrown by the maid or matron of honor, unless she is closely related to the bride, as etiquette dictates that the bride’s family does not hold the shower. However, today, most people do not frown on a shower thrown by the sister or mother of the bride. Whoever is throwing the shower is usually responsible for all of the costs, as well as providing the location and decorating it.

2. Where can we have a bridal shower?

Many times, the maid of honor will host the shower in her home, but if it is too small or simply unsuitable for the number of guests attending, there are plenty of great places to hold the shower. For example, a sunny park, a gallery, a beach, or even a location like the zoo or aquarium are all great, unique places to hold a shower. A favorite restaurant may even be a great option, though the maid of honor should not feel responsible for picking up the check.

3. Who should come?

Unless you are throwing a surprise shower for the bride, the best way to find out who should attend is to ask her directly. It’s important not to invite someone who is not attending the wedding (unless missing the wedding is because of extenuating circumstances and not because someone was not invited). All of the female relatives, the bridal party, and close friends should be invited. While bridal showers are usually kept just to women, many brides have close male friends that they may also want to invite.

4. What activities should we have?

While some bridal showers may simply be sitting together for a meal and opening gifts, others may need a few more activities. Luckily, there are plenty of great games you can play to keep the party going. Games like “toilet paper wedding dress” or “two truths and a lie” are great ways to get everyone involved and do something interactive and creative.

5. What kind of decorations should we have?

Bridal Shower Decorations can be wild and crazy or demure and muted. Many maids of honor will try to match the decorations of the shower to the wedding colors, but anything in light pastels will definitely be appreciated. Flowers are always in for a wedding, so look for floral paper products along with your other party supplies.

6. When should we have the shower?

This will largely depend on the timeline of the bride’s engagement. Some couples opt for a long courtship and a short engagement, but other couples will be engaged for years. Six weeks before the wedding is a good rule of thumb. If the bride’s engagement doesn’t last six weeks, have it at least a few weeks before the wedding, so that she isn’t overwhelmed with the shower and planning the wedding.

7. What themes are appropriate for a bridal shower?

While many bridal showers go off without a hitch without a theme, if your bride fancies a particular sports team, animal, or activity, centering the bridal shower around that theme is a good way to give the party focus and direction. If you want a theme, take a look at the style of the wedding and draw inspiration.

8. How should I word the invitations?

While you can find pre-made shower invitations at just about any party supply store, you may want to personally create the invites, to make sure they have the right wording and hit all of the right points—especially if the shower is at a restaurant where the guests will be expected to go dutch on the meal. A friendly reminder to bring a gift (or not bring a gift, if the bride prefers, or to remember to bring money, in lieu of a gift, to pay for lunch or spa treatments, etc., is always appreciated.

9. How can I save money?

Planning a bridal shower can be expensive, and though you love the bride and are excited for her, you also don’t want to break the bank as you plan her shower. Holding it in your home is a great way to save on venue costs. Combining a few homemade decorations with party decorations from the store, along with cutlery, plates, and cups, is another good way to cut costs. Simple foods that are easy to prepare, store, and that everyone will love, will make preparation easier and less expensive in the long run.

10. Is there something we can do for guests that live too far away to attend the shower?

In this day and age, it’s very likely that there will be guests that cannot attend the bridal shower, especially if they are already flying in from far away for the wedding later in the year. You can send a bridal shower in a box, instead of an invitation. Send some cute, small decorations, a cupcake or cookie, and some confetti, so that the guest will feel as though she was there, even if she couldn’t attend in person.

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Top Ten Teenager Party Ideas

13 Year old beverage napkins

Planning a party for a teenager can be as treacherous and dangerous as defusing a bomb. Teenagers are just starting to exercise their independence and to build their social circles, so it is understandable that they want the best possible party. You want something that will please your finicky teenager but also won’t break the bank. Luckily, we’ve got ten party ideas for teenagers that will sure to please even the most precocious youngster, without draining your bank account.

1. Backyard Dance Party

You may not want to host this year’s rave, but letting your teenager invite over a few of his or her closest friends and letting them blast some music while they dance, chow down on snacks, and chat, is often as much planning as a party needs. Provide plenty of finger foods and make sure that you have the equipment to really get the music pumping! If you have a little extra cash to spare, you could even rent a hall and let your teen invite more friends.

2. Karaoke Competition

Some teenagers might need a little warming up before they are reading to take the microphone, but a karaoke competition, with a set list full of their favorite songs, is a great way to get every up, dancing, and participating. Even if some of the guests don’t want to sing, they could definitely dance. Set up lights and a stage for extra effect, or even invest in a karaoke game for a video game console that puts the singer right into a music video!

3. Video Game Tournament

This one is great for guys and girls that love video games! While it may limit the number of guests that can be playing at one time, if a video game is the main pastime of your teen, you can set up two screens and let them play in two teams against each other. Game-themed snacks can round out the event. Some guests may just want to watch, or you could set up another station with board or card games for those who don’t have a controller in their hands.

4. Make a YouTube Video

Blow Up Guitar

If you have a teen who dreams of stardom, this is the perfect birthday activity! There are even production companies that will help your party-goers write a song, record it, and make a music video (a la Rebecca Black), before posting it to the internet. If you don’t want to go that professional (or expensive), have all of the guests suggest songs or video ideas and then have everyone vote on which one they want to do. Break out the cameras (or smartphones), and start recording their skit or lip-sync video. Edit it together and post it online for a great memento of the party!

5. Whipped Cream or Water Balloon Fight

If your teen has a summer birthday, this is a great way to get everyone involved and having fun. Pick a park or just use your backyard, as the setting for an epic whipped cream or water balloon (or both!) fight. Get plenty of cans of whipped cream or fill up the water balloons beforehand, so all you have to do is pick teams and get throwing! For a more interactive and intense game, turn it into capture the flag. Everyone who gets sprayed or hit sits out for a minute before re-entering the game and the first team to nab the other’s flag is the winner!

6. Hide and Go Seek in the Dark

This is a great variation on traditional hide and go seek and is way more fun for teenagers. If you have a large building that you can use, like a church or a house, this is the perfect setting. Have the party after dark and turn off all the lights in the building. Whoever is “it,” (the birthday boy or girl is the perfect patsy), goes outside while everyone hides, and then re-enters the space, blundering through the dark as he looks for his guests. Laughter and fun are sure to follow. Sardines in the dark is also fun.

7. Talent Show

If your teen and his or her friends are an especially talented bunch, a talent show might be the perfect birthday party activity. Give everyone plenty of time to practice their talent, set up a stage, and provide popcorn and other snacks and get the show started! Don’t put too much pressure on the whole event, and make sure everyone knows that all types of talents are welcome! If someone would rather be the stage manager or director, that is a great way to get everyone involved, even if they have stage fright.

8. Old Movie Marathon

For teens that are fans of classic cinema, nothing is better than an old movie marathon. Work up a playlist that is full of the essentials, from Casa Blanca to Psycho, depending on your kid’s tastes, and set up a big sheet and project the movies onto it for a great viewing experience. Provide classic movie snacks for an added touch of theater.

9. Book or Movie-Themed Party

Barney Rubble Costume

Pick a classic book or movie, something most of the guests are likely to have read or seen, and plan the party around it. Come up with a menu that suits the story or time period, and have all of the guests come in costumes that correspond to the theme or to characters. Some suggestions are The Hunger Games, The Great Gatsby, Twilight, etc.

10. Laser Tag

Laser tag is another great way to get every single one of the guests involved. You can rent or buy laser tags sets from just about any party store, or go to an arcade that provides the sets and the space that make for a more realistic game. Divide up into teams and see which can survive the longest. Keep shuffling the teams until everyone is too tired to play anymore.