Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas and Tips

If you like to go all-out when it comes to Thanksgiving decorations, you have come to the right place! Before you go out and start looking for your Thanksgiving party supplies, we have a couple of tips to make your decorating this year much more fun and festive. Whether you are throwing a classy and sophisticated Thanksgiving, or a casual and classic Turkey Day, we can help you get your house and table ready for your guests and for your delicious meal.

1. Go natural.

The fall season is all about rich colors. From brown, to orange, to deep greens and reds, most of fall’s colors come from the changing greenery and the outdoors. Bring some of those colors in from the outside, with natural branches or pinecones in a vase, pressed red and yellow leaves adorning the walls, and gourds in yellow, orange, and green on your mantle, fireplace, or piano. Take a walk around your neighborhood and pick up some decorations to compliment the Thanksgiving decorations you choose from the store.

2. Go rustic.

There is something about the fall that makes us want to hearken back to our traditions and to the “good old days.” When it comes to decorations, which usually means that we break out the metals and deep woods. Just as metallic colors are almost always in for fall fashion, they are in for Thanksgiving decorations as well. Look for banners, wooden or metal lettering, etc. in rustic materials.

3. Focus on the pumpkin.

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween. Uncarved, they are just as great for Thanksgiving as they for Halloween. You can make the pumpkin the focal point of your table, playing off of its colors for the rest of your décor. A pumpkin, surrounded by a couple of other gourds, makes a perfectly fine centerpiece, without any other embellishments necessary. If you do want to dress them up a little, you can paint your entire pumpkin or even just stencil a word or monogram on the side.

4. Make your own turkey.

While you probably already have plans to make the real turkey, when Thanksgiving rolls around, in order to get your home ready for the big day, make some paper turkeys for the walls to complement the meal. You can do the classic hand-tracing and coloring design for some paper turkeys that are reminiscent of your childhood, find a stencil online to trace onto red, yellow, and brown construction paper, or find cutouts and other turkeys in our store.

5. Set your table.

Thanksgiving dinner is a special meal and it should have a special table! Look for placemats in fall colors or that match your theme. If you are having a rustic Thanksgiving, for example, burlap rectangles could make charming and inexpensive placemats. Use twine to hold together your utensils and serve drinks in mason jars instead of fancier glasses. For a fancier affair, metallic placemats and dishes brighten a room and a beaded utensil holder will pull all of the décor together.

6. Decorate with food.

Pies and candy can be just as decorative as anything else. Because pumpkin pie is a staple in most households and the color of the pie matches the season so well, setting out your gorgeous pie can make the room look and smell beautiful. Fill a jar with candy corn or other fall-colored candies and set them around the house for quick snacking and a festive feel.

7. Don’t forget the place cards.

Whether you are throwing a fancy affair or a classic and rustic one, or if only your immediate family is attending and you know exactly where you are supposed to sit, there is something especially festive about a place card. This is another great place to slip in a turkey or a pumpkin on your table. A turkey silhouette, cut from metallic paper, is both festive and fancy, while one from craft paper will be infinitely charming.

8. Go untraditional.

If you hold on to a few traditional elements, like seasonal flowers or branches from the outdoors, you can throw in a few unexpected colors and really spruce up a room and turn the whole season on its head. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to decorate will fall colors, especially if they aren’t exactly your favorites. A classic blue and white tablecloth will hearken back to family meals in farmhouses and antler decorations will speak to the season and to the bounty about to be placed on the table.

9. For the table, keep away from tall centerpieces.

If the centerpiece is too tall, it will be impossible for your guests to talk to one another, which is the point of a Thanksgiving meal, to come together, discuss what you are thankful for, and eat together as friends or family. A few pumpkins or some short dried-flower centerpieces will be preferable to branches or stacked pieces that make it difficult to see who is sitting across from you.

10. Go candlelit.

The pilgrims didn’t have electricity and they ate just fine! Opting for candles over full-lighting will make the setting more intimate and encourage discussion between your guests. Plus, they are a great way to highlight the great meal you’ve prepared.

The most important tip of all is to have fun! If you spend too much time worrying about whether or not your dinner is going to go off without a hitch, you are likely not going to have very much time to be thankful for your friends, family, and blessings of the year.

Halloween Dirt Dessert Cups Recipe

I don’t know who might remember this, but when I was younger TGI Fridays had a dirt dessert on their kid’s menu and I would get it all of the time! Pudding, crushed Oreos and gummy worms?! It couldn’t get anymore delicious. I don’t know if they still have it, but that doesn’t matter because I searched the internet to find a similar recipe that you can make at home for your kids or your guests as party favors at your Halloween extravaganza! This recipe is simple, fun to make and will obviously be delicious.. I’m already getting hungry!

Pudding Dirt Cups
Party Favors PA: Parties2Order

Prep time: 15 minutes

Total time: 15 minutes

Makes 10 servings

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Best Pumpkin Carving and Decorating Ideas

Whether you are throwing a pumpkin carving and decorating party or just doing a few pumpkins with the kids, you might be tired of the same grinning jack-o-lanterns. Instead of sticking with classic designs, it’s time to spice up your pumpkin decorating and use your creativity to come up with something truly unique. Creatively carved or decorated pumpkins can be the perfect addition to your Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations. You can find carving tools in your store, so use these ideas to get your creative juices flowing and make the most unique jack-o-lanterns on the block.

1. Etch the pumpkin.

In traditional pumpkin carving, after cleaning out the inside of the pumpkin, you cut all the way through the thick skin, to create a face or design. Instead of making clean cuts all the way through the skin, why not just peel off the outer layer of the pumpkin rind, creating an etched design. Not only does this allow you to create a much more intricate design, the candle shining through the etching is a great effect. Just make sure to leave the top off of your pumpkin, or the candle won’t have enough air to stay lit.

2. Make vampire pumpkins.

If you don’t have a lot of time (or carving skill), you can use this easy idea to create charmingly frightening vampire pumpkins. All you have to do is get a set of fake, plastic vampire teeth and cute out an appropriately sized hole on your pumpkin. Then, slide the teeth into place. You can give them a little extra room on the top and bottom, so that it looks like your pumpkin is getting ready to take a bite out of unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

3. Turn your pumpkins into tombstones.

If you want to fill your yard with glowing pumpkins, use the etching technique above to create tombstones on the face of your pumpkins. Tall pumpkins work best for this project. Pick some fun names and use pictures of real tombstones as guides to turn your pumpkins into authentic-looking grave markers. Once you’ve finished all of your stones, arranged them in your yard.

4. Lace them up!

Want a classy, but still gothic addition to your Halloween party? Find some lace fabric at your local craft store and wrap your pumpkin in it. If you can find spider web lace, your pumpkin will be both spooky and elegant. The best fabric will have a dark, opaque pattern with a fairly transparent background—you want to be able to see the pumpkin through the fabric. Simply wrap the fabric around the pumpkin and secure it at the top with a ribbon, or to leave the stem showing, cut a piece that is as tall as your pumpkin and fits all the way around, and secure it with hot glue around the back and stem.

5. Make zombie pumpkins.

Vampires are great—but what about some zombie pumpkins? Grab some plastic eyeballs from our store and some sickly-looking pumpkins. Classic orange will work, but if you can find cream pumpkins—even better. You can even use acrylic paint to turn your pumpkin green, if you are feeling industrious. Then, carve out eye sockets to accommodate the eyeballs—these look best if the eyeballs are popping out from the pumpkin a little, with the sockets in a funnel shape (larger on the surface, and dwindling the deeper you carve into the pumpkin), so that the eyes look hollow and tired. Add a squiggly mouth to top off the design.

6. Make witchy pumpkins.

This project is especially great if your pumpkins have warts or other malformations. Carefully remove the stem from the cap of your pumpkin—you’re going to want to use this as your witch’s nose. Then, after cleaning out the seeds and strings inside, carve a ghoulish grinning face with sharp teeth and piercing eyes. Again, you can use a layer of paint to take your with pumpkin to the next level, before hot-gluing the step onto the pumpkin as the witch’s nose.

7. Go mini.

If you want to try many different designs, but don’t want to pay major bucks for an army of large pumpkins, try picking small, cute little pumpkins. These lend themselves to a myriad of decorating options, and they cost far less than giant pumpkins. You can etch some, carve some, paint some, etc.

8. Bejewel it!

Instead of taking the knife to your cleaned out pumpkin, why not try the drill? From your local craft store, get a bag of glass gems, and then find a bit on your drill that roughly matches the size of those gems, or that, with a couple of drills in the same area, can create a channel the right size. Then, start drilling! You don’t want the gems to fall into the pumpkin, but you do want them to sit securely. Use a little bit of glue to hold them in place. With a candle inside, your pumpkin will glitter and glow and definitely be the most unique pumpkin on the block.

9. A house for a mouse.

This idea combines two Halloween classics—mice and pumpkins. Get a family of plastic mice or rats and carve holes in your pumpkin large enough for the critters. Have them peeking out from inside the pumpkin and scattered around the sides and top.

10. All that glitters is pumpkin.

For a distinctly fabulous twist on the classic pumpkin, why not try glittering your pumpkins? It’s as easy as using a paintbrush to cover your pumpkin is white glue, and then sprinkling them with whatever color of glitter your prefer. Choose fall colors for a pumpkin that will transfer nicely from Halloween to Thanksgiving. As long as you don’t cut the pumpkins, they will last that long!

Unforgettable Halloween Party Decorations!

Halloween is approaching fast and I can hardly contain my excitement! I’m still working on figuring out my Halloween costume. My fiance and I are thinking about doing a couples costume, so fun ideas are always appreciated! What are your costume ideas for this year? Although figuring out a costume can be stressful, decorating your home for Halloween is a blast, especially when you find super spooky and unique Halloween party decorations like some of the ones we have here at Parties2order. Whether your simply looking for some fun Halloween decor or throwing a Halloween party, we have decor to fit all of your needs!

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Delicious Halloween Cocktails!

brain-hemorageHalloween is wonderful for so many reasons! You can dress up to be whatever you want to be, attend fabulous parties with delicious food, enjoy Halloween cocktails and games, eat all the candy you want and entertain yourself at haunted houses and hayrides! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for all of the above reasons.. Although I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to be this year. My favorite part of Halloween is definitely the food and cocktail aspect. You can find so many exciting recipes for cocktails and treats. The possibilities are endless! I did a search to find some of the coolest Halloween cocktails. I’m going to provide you with three recipes: two alcoholic and one non-alcoholic. Hopefully you’ll check them out this Halloween and let me know how they are! Combine these fun drink recipes with some of our Halloween party decorations for a perfect party!

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