20 Great Ideas for an Awesome Spring Birthday Party


If you, one of your friends, or one of your children has a spring birthday, there are only so many “flower” themed parties you can throw before you just have to throw something else. Here are twenty different ideas for spring birthday parties:

1. Throw a painting party.

Especially if your birthday is early enough in the spring that it is not quite warm enough to have the party outside, having a fun party indoors is a great alternative. For both kids and adults, a painting party, with canvases, different kinds of paint, and maybe a few cute subjects like stuffed animals or bowls of fruit makes for a fun indoor spring party.

2. Spring-color themed.

Not every party has to be “superhero” or “sports” themed. Just picking a color or color scheme and getting all the decorations and food to match that scheme can really pull a party together.

3. Ponies!

If you are throwing a party for a little girl (or a little cowboy), nothing is better than a pony-themed party. Best done outdoors (especially if you are actually going to rent a pony), this party with lots of bite-sized food and maybe even an obstacle course like the ones dressage riders complete will be fun for all ages.

4. Sunshine everywhere.

After a long and dreary winter, what’s better than the spring sun? How about a sun-themed birthday party? If you have warm enough or sunny enough weather to hold this party outdoors, that’s just a bonus! Yellow food, yellow decorations, and lots of fun in the sun are in store.

5. Garden party.

Not just a party in the garden, but a party that is actually garden themed! Flowers will be the perfect party decorations, but if you add in a few other touches like toadstool seats, place cards made of leaves, and little garden gnome decorations, what could be better?

6. A party for hungry caterpillars.

We’re all familiar with the book, how about a party centered around the very hungry caterpillar himself? Spring is all about transformation and that’s what this book is about, too. Lots of different snacks to choose from, as well as caterpillar decorations will truly make this party special.

7. Springtime in Paris.

Can you think of anything more romantic than springtime in Paris? Pink decorations, paired with the Eifel tower make easy party décor for this theme.

8. Camp out!

Even if you don’t actually want to go camping, warm spring days are a great time to throw a camping-themed party. Roast marshmallows over a fire pit (or grill), chow down on hotdogs and hamburgers, and tell spooky stories!

9. Bug party.

This party is especially great if you have a kid who is obsessed with bugs (which is an obsession than many mothers and fathers will never understand). Whether he or she prefers praying mantises or butterflies, cookies decorated to look like their favorite bug, and a few simple party decorations make this party work.

10. Rainbow party.

If your have a birthday that takes place during the “April showers” part of the year, a rainbow party might be the perfect way to celebrate. Multicolored food and decorations are easy to find or make!

11. Enchanted April.

If your little guy or gal loves all things magical, a spring birthday party is a great time to celebrate that. From unicorns, to their favorite prince or princess movie, to magical treats, this will be a snap to pull together.

12. Baby animals.

Springtime means lots of brand new baby animals! If your friend or child loves all things cute, throwing a party that features their favorite wild babies will surely be a huge hit!

13. Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Even if the birthday isn’t on Cinco de Mayo, you can still add a little fiesta flair to your springtime celebrations, especially if you love Mexican food. Look for decorations in red, white, and green (the colors of the Mexican flag), and decorate with paper flowers and sombreros. Don’t forget the piñata!

14. We all scream for ice cream.

Spring is probably the first time in a couple months that it’s been warm enough to want ice cream. There’s nothing wrong with throwing a whole party around ice cream, especially if it’s the birthday boy or girl’s favorite dessert.

15. A barnyard bash.

Fresh fruit and barnyard animal-themed cookies make it easy to plan food for this party. All you need for decorations is some hay and a few gingham table cloths.

16. Ladybugs everywhere!

If your child is delighted every time he or she sees one of these lucky bugs, throwing a party with a ladybug theme is perfect for you. Black, red, and white decorations are easy to find, and you can even send the guests on a ladybug hunt once the cake is cut and eaten.

17. Down the rabbit hole with Alice.

It was a beautiful spring day when Alice when down the rabbit hole. Watching your favorite Alice in Wonderland rendition and cookies that say “Eat Me” and drinks labeled with “Drink Me” make this party easy!

18. Cabbage patch party.

Cabbage patch dolls have been a classic for generations. Not only do they make great presents (and party favors), hosting this party outside keeps the house clean and provides plenty of fun for the kids.

19. Scavenger hunt!

This theme makes use of the warmer weather and the energy that birthday cake is sure to generate. Around the yard, park, or neighborhood, this party is sure to delight!

20. Planting party.

A tulip bulb will make a great party favor for your guests or you can spend your party potting plants or even learning how to arrange an herb, salsa, or fresh vegetables garden. If you have a green thumb and love spending time in your garden, this party is for you!