About Us

Parties2order is an internet business created from Bucks Mont Party Rentals, a successful party rental company in New Britain, PA. Bucks Mont Party Rentals was originally Bucks Mont Carpentry in 1975 and the owners of the company, Dave and Sylvia Fermier realized they were the ultimate party people and decided to start a party business! In 1988 Bucks Mont Party Rentals was born and is now a 25 year old party rental company receiving more business than Dave or Sylvia could ever imagine!

In November of 2012, they brought me, their granddaughter Brittney Turner in to expand the business to even greater heights by putting their retail products online to give more people the convenience of shopping with the company. Now, in June of 2013 Parties2order is born and is ready to provide its customers with high end paper products, catering supplies, balloons, beautiful country gifts, candles and more! Parties2order is taking the success of Bucks Mont Party Rentals and is creating the same family owned small business feel by caring for its customers and building strong and lasting relationships. I have a passion for retail and am excited to be running the internet business and pleasing all of Parties2order's wonderful customers. Bucks Mont and Parties2order would love to welcome you to our family, so please don't hesitate to let us know what we can do to make your shopping experience better, enhance the website or meet all of your needs! Thank you in advance for all of your business and your help in making Parties2order just as big a success as Bucks Mont Party Rentals.



Brittney, and your family at Parties2order