The Perfect Halloween Costumes!

Halloween will be here sooner than you realize. Have you started to search for the perfect Halloween costume yet? It’s smart to start looking now before all the good ones are taken and then that’s one thing you can cross off your list! Parties2Order is here to offer you a selection of Halloween costumes for 50 percent off! We have children, adult and pet costumes! We have decided to phase out costumes and we have plenty of inventory left that we are looking to sell to our customers. Don’t wait until the last minute, pick up your Halloween costume here at Parties2Order for a fraction of the cost! You can find these great deals under specials and costume sale. We also have plenty of Halloween accessories, wigs, facial hair and makeup to help make your costume the best on the block! Here are just some of our favorites!

CowgirlDead bride

We have some great adult costumes, whether you like the sexy cowgirl look, with a black fringed tie-up belly vest and a black fringed skirt or a more spooky dead bride look, we can help you create the exact look you’re going for! Pair with the perfect wig and the perfect makeup, for a perfect look!

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10 Ideas for a Grown Up Halloween Party

Adult Halloween Costume

Halloween isn’t just for little kids. It can be just as fun to get together with your adult friends (while the older kids walk the younger ones around the neighborhood to trick or treat), and have a spooky, grown-up Halloween party. Halloween is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to get all of the high quality plastic party supplies and party decorations that you need to make your bash spook-tacular. You can always water the party down if you want to invite adults and kids.

1. Bring the night inside.

Black and orange are the classic Halloween colors, but for a classier party, stick with mostly black and a few accents of orange or silver. Not only can you find plenty of black paper party supplies—like cups, napkins, and plates—you can find black serving bowls to contain all of your snacks and punch. Having tableware that matches your theme can round out your party and enhance your other decorating efforts.

2. Go Goth.

While some might choose to go downright scary with their adult Halloween party, you might want to give your party a slight Dracula-esque overtone, without going full psycho on your guests. Drawing inspiration from classic monster films like Dracula and Frankenstein, is a great way to infuse your party with a gothic overtone. It will be elegant and still spooky, with the right accents. For example, instead of going straight for the plastic cups that look like skeleton, why not try some medieval goblets. Still spooky, but a little bit classier.

3. Don’t skimp on the classics.

Just because this is a party for adults doesn’t mean you have to completely dispense with what makes Halloween great for kids. Bowls of candy are still appropriate, as are things like bobbing for apples and even caramel apples. A sophisticated way to caramel apples includes cutting your apples into pieces and dipping those pieces individually into the caramel. A bite-sized caramel apple will be much more manageable than trying to finish an entire apple before the party is through.

4. Watch a scary movie.

If the whole point of Halloween for kids is to get candy, then the whole point of Halloween for adults is to get scared. Plan you party around a couple scary movies, maybe even drawing inspiration from those movies for your food and costumes. You can go classic with masterpieces like Night of the Living Dead, or pick up a few newer horror flicks at your local store. For a fun and slightly scary time, look for a collection of frightfully bad b-movies and have a laugh in between the scares.

5. Tell spooky stories.

Encourage all of your guests to show up with their favorite scary story. If it’s warm enough, you can build a campfire in your backyard and sit around it, reading or retelling the stories until you are all too freaked out to hear any more! If you want to provide the stories yourself, look for short stories by Edgar Allen Poe or Stephen King. These will pack in some serious scares in a short amount of time—especially if you add a little theatricality to your reading.

6. Plan a pumpkin carving contest.

This idea might work best if you are planning your party a few days before Halloween. Pick up a bunch of pumpkins from your local patch or store, in many different sizes and shapes, and enlist a friend to help you clean them out before your party starts (or, don’t clean them out, and race to see who can clean out their pumpkin the fastest). Then, either individually, or in teams, carve your pumpkins and then vote on whose design is the best. Having this party before October 31st will enable your partygoers to take their pumpkins home and display them for the trick-or-treaters.

7. Pick a frightful theme.

Instead of just going with a generic costume party, why not have everyone dress up as a vampire? You’ll have fun seeing where each person draws their inspiration from—Dracula or Twilight. Alternatively, mummies, zombies, Frankenstein’s monster, or other classic movie monsters are great themes that lend themselves to plenty of personal interpretation. Then, watch your favorite versions of your monster’s tale.

8. Go overboard with decorations.

Every party supply store is brimming with decorations for this holiday. Cobwebs, skeletons, and ghosts abound. When it comes to Halloween, there is rarely such a thing as too many decorations. The more cobwebs and skeletons you have, the spookier your party venue will be. If you don’t want to incorporate spiders and ghosts and skeletons and pumpkins into one theme, choose just one or two. Skeletons waiting beside every door like butlers, or pumpkins carved out to act as serving dishes will add continuity and elegance to an adult Halloween party.

9. Give everything a creepy name.

Punch isn’t just punch on Halloween, it’s witches brew. As you create your menu and start gathering or making the food you want to serve, think of how it can be named to lend a spooky overtone to your party. Your guests will know that the spaghetti you’ve served them isn’t really brains, but a spooky sign telling them that it is will only up the fun.

10. Pull Victorian influences.

If you are going for a classier, more elegant Halloween, pulling from the Victorian era is always a safe bet. The return to gothic, ornate architecture and the dark color pallet characteristic of this time will pair perfectly with Halloween. Candles, Candlesticks, chandeliers, and drapery will all add to the ambiance.

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Home Decorating Ideas for Fall

The days of scarves, pumpkins, falling leaves and crisp air are finally getting closer. Fall is the perfect time to decorate your home with seasonal country gifts from Parties2Order. We have recently stocked our inventory with the perfect candy dishes, candle holders, wreaths, table runners, pumpkins and scarecrows for any fall celebration. Here are just a few ideas for your home decorating for the upcoming season…Ceramic Pumpkins

Our Ceramic Pumpkins are perfect accents for any home during fall. These beautiful pumpkins come in three different sizes and three different colors. They work great as a centerpiece for your table setting for Thanksgiving dinner or to display on your mantle throughout the entire season.

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