Tips for Throwing the Perfect Baby Shower

Baby Shower Rattle

If you or one of your friend is having a baby, it’s time to start planning a baby shower! The right baby shower will embody not only the excitement of the baby, but also the personality of the mother and father. Having a baby is one of the biggest things that can happen to a person, so you want the celebration to be absolutely perfect. To help, we have compiled a list of ten tips to make it easy to throw a great baby shower, even on a budget.

1. Pick a theme.

Not every party has to have a theme and if you do choose a theme, it does not necessarily have to be very defined, but picking a theme can definitely make planning activities and purchase baby shower decorations much easier. An example of a simple theme is “country” or “classic.” Picking a single word like these that will help you keep your planning efforts focused in the best way to start.

2. Make or purchase invitations.

baby shower invitation

You can find amazing invitations in store that will match your theme, no matter what it is. Muted pastels with classic styling is very on trend for baby showers this year, but bright colors with cute characters and designs is always appropriate. If you cannot find a set of invitations that pleases you, you can always make your own, keeping your theme in mind.

3. Get the right baby shower decorations.

Again, this where having a theme can help. Pennants and bunting are popular this year as decorations, and they can even be used as a banner, to congratulate the expectant mother. Paper lanterns, and poofs are also very popular, though just about anything pink or blue or with a baby on it can make the room feel festive and beautiful. If your theme is more defined, you can always find great baby shower decorations at the store.

4. Get your baby shower paper products.

Don’t forget to get plates and napkins! If the rest of your room is decorated but you have just plain paper plates and napkins, the room will only look half finished. If you or your friend already know the sex of the baby, pick plates and other paper goods in pink or blue. If not, green or yellow are great neutral colors that will work for either sex.

5. Provide plenty of seating.

There are likely going to be plenty of people who want to come and celebrate the baby. Because baby showers are usually held in someone’s home, the best way to make sure you have enough seating for everyone that wants to attend is to get a little creative. Short of renting chairs from a party supplier, you can use pillows and blankets to create alternative seating solutions and make sure there is room for everyone to celebrate.

6. Consider personalization and monogramming.

Nothing makes a party more personal and beautiful that monogramming. Most party suppliers will add a little monogram onto special orders, for a small fee. This is a great way to celebrate either the name of the baby (if the parents have chosen), or that baby itself, as a symbol of union between the parents. If you want to monogram but don’t want to shell out the extra money, a stamp on some plain napkins will do the trick.

7. Leave an empty table for gifts.

Because it is customary for guests to bring gifts for the expectant mother (and father), have a table decorated just to receive those gifts. With the extra effort that loved ones always put into wrapping, the table will make a beautiful focal point in the room and will be a great place to return to when it is time to open presents. Having a table empty and waiting is a great way to make sure that all presents stay together and none are left somewhere else or forgotten.

8. Create a schedule of fun games.

Every baby shower should have games! From a drinking game that requires everyone not pregnant to take a shot each time someone says the word “baby,” to different smells wrapped up in diapers that must be identified, to diapering competitions, there are plenty of great ways to get everyone involved. If you want to see who can diaper a doll or stuffed animal in the shortest amount of time, set up a station and run it like a tournament. Put different kinds of perfumes or fragrant foods inside of diapers and see who can identify them just by sniffing.

9. Leave time for opening presents.

It’s always a great idea to leave plenty of time in the shower for the mother to open the presents the guests have brought for her. If you are the shower-planner and not the mother, make sure to make note of who brought what present so it will be easy for the mother to send out thank-you notes after the shower is over. Baby showers are a great time for the parents to stock up on the things they’re going to need once the baby arrives—from clothes, to cribs, to diapers.

10. What to eat?

Last, but certainly not least, what kinds of food are appropriate for a baby shower? While a blind baby-food tasting might be fun for a game, everyone is probably going to want something more grown up. Sandwiches, chips, soup, tea, and bubbly drinks are always great choices. Just make sure there’s plenty of non-alcoholic drink choices for those who are expecting.

How to make your own balloon arrangement

Maybe you’re not sure what a balloon arrangement is, or maybe you’re not sure how to make one.. Either way,

I’m here to tell you what a balloon arrangement is, how to make one and how they can enhance the decor of any type of event! Balloon arrangements are basically a bouquet of balloons on a weight. You can essentially choose any amount of balloons you’d like but it mainly depends on the type of arrangement you are looking to have. We typically do two types of arrangements: a floor arrangement and a table arrangement. What this means is that a floor arrangement, is an arrangement you would place on the floor and can hold a large number of balloons. A table arrangement is an arrangement that you would place on a table and usually has a smaller amount of balloons. You can mix latex or mylars in these arrangements.

Lavender latex balloon

Latex balloons are your basic colored balloons that you usually see when dealing with balloons. These balloons usually come in a wide variety of colors and different looks. For example, we carry plain latex balloons as well as pearl latex balloons, which basically just feature a nice pearl sheen coating. It just depends what you’re looking for as far as the pearl goes, and for what type of event you are using the balloons for.


Happy Birthday polka dot mylar balloon


The other type of balloon I mentioned, is a mylar balloon. These are foil balloons usually with fun designs, characters, messages, etc. If you love Scoooby Doo, you can find a Scooby Doo mylar balloon. If you love Harry Potter, you can find a Harry Potter mylar balloon. And if you’re just looking for a Happy Birthday balloon, than you can find plenty of Happy Birthday mylar balloons like this one:

Now that you know the two types of balloon arrangements and the two types of balloons you can incorporate into those arrangements, I can explain to you the best way to make one! Now, if you’re doing a floor arrangement, you want to stick with about 7-8 balloons. We typically recommend one mylar balloon of your choice and 6 latex balloons in coordinating colors.  For a table arrangement we recommend about 4 balloons, typically one mylar of your choice and 3 latex in coordinating colors. Once you choose your balloons, you’ll want to blow them all up, but it gets tricky. The latex balloons need to be tied a certain way (this will help you when you get to the arranging part). You essentially want to tie the string inside of the knot of the balloon, click here for a video on how to do this.

For mylars, pick three colors of string you really like and tie them around the tab of the balloon, like this:



























Once all of your balloons are blown and have string, we can move to the arranging part!

To arrange balloons, you want to set your weight on the floor (for a floor arrangement) or a table (for a table arrangement) pull all balloons together in your handStart pulling up the balloons one by one until they touch the ceiling. You typically want the mylar on top, and then stagger the latex underneath. A good rule of thumb is to have the top of each balloon touch the bottom of the one above it.






























Once you’ve staggered all balloons like the pictures demonstrate you’ll tie a knot in the strings and tie it around the weight.



The next step is to foof. You’re probably wondering what this is. Foof is what you do with the excess string. So you will cut off the excess string, Tie it in a knot in the center and curl.

















To curl the string, simply hold the blade of a pair of scissors underneath the string with your thumb on top and pull, this will curl the string. Click here for a video on how to curl the string. Do that to all straight pieces of string so that it looks like this:























Then tie the string around the weight and make sure all the straight strings around the weight are curled.














Then curl the other string hanging from the balloons, in the same way the string around the weight was curled:














Once you curl all strings, you have finished your balloon arrangement! Take a step back and marvel at it! If you find that you do not like the way the balloons are arranged you can higher or lower them as much as you want because of the way we initially taught you to tie the balloons. This can only be done with latex balloons, however. Click here to see how to raise or lower latex balloons to better position them within a finished arrangement.
















We hope you had fun creating your balloon arrangement, and we hope it wasn’t too difficult! If you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished, feel free to send some photos to! We’d love to see your work and you may even be featured on our Facebook page! Thanks so much! And you can always contact us with any questions you may have!

10 Fun Themes for Kids Birthday Parties

When it comes to planning the perfect birthday party for your kid, the party theme is one of the most important aspects. While it is important to have great food and games, the theme sets the tone for everything else in the party and lays the foundation for food, games, party favors, costumes, and fun! What are some of this year’s best themes? We have ten of the most awesome themes for kids birthday parties for you to choose from listed below. For party supplies to outfit any of these themes, be sure to check out our online store!

1. Number themed.

1st Birthday Party Theme

How old is your child going to be on his/her special day? For example, if your little boy is turning four, you can make the number four the theme of his party. Four different kinds of food, four games, four kinds of cake, and four different colors. Whether he’s turning one or ten, there are plenty of great ways to incorporate the number into the day. An obstacle course with ten stages or ten different tasks to complete for a ten-year-old is a great way to show how exciting it will be to be ten (or whatever his new age is)!

2. Color themed.

If your child has a favorite color, now is the perfect time to throw a bash completely dedicated to that color. It’s easy to find hundreds of different birthday party supplies in just about every color, so that the only added touches will be frosting a cake in his or her preferred color. Any games that you want to play can be colored to match the theme, and even party favors can be on-color. Choosing a color-related theme is a great way to exercise your creativity.

3. Football party.

Flag Football Party Supplies

For a little guy or girl who’s enthusiastic about football, a football themed party will be the ultimate in fun! Whether there is a specific team that they follow or if they just have a love for the sport in general, football-shaped cookies, Gatorade, and football drills will keep the kids happy and on their feet.

4. Cookie decorating party.

Kids love being creative and a cookie decorating party is a great way to let them express their creativity and have a delicious snack once the festivities are over! If you are wary of letting a group of rambunctious kids help with the baking phase, whip up a couple of batches beforehand or pick up a few packages of plain sugar cookies along with your decorating supplies. Make a few different colors of frosting and go all out with sprinkles, candies, and even fruit.

5. Prince or princess party.

Princess Birthday Party Balloon

Every little kid likes to pretend they are royalty. Their birthday is the perfect time to make them feel like royalty! Pink and blue crowns and accessories are readily accessible. Have everyone (including His or Her Royal Highness), compete in a safe royal tournament, complete with foam sword battles and jousts. Everyone gets to be a prince or princess today!

6. Candy Land themed party.

If your kid has a serious sweet tooth or a love of this famous board game, a Candy Land party might be just the thing. All you need is plentiful candy and a few game boards to really get the fun going. To really rev things up, transform your backyard into a huge Candy Land board!

7. Space themed party.

Lots of little kids dream of going into space. If your tyke is a future astronaut in the making, fuel his love of space with an out-of-this-world party. Spaceships, stars, and planets should abound. Activities can range from building rocket ships out of paper towel tubes and paint, to hopping from planet to planet, and conversing with the local aliens. Space party decorations can range from rockets and planets, to glittering stars and astronaut costumes. If you have a sandbox in your yard or in the park, you can even hide moon rocks and treasures in the sand and let the kids loose to explore the “lunar surface.”

8. Painting party.

For those kids with an artistic flair, a party where they get to go crazy with paint is the perfect way to pay tribute to their skills. Lay out long rolls of paper (like the kind used to line tables) and set up different art supplies. Have the kids come in clothes that they can get dirty in, or provide smocks and old t-shirts that will welcome the paint. Let everyone create their own masterpiece or work together to create one long mural you can display in your child’s bedroom to commemorate their birthday.

9. The treasure hunt or scavenger hunt party.

If you want to turn your party into a true adventure, this is a great way to do it. Exploring the neighborhood, following clues, and retrieving gifts and buried treasure is an exciting and unique way to spend the afternoon. For a treasure hunt party, dress everyone up as pirates, or for a scavenger hunt, in pith helmets and khakis. Clues and suggestions abound online!

10. Superhero party.

Every little kid wants to be Superman or Wonder Woman. Now is their chance! Either have everyone attend already in costume, have a number of different superhero costumes to choose from, or spend the first part of the party having the kids make their own costumes, whether they want to be one the comic book favorites or make up their own character for the day! Have them save stuffed animals from fake burning buildings and the clutches of evil doers.

Tips for Throwing a Fantastic Luau Party

Luau Party Tips

Nothing says summer like a luau party! As the weather heats up, you can transform your backyard, house, or neighborhood park into the ultimate luau. With the right decorations, food, and music, a perfect luau party is a snap to pull off. While you may not have time to roast a whole suckling pig or personally make every guest a grass skirt, you can find plenty of great luau party decorations and easy recipes right here in our list that will make party planning as fun as the party itself! Here are ten tips to make sure your luau party is absolutely perfect.

1. Don’t skimp on decorations.

The last thing you want is for your space to look under-decorated. While too many Christmas decorations in one place may make it look overstuffed, there is just about no thing as too much luau. Tikis, grass skirts, and coconuts should abound. Lining each table with a grass skirt is a great place to start. Fake tropical flowers can add life to glasses, tables, and walls. Tiki masks or totems are great for filling out tables or spicing up just about any area. If you want more decorations to fill out the space but are maxed out on luau-themed items, brightly colored balloons, lanterns, table clothes are all a great bet.

2. It’s all about the food.

If you want to spring for a caterer, you probably can get that suckling pig that is a staple of traditional Hawaiian luaus. If you want to save a few bucks and make the food yourself, a great place to start is the slow cooker. Making perfect, luau-ready pulled pork (which can be loaded onto buns for sandwiches or slid into lettuce wraps), is as easy as putting a roast and some Hawaiian barbecue sauce in the slow cooker. When working on your menu, keep these tenants in mind: pineapple, sweet barbecue, and bright colors.

3. Activities should be varied and plentiful.

In order to keep your guest happy, you already know that you want a couple of different activities available. But what games will keep with your Hawaiian theme? Just about anything can become appropriate for a luau party if you put a tiki twist on it, but there are games like limbo that are specific to the luau experience. A fun way to get everyone involved and showing off those dance moves is to have a hula dance lesson!

4. How about a tiki bar?

Tiki Bar Sign

Complete with tikis to flank the bartender, have your bar doling out sweet, fruity drinks to go along with your expertly prepared meal. Don’t forget the umbrella garnishes and pink, yellow, and blue glasses, for a truly tiki experience.

5. Ready-made costumes are all the rage.

Luau Hula Skirt

A great way to get everyone in the spirit of the party is to have costumes ready and waiting when they arrive. Grass skirts are just the foundation. Pile on the coconut bras, the leis, and the straw hats to really bring Hawaii to your space. Large flowers can be tucked behind the ear or worn around the wrist for even more color. If you are really enterprising, you can even have many different sizes of flip-flops waiting, so guests can trade out their “city shoes” for something a little more island.

6. Hawaii-specific music selections can set the scene.

What is Hawaii-specific music, you ask? Think back to those old surfer movies. The Beach Boys and Elvis are staples, as is that easy-going, hula music we all know so well. If you take a few minutes to poke around the internet, you’re sure to find a mix that will serve your party well, whether you’re going to be trying out the hula or just rocking out.

7. Pick the perfect location.

The perfect location for a luau party is the one that accommodates your guests and has plenty of room for all of the activities, dancing, and decorations that will make your party great. Outdoors is usually best, but if the weather is working against you, look for a place that can accommodate everyone.

8. Stay safe with flame, grass skirts, and bamboo.

Tiki torches and grilling can be dangerous when you’re wearing a grass skirt. Either hand the grill over to someone not in costume or find a floral-print apron that will still keep you in-theme, but is far less likely to catch on fire. Make sure that there are no flames within the reach of children or anywhere that someone could accidently catch a part of their costume on fire.

9. Lei on a party favor.

Butterfly Lei

Party favors do not have to be just for kids’ parties. Luckily, for a luau party, you likely have already provided a great party favor—the costume! Grass skirts, leis, and even flip-flops are all inexpensive and great reminders of all the fun your guests had at your party! Set up a table at the entrance where your guests can pick up their favors and “lei” them on and then make sure everyone knows they are welcome to take their costume with them when the festivities are finally over.

10. Whether you choose to go classy or over the top, don’t forget to have fun!

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of planning your party—but a luau is supposed to be relaxing and fun! Don’t spend too much time fretting. If you start to get overwhelmed, either dial pack your plans or enlist the help of a responsible friend. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be fun!

Shop now to make your luau party the one they talk about for years!

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How to Throw the Ultimate Graduation Party on a Budget

graduation party

Graduation is one of the biggest events in a person’s life, whether it is graduation from high school or from college. It is a great accomplishment and celebrating that accomplishment is important, even if you are on a tight budget. Parties can look extravagant and be fun without breaking the bank—that’s where we come in. We have some tips and tricks to keep the costs down and make your grad’s night one to remember!

Where to Hold It

If you are really trying to keep costs down, the best place to hold your graduation party is at your home. By clearing out your furniture and opening your house up to your yard, you will have plenty of space for all of the guests that want to congratulation your graduate. If holding it at your home is more stressful than it is helpful, there are halls, churches, and even park areas you can rent that will accommodate your guests without draining your wallet.

If your graduate and his or her friends want to hold their graduation parties together, pooling the cost of a venue is another great way to save money.

When to Hold It

Keep in mind that the end of the school year is likely to be packed with graduation parties, many of which your graduate will probably want to attend. Sometimes, holding your party the weekend before or the weekend after graduation is the best time to make sure everyone who wants to attend can and keep the cost of venues and catering low. If your party is a joint one, make sure that the night works for all of the graduates before booking a venue or caterer.

Invitations and Guest List

Making the guest list can be one of the most time-consuming parts of planning for a graduation party. Have your graduate make a list of people that have influenced him and that have helped him accomplish this important achievement. Consider family members, friends, and anyone who might have want to congratulate your graduate. Do not try to complete the list in one sitting—other names may come to you over the next couple of days, and you will want to add them to the list before getting your invitations.

To save a few extra dollars, consider designing your own invitations and printing them out on your own computer. There are plenty of templates available online that allow you to simply insert your own information and print your invitations on high-quality paper.  We can also help with graduation invitations if you aren’t that crafty.


One of the main concerns most people have about planning a graduation party is what kinds of activities to provide. What activities you ultimately decide on will depend on the format of your party. Are you throwing an open house? An open house graduation party usually consists of the graduate greeting guests, accepting any presents they bring, and a buffet of food to choose from.

If you prefer a more interactive party, consider a game that those of almost any age and any skill level can participate in. Instead of a pick-up basketball game, why about a good-natured round of croquet? How about pin the tassel on the cap? A selection of board games could make for a unique experience, while allowing guests to get to know each other, even while the graduate is otherwise occupied.


Decorations can go one of two ways; either traditional “graduation-themed” decorations or a fun, and festive theme that is personal to your graduate. It is easy to find “graduation” decorations. We have a great selection of decorations to spruce up any space, whether you want something in the school colors or something classic and universal like black, gold, and silver.

If your grad was a track star, a horseback rider, or a band kid, you can personalize the decorations with accessories that speak to their passion in life. While these kinds of decorations may not be as easy to find, making these decorations can reduce your spending and create a unique, personalized party they will never forget!

Alternatively, if your grad is moving on to another school, decorations that reflect their new school colors and ambitions might be appropriate and fun, as well as getting them pumped to start their new life in university!


Deciding whether to cook yourself or have the event catered can be one of the most difficult decisions. On one hand, making the food yourself could be cheaper, but it is also time-consuming and almost impossible to know what will appeal to the largest crowd of guests. Unless you yourself are a caterer, or have access to catering supplies, spending days beforehand and most of the day-of cooking probably does not sound like a lot of fun.

On the other hand, working with a caterer can be expensive and risky. Unless you or someone you know has had a good experience with the caterer, it can be a gamble as to whether or not the food will be good.

Some people strike a happy balance by making part of the meal themselves and ordering the other part from a caterer they trust. This keeps costs and time-investment low!

Thank You Cards

It is customary, at most graduations parties, for the graduate to receive gifts, whether they be supplies for life beyond high school or college (apartment accessories, study helps, etc.), or gift cards and cash, sending out thank-you cards is polite and even expected in some places! The perfect thank-you card will be specific, thanking the individual for the specific gift they gave and maybe even mentioning how it will be used, so they know that their effort is appreciated. Again, these cards can be self-designed or printed from templates online, to save a little more cash.

Graduation is an exciting time.  Don’t let it be overwhelming, we are here to help!